Fang Wanyi and Feng Bai couldnt help but look at Yueqinghe with admiration before and Yueqinghe persisted Having to pay for everything by yourself this

People with courage can come down and try to see if they can break through the first layer of space.
The opportunity like you is very good.
When the great opportunity comes once in 4,900 years, then you can happily say, like those seven people, how long will you wait? It is humane to wait for another 2,600 years. Letian took a deep breath. It was really unimaginable. It really seemed that he could not cultivate immortality. The man also spread his hands helplessly, as if comforting Letian. But you don’t have to be too sad. Your chances are much better than others. The pair of hope rings are not ordinary jade. They are minerals containing a trace amount of radioactive substances.
The trace amount of radiation can stimulate the activity of the human brain and make the mind easier.
If you concentrate it, it will be easy to merge with the ubiquitous energy, and you can realize the most hopeful wish in your heart.
Lotte listened obsessively to that human way. In the words of the legend, it is a magic weapon given to you by the gods. Lotte murmured what should I do? The man who used it seemed to find it very funny and laughed and said there are no spells, don’t put the legendary ones, as long as you concentrate on looking at them, it’s fine, as long as you really focus all your thoughts on this point, the energy that fills you around you It can make you achieve your goal. Lotte felt a little confused. He suddenly asked some people who can move objects under concentration.
Even small metal objects can be bent because of the effect of unknown energy.
The person was happy and said, of course it is you. I finally understand that this kind of energy has always existed. The problem is how to use it through brain activity.
You don’t want to break through the low limit of time and wait for more than two thousand years like those seven people.
Lotte was very surprised and shook his head.
I also persuaded you that you don’t need to hear about two thousand years to be afraid. In terms of feeling, it’s only two or three days. Lotte is still shaking his hands. He can’t understand this.
Two thousand years is equal to two or three days.
He can’t understand this no matter what. Looking at Le Tian with a look of disappointment, he said helplessly, no matter what, you met me, it was an adventure, Le Tian smiled bitterly and didn’t say anything, thinking in his heart that it was really an adventure, if such an adventure was told, it would not be regarded as a psychopath No wonder at this time he had already decided that this experience must never be mentioned to anyone. His young father, Le Tian, ​​was still in a state of confusion. He said, “You said that time is no longer interesting to you.” The man frowned. In different spaces, time does not exist.
Lotte asked a bit challengingly. Then you can see the past. The person laughed and you still don’t understand. Since time does not exist, what is the past, present and future? I know a group of people Desperately studying the issue of time, they say that if there is a speed faster than light, then they can catch up with time and see the past. This is the thinking of people living in a space.
When they can freely come and go in space, they can know. That kind of vision is futile and will never achieve the goal Lotte The attitude is a bit stubborn, I can’t understand your theory, just asking if you can let me see the past, then the man made a gesture to ask Le Tian to ask what past events he wanted to see Le Tian suddenly thought of his father.
I don’t know what my father’s life was like when he was studying. I know nothing about my father. It seems that my father is the embodiment of articles and reputation books. If I can know some things about his past, I will be surprised when I go back and talk to him At that time, Lotte came up with such an idea purely out of a playful attitude. He really didn’t expect that he would see something, so he raised his request. The man turned his head sideways and thought for a while, and said it’s okay.
You have to notice that I am now using my power to take you to another space, to a realm where time does not exist. In this realm, the weak energy generated by the activities of the human brain plays a decisive role. So you see your father The situation in the past must be the moment when his brain activity is the most intense, that ability radiates the most, Le Tian said, I don’t understand what that moment means, that human way must be the moment when his brain activity is the most intense, such as extreme happiness, extreme sadness, extreme When people are angry, there will be abnormal activities in the brain. During abnormal activities, the energy emission is also higher than normal, so Letian understands a little bit. He said please. He originally wanted to say please cast a spell, but after saying please He stopped and looked somewhat embarrassed. The man smiled as if he knew what he was thinking, and said that language is only used to express a phenomenon. There is nothing wrong with the power we possess called mana. Le big and embarrassing.
Smiling, the man raised his hand and felt happy, his body suddenly trembled, and in an instant he couldn’t see anything, the surroundings were just a vast expanse of whiteness, it was only a very short period of time, and then his eyes lit up and saw After the scene, no matter how hard Le Tian tried to recall it, he couldn’t be sure whether the scene he saw was flat or three-dimensional.
But he himself seemed non-existent.
When he reached out to touch a table in the scene, his hand passed through the table.
He did not exist in that space of the scene, but in another space. Lotte was at that time What I saw was a very simple and strange room. The room was very small and messy. There were many books piled up.
There was no bed at all. There were some quilts on the floor. There was an old table full of books and papers.
There was a dim lamp.
The light makes Letian feel the strangeness of this room is that the height of this room is very low