Fang Wanyi and Feng Bai couldnt help but look at Yueqinghe with admiration before and Yueqinghe persisted Having to pay for everything by yourself this

Since breaking through the boundary of space, there is no time.
For others, more than 20 years have passed. To Feng Bai on the glider, there is no time at all. For more than 30 years and three minutes, there is no difference.
Lotte deeply Taking a breath, the pair of Yuyuan contains special radioactive substances, which can make the brain activities more convenient to gather energy. If the power generated by the pair of Yuyuan and mother’s concentration of thoughts makes Feng Bai return to the original space, then what will happen? How? This is really an unthinkable question. Thirty years have passed in this space. Everything has changed.
But to Feng Bai, it was just a flash.
After Bai came back, can he accept the fact that thirty years have passed? What about his mother? Uncle Fan said that his mother only got married three years after Feng Bai disappeared. The more he thought about it, the more confused he was, but at least one thing he knew that he was doing the right thing, and that was to send a telegram to stop it, but he thought that it wouldn’t stop him, and he had to go again. Just as he was thinking of this, Leyin came in bouncing Letian took a breath, Xiaoyin, I’m going to France soon, Leyin was startled, but she was used to her brother’s erratic whereabouts, she didn’t say anything, just nodded, okay, then she laughed again, what brother said to you In this report, I’m only interested in Mier.
Lotte was stunned.
Who is Mier? Leyin called out, what’s the matter with you? That little Indian girl you sent to Bogotá and you want her to live a modern and luxurious life. Letian smiled lightly. I have long since forgotten her name Le Tian blinked her eyes and raised her head to think for a moment I even forgot her appearance Le Yin just stared at him without making a sound Le Yin raised his eyebrows What did I do wrong After seeing her, I dare say that Mier is of course living a very good life now, but when she knows that she has no place in your heart, she would rather be a village girl living in the mountains.
What are you talking about, this little girl, you said she was too funny Leyin waved his hand and ignored Leyin picked up the phone to book a plane ticket Half an hour later, he was already heading for the airport Leyin watched her brother jump into the car and drive away. Shaking her head, she has never met that little Indian girl, she just met her in the records of Lotte, but with her unique feminine sensitivity, she knew that this little girl would feel very sympathetic to Le Yin, who had feelings for Lotte.
The young girl because she knows that changes in life cannot bring her happiness.
The enviable couple, Yueqing and Fang Wanyi, live in the same way even though they are in France.
The relationship between the two has won the unanimous admiration of all the servants. Well, a good couple looks like the best couple in the world on the surface, but what’s the reality? Except for themselves.
No one else would know that the next afternoon, when Yueqing and Fang Wanyi were sitting under a parasol in the garden trimming a bunch of roses, a car almost drove straight in. The car stopped and Le Tian jumped out of the car and called out. Thank goodness you haven’t gone south yet to Yueqing and frowning Xiaotian what the hell are you doing why can’t you go If you have a special reason to convince your mother then we won’t go Fang Wanyi has slowly walked over he doesn’t Letian, who may have reason to persuade me not to go, made a gesture and looked up at the house.
It was the first time he saw this house. Although in Uncle Fan’s narration, he was not unfamiliar with this house. He said, let’s go in and say Okay, Yue Qinghe put down the flower scissors in his hands and straightened up.
Fang Wanyi frowned slightly. The three of them walked in together. As soon as they entered the living room, Le Tian pointed to a sofa and said, Dad, this is the sofa you used to sleep on when you were drunk. As soon as Le Tian said these words, Yue Qinghe was shocked at first, but he immediately recovered his composure, yes, he said after a pause, it was much more comfortable than the attic where I slept Fang Wanyi sighed, Uncle Fan, what happened? The matter is nonsense to the child.
For Fang Wanyi, the tone of reproach is already very severe. On the contrary, Yueqing and indifferently said that the child is old enough to know that it’s nothing. And don’t blame Uncle Fan, he has endured it for thirty years. Don’t say it’s not easy, Le Tian also said yes, Mom, it’s not a secret at all, why didn’t you let us know that Fang Wanyi turned around slowly, didn’t say anything, didn’t even let out any sighs, Yue Qing said in a deep voice, that’s very shocking Of course there is no secret to sad and unpleasant things, but since they are so sad and unpleasant, no one is willing to bring them up. Lotte doesn’t take it seriously, but it’s always hidden in my heart.
Mom knows that the two jade yuan have magical powers, and immediately thinks of the past.
Fang Wanyi turned her back The two of them, father and son, her voice was a little trembling, Little Tian Letian let out a sigh and paused for a moment before saying, Parents, please listen to what happened to me in that burrow first, let’s discuss what might happen next Yueqing and sat down, Fang Wanyi still stood Looking at Le Tian, ​​Dao Mom, you don’t sit down, Wanyi just waved her hands back and didn’t make a sound, taking it as a joke, Le Tian began to talk about his time in that cave.
He started when he jumped over the smooth mirror-like boulder It was very detailed, but he intentionally omitted the part where he saw Yue Qinghe stabbing Feng Bai’s portrait with a knife in the attic. Yueqing and Sudden Haha who have been listening attentively