Fang Wanyi and Feng Bai couldnt help but look at Yueqinghe with admiration before and Yueqinghe persisted Having to pay for everything by yourself this

Let’s talk when he comes. Qinghe remembers the small dining room we used to go to? Today, Fang Wanyi only talked halfway through, so she didn’t go any further because she found that Yueqing and Ban turned her head away with an unnatural expression on her face. The so-called we often go to that small restaurant because she and Feng Bai often went there. At that time, he went to Yueqing He only happened to be with a few classmates when he was with some classmates. The unhappiness in his heart almost exploded.
I wanted to go and see the small attic, but in an instant he suppressed the unhappiness in his heart and said calmly, okay, that small dining room is called Fang Wanyi and changed his name, I don’t want to go, let’s try the cooking skills here Yueqing and still have no objection, he said, walked up the stairs and came to the door of the bedroom with Fang Wanyi, he just looked in, took a deep breath, said Wanyi, I’ll sleep in the guest room tonight, Fang Wanyi lowered her head As a wife, she should refuse her husband’s proposal, but in this room, she dedicated herself to Feng Bai, and she really didn’t want Yue Qinghe to sleep in this room without Fang Wanyi’s answer, Yue Qinghe felt like It was stabbed by a sharp blade, he found some irrelevant words, and then called back to ask if Le Tian was on the phone.
Leyin listened to the phone, she called her brother, I don’t know what the hell is going on, and she dragged Uncle Fan to talk mysteriously for a long time He suddenly said that he would come to France to find you. Yueqing and he were stunned.
Uncle Fan knew what happened back then.
He was also in France on the day Feng Bai mysteriously disappeared. I can’t figure it out, even if Letian knows what happened back then, why did he send this telegram to recall what happened back then? After his parents left, Letian wandered in his room, unable to get rid of the hatred of his father that he saw in the depths of the cave. Yi Yi’s expression became more and more doubtful in her heart. Mother insisted on going to France after knowing that Yuzhen had magical powers.
From this, it can be seen that what she wanted to know happened in France. What happened in France back then? Why? Father never mentioned in front of himself that when Lotte was thinking like this, Uncle Fan was also in France.
He must know what happened in France.
Uncle Fan, the careless servant, pulled him into the living room and pushed him down to sit on a sofa. Then he put his hands on the armrest of the sofa, faced Uncle Fan, and said in a very serious voice that Aunt Fan had gone to France to do something.
It’s very serious, if it’s not good, any strange things may happen. Uncle Fan told my mother to go to France to know what. Uncle Fan was taken aback by Lotte’s words. He just hesitated for a moment and said that Miss must want to know the whereabouts of Master Feng. It’s been many years, Le Tian was stunned for a moment, Master Feng, who is Master Feng? I also want to find someone to talk about, and I don’t even need to be happy to ask Uncle Fan, so I told him everything he knew. It was a long, long story, and Uncle Fan didn’t tell it in a very organized way. When the sun was setting, a sliver of the setting sun came in, and it just reflected on the model of the glider in the corner of the living room. Under the golden sunlight, even a model seemed to be full of mystery. Like a big rock, he understood who the portrait that was pierced with holes by the knife was of course, it was Feng Bai, and he could immediately understand the situation back then.
Feng Bai would never marry his mother when his father was there. Le Tian vaguely thought of some very terrible things, but he couldn’t capture the center, or he could capture the center at all, but he didn’t want to think about it. What made him feel terrible was that under the circumstances back then, his father’s hatred was Didn’t it turn into actual actions? Then Feng Bai’s surprise Letian couldn’t help feeling cold when he thought of this, Lai Lai trembled involuntarily, even his voice trembled, he asked again that glider never appeared again, Uncle Fan sighed There is no bounty to find, I’m afraid it’s still valid until now, Lotte suddenly entered another space, Uncle Fan didn’t understand what Lotte was talking about, Lotte also thought of this suddenly, and the next thing he thought of made him even more astonished and inexplicable, he stretched out his hand to grab it Grabbed Uncle Fan’s arm, quickly send a telegram to France for me, Lotte said, threw a piece of paper, quickly wrote the telegram and handed it over to Uncle Fan, and pushed him away without letting Uncle Fan ask any more questions When I went out, Le Tian’s thoughts were extremely chaotic and went to another space. In the cave, the god said that in some places on the earth, the boundaries between spaces and spaces are relatively fragile, and it is easier to break through due to accidental factors, which will allow people or objects to enter another space. This is what happened to him in that cave, and he also knows that in the so-called Bermuda Mysterious Triangle, there are often ships or planes mysteriously disappearing for no reason. It is possible to break through the boundary of space and enter another space.
As an explorer, Lotte is no stranger to the Alps. He believes that if a large glider crashes in a mountainous area, it will be under a large-scale search. It should be possible to find some wreckage, but nothing is found. The man and the plane seem to have disappeared in the air.
What does this mean? in the space