Fang Wanyi and Feng Bai couldnt help but look at Yueqinghe with admiration before and Yueqinghe persisted Having to pay for everything by yourself this

The two of them chartered a 747 first-class flight, and the crew on the upper deck naturally knew that the couple had a lot of background in the service, and they were also very attentive.
She is as beautiful as her, with that kind of graceful and elegant temperament. Of course, no one can see that Fang Wanyi’s inner pain is so severe, even Yue Qinghe can’t, so Yue Qinghe is always very dissatisfied with this long trip. Fang Wanyi sat by the window. After the plane took off, she just stared out the window. The plane was flying at a very high altitude. What she saw was a bright blue sky with piles of white clouds below the plane. So mysterious, Yue Qinghe was sitting a few seats away from Fang Wanyi, he noticed that she had been looking out of the window, and then he saw her take out two jade yuan and stack them together, facing out of the window, staring at Yue Qinghe intently, suppressing the excitement in her heart Dissatisfied, close your eyes, push down the back of the chair, take care of yourself, get off the plane in Paris, and someone has already prepared a car to pick them up.
When the car is driving on a street they are familiar with, Fang Wanyi and Yue Qinghe are silent until the car hits the urban area.
When the congestion started and stopped, Yueqing and Hecai asked which hotel they had booked.
Fang Wanyi’s answer was that my house was still in Yueqing and there was a sudden shock. That house was the same house they bought in Paris when they were in college. There are too many memorable things in that house, Yue Qinghe felt his throat tremble a little, he tried his best to suppress the dissatisfaction in his heart, and coughed Wanyi, why bother Fang Wanyi’s voice was very flat, as if it was not at all It’s the same thing about her. Now that I’m here, I want to see the old place, Yueqing. He shut his mouth tightly and didn’t say anything. From the outside, he looks very calm, but the inner thoughts have already made him almost explode.
The car drove straight on the street. I am getting more and more familiar with the plane trees on both sides of the road leading to that house.
I don’t know how much taller than before. Yueqing and can’t help touching his temples.
Even though his health is maintained very well, the gray hair on his temples is getting more and more.
The many years after marrying Fang Wanyi have been extremely satisfying to him.
It was a life he never dreamed of when he was a poor student.
It didn’t make him feel uncomfortable, but he did feel uncomfortable, just because he didn’t want to recall those poor days? Yue Qinghe felt his throat was even more dry? The car finally stopped in front of the house, and she hasn’t been back to the house since Fang Wanyi left.
It has been vacant, but all the servants are still hired as when the master was there. The servants have changed several batches over the years. The original servants are gone, and the new servants have not even been seen by the master. They just obey the employment. The terms of the contract are to try to keep everything about the house as it is. The house is in excellent condition except for the mountain climbing on the outside wall.
The tiger looks even thicker, and there is almost no difference from more than 30 years ago.
As soon as the car stopped, Yue Qinghe noticed Fang Wanyi’s face showing an intoxicated look, which made Yue Qinghe feel another burst in his heart.
After he married Fang Wanyi, he had never seen such a look on his wife’s face, but this kind of look was definitely no stranger to Yue Qinghe. When Fang Wanyi and Feng Bai were together back then, she had a look on her face almost all the time. The servants lined up at the door of the house to welcome the master. A man wearing the manager’s clothes came over and opened the car door. Fang Wanyi looked directly at the door. The manager bent over and said welcome, but the manager hadn’t finished speaking. Fang Wanyi had already rushed forward. She ran After crossing the grass, ran up the stone steps, went straight to the house, Yueqinghe originally stepped out of the car, but when he saw Fang Wanyi’s situation, he froze and became half outside the car and half inside the car. The manager at the side didn’t know how to do it. Yue Qinghe watched Fang Wanyi enter the house before slowly stepping out of the car.
In his memory, Yue Qinghe also remembered that Feng Bai stood in front of the house.
Fang Wanyi came back and saw Feng Bai. Just like that, they rushed into his arms and hugged each other tightly. At that time, where was Yueqing and Yueqing? He also remembered very clearly that he was standing on the grass at the door and witnessed the warm embrace between the two of them. Next to where he was standing was a large cluster of roses, Yueqing and He clearly remembered that at that time, he could not help holding a handful of rose branches with his right hand down, and the sharp thorns on the branches sank deeply into his palm, but he He didn’t feel any pain at all.
Le Qinghe walked slowly forward and came to the front of the cluster of roses again.
He took a deep breath and looked at the place where the thorns stabbed the palm of his right hand. Looking at the traces, Yue Qinghe felt that hatred in his heart again, which surprised him.
He thought that after Feng Bai no longer existed, this kind of hatred would no longer exist, but now he knows these things In the past few years, Feng Bai has not ceased to exist, at least it has always existed in the heart of his wife Fang Wanyi.
The hatred in his heart has become more and more serious, and it is even the same as when he stood at the same place back then.
He looked at Fang Wanyi and Zhou Bai.
The hatred in his heart can really make him explode, and what makes him more painful is that he must not show it on the surface, he still has to keep smiling, I don’t know how many times the hatred in his heart can’t be reconciled The combination of the smile on his face made the muscles on his face stiff and sore. He hates Feng Bai hates Feng Bai for having everything in the world, but he himself has nothing Yueqing and know