Fang Wanyi and Feng Bai couldnt help but look at Yueqinghe with admiration before and Yueqinghe persisted Having to pay for everything by yourself this

With Feng Bai, he would never hope to get Fang Wanyi.
In Fang Wanyi’s mind, there is no other person besides Feng Bai. Originally, this fact is not enough to make Yue Qinghe hate Feng Baiqi so much. One fact is that if there is no Feng Bai, there will be no other men besides Yue Qinghe. Fang Wanyi will regard Feng Bai as the biggest obstacle in his life. When he thinks of Fang Wanyi in his little attic, he is simply crazy.
He wants to hold Fang Wanyi tightly and kiss her like swallowing her. His fingers sink into her white and jade-like body and suck her most mysterious parts. For a poor student, Yue Qinghe, to vent all this is not a fantasy, but a very close fact. As long as there is no such person as Feng Bai in the world, it will be a very close fact. His obsession with Feng Bai and his hatred for Feng Bai are also crazy. He stabs Feng Bai’s portrait with a knife every day, and then curls his body tightly into a ball, dreaming of holding Fang Wanyi in his arms. When thinking of ending his own life, he began to think that there are too many accidents in the world.
It is not too difficult for a person to disappear in the world. If Feng Bai suddenly disappeared in the world, every time Yue Qinghe thought of this, he would be so excited.
Fever all over the body, if Feng Bai disappears, he, Yueqinghe, can get Fang Wanyi, not only Fang Wanyi’s person, but also the astronomical property she owns. A poor student, although he has extraordinary talents, but only relying on his talents to struggle, he may not be able to survive for the rest of his life.
Unable to enjoy the life of wealth and wealth, if Fang Wanyi became his own, everything would be at his fingertips, he would be as happy as he wanted in the years to come, that would be endless happiness, and he would involuntarily whisper, “Fuck you, fuck you!” I have to die Only when you die can I have happiness and endless happiness You are with me I have nothing Under the torment of pain I have no other way to go except suicide Yue Qinghe’s thoughts are making him feel more and more One point: when it comes time for a person to end his life, he should have the courage to do anything, and what he has to do is to make Feng Bai no longer an obstacle to the source of happiness for the long years of his life. He himself couldn’t help being surprised at the beginning of the idea, but gradually the idea became more and more determined, making him feel that he must do this, for his own future happiness, he must seal the white non-existence, and when he finally made up his mind, he I remember very clearly that he was lying on the attic with a long breath, stretching his body as straight as possible, lying motionless, Yue Qing and a long breath raised his head to welcome their servants, led by the steward, who still didn’t know Yueqing stood at a loss and nodded to the supervisor, looking like nothing happened, slowly said everything is fine Everything is fine, he said as he walked towards the house. In the past, every time he walked up the stone steps of this house, he seemed to be very happy, but the pain in his heart was really indescribable. Now he thought in his heart that he should not complain about anything. Then I really shouldn’t complain anymore, he strode into the living room, and hatred grew in his heart In front of him was an urgent telegram, Yueqing, who had just received it in the morning, felt a little strange who had sent the telegram.
He picked up the telegram and asked his wife.
Zhong Yue Qinghe’s face twitched involuntarily, but no one would notice this situation, he still looked so elegant and admirable Fang Wanyi in the bedroom, Yue Qinghe swallowed again involuntarily. For Fang Wanyi, there must be too many memories in this bedroom.
Yue Qinghe naturally knew the relationship between Fang Wanyi and Feng Bai. At this moment, he raised his head slightly and wondered what Fang Wanyi was thinking in the bedroom. He was thinking that she had given up her virginity.
Thinking of Feng Bai’s situation, Yue Qing felt even more hatred in his heart, unknowingly squeezed the telegram in his hand into a ball, which surprised the manager at the side, sir, you haven’t opened it yet The telegram Yue Qinghe suddenly felt that he was a little out of control.
He let out a sigh of relief and spread out the telegram that had been squeezed into a ball by him to read the content of the telegram.
He was stunned for a while.
Before I arrive, mother must not use the pair of jade yuan. I will come right away and must do as I say. Yueqing and Fang Wanyi are frowning. He always disapproves of what Fang Wanyi has to do when he comes to France. If he was so unhappy, if he went to the glider playground again, Yueqinghe really couldn’t think of how to hide his unhappiness.
Now that Letian has come, will this telegram dissuade Fang Wanyi? He took the telegram and walked halfway up the stairs.
The stairs called Wanyi loudly, Xiaotian had a telegram, he called a few times, and saw Fang Wanyi appearing on the stairs, as if nothing had happened, still so elegant, so noble, Yueqing and smiling in front of his wife for dozens of times Over the years, he has been so full of love that Fang Wanyi sometimes feels reliable and safe with him.
Yueqing and handed the telegram to Fang Wanyi. Knowing that it looks like she is in a hurry, Fang Wanyi thought about it for a second, anyway, there are still three days