Fang Wanyi and Feng Bai couldnt help but look at Yueqinghe with admiration before and Yueqinghe persisted Having to pay for everything by yourself this

Letian really doesn’t know how to answer it, it’s not happy, it’s more than just unpleasant, the man said that the world always likes to find out the truth of some things, in fact, as long as you don’t know that there is such a thing, you will try your best to figure it out as if you don’t have it. What a good result, it’s just asking for trouble, Le Tian silently thought about what that person said, and then said after a while, so if I regard meeting you as an illusion, then there is no need to try to prove it, that person laughed very happily haha ​​a bit I mean, you are a bit interesting, little boy, he said while patting Le Tian on the shoulder, let me take you out, he stood up, holding Le Tian’s hand, and walked forward a few steps before reaching the seven motionless people In the meantime, Le Tian recalled the experience just now, and said that I ran desperately just now, but I couldn’t run out of the area where the seven people were, as if the eight formations burst out. The man smiled and said that Kong Ming’s eight formations are actually the simplest way to limit space. Taking advantage of the limitation of space makes it impossible for people to escape within a certain range.
It is very simple and does not require too much energy to concentrate. The person said that he looked at Le Tian and wanted to learn this simple method of space restriction. He looked optimistic and shook his head and said, “That’s too mysterious, and I will never force myself to say that, in fact, one day human beings will use a fairly simple method that everyone can manipulate to master the energy that fills the universe and break through the limitations of space.
” At that time, everyone is a god, so they will no longer feel that there is nothing strange about being a god. Lotte Weiwei agreed that the person had led him out of the range of the seven people.
It seems that they are going to break up.
Lotte said it reluctantly.
For a long time, your surname is Gao and your name is humane. We are talking speculatively. You can call me Lotte.
Naturally, we know that in ancient China, good friends call each other by words instead of names.
He hurriedly said thank you. The man raised his eyebrows.
It’s a very good name.
You can call me Manqian.
Letian listened and agreed.
He also called out. As soon as the man stretched out his hand, Letian felt as if a force hit him behind him.
He suddenly fell forward and took a step.
When he stood still, he turned his head and saw himself. He was already standing in front of the smooth mirror-like boulder. His figure was reflected on the stone surface.
Everything just now was like a dream. Seeing those seven people, he pushed with his hands and stretched out his feet, but the boulder blocked his way, he couldn’t get over it, Lotte tried his best to calm himself down and think about what happened just now. If it was a dream, it would be too real to say no Meng? Could it be that he pressed his right hand on the stone and called that person’s name in a daze, Manqian? Can you let me take another look at you? It sounds like a modern woman’s name.
When the man told Lotte it’s okay to call him that, he didn’t feel anything special.
He just called it by the way, but At this time, after he called out again, he suddenly remembered who was the person he had been talking to in another dimension for so long? The big secret Lotte fell into a dreamlike state again in an instant, he couldn’t help laughing, he laughed very happily because he really felt funny, that was really funny, Manqian just mentioned his words, maybe all of a sudden It’s really not easy to remember, especially for a young man like Lotte who has been educated in Western culture since he was a child.
Lotte finally remembered who he was when he came into contact with the name Manqing for the second time. It was because his father was a famous scholar.
He also read a lot of Chinese books since he was a child, so he remembered that it was Dongfang Shuo’s character Dongfang Shuo’s complex surname Dongfang’s single name Shuo’s character Manqian Dongfang Shuo is not only a historical figure but also a legendary fairy. His personality is funny and witty. This is history. It is recorded in the Internet that it is no wonder that when Lotte mentioned humor, his reaction was so strange. According to the legend, Dongfang Shuo’s fairy deeds are even more numerous. In the legend, Dongfang Shuo met the Queen Mother of the West and asked him how old he was. When the peach is ripe, is that nine thousand years old? Of course it’s not time.
It’s meaningless to him. Nine thousand years is the same as nine seconds.
There’s no such thing as nine seconds. Lotte shook his head while thinking about it, and talked to him for a long time just now The person is Dongfang Shuo, he really wants to tell everyone, but he knows he can’t tell anyone, if he tells people, no one will believe him, no one will believe him, even if he swears to the sky or uses any method He once had a conversation with a god, don’t say that others don’t believe it, even he himself doesn’t believe it, he made up his mind and told himself to treat it all as if it didn’t happen at all, and it’s been going on since he first made up his mind Remind yourself it’s a dream it’s a dream but it’s not easy to fully believe it’s a dream especially when he sees a slice of his father’s life when he was young he just can’t believe it’s his Father, why is every cell of the whole person full of hatred, Lotte can even feel that it is an extremely despicable hatred, Lotte also knows that this hatred is aimed at a person, who is that person, his portrait has been Stabbed by a knife, I can’t see clearly, and the portrait was drawn by my mother. The person my father hates, my mother must know who it is. Why has I never heard anyone talk about it? There is a great secret hidden in it, he suddenly felt a piercing chill