Fang Wanyi and Feng Bai couldnt help but look at Yueqinghe with admiration before and Yueqinghe persisted Having to pay for everything by yourself this

Although the state of mind of the whole person is still in a very fantastic state, at least he can think that his situation at this time is most likely to break through the limitation of space and enter another space.
The two doors of this cave just now lead to impossible. The gate of the four-dimensional space measured by Lotte walked forward slowly and came to the first person.
The person squatted in a very relaxed posture.
Lotte is no stranger to this posture. Indians like to squat in this posture. Smoking a cigarette, but this person does not have a pipe in his hand.
When Le Tian leaned over to look at this person, the distance between the tip of his nose and that person’s nose would not exceed ten centimeters, and he could clearly see the wrinkles on that person’s face. The Indians in the mountains always look older than his actual age due to the hardships of life.
Lotte estimates that this person is less than 30 years old, but even though the distance between the two is so close in the first tens of seconds Letian couldn’t be sure if this person was a dead person, so when the person blinked suddenly, Letian was really shocked, took a step back, and almost fell to the ground. After exiting, he pointed at the person and opened his mouth wide.
But when he spoke, he was so surprised that he couldn’t make any sound at all. After blinking his eyes, he remained motionless, which made Le Tian almost think that he was dazzled just now. After a while, he finally managed to make a sound, what he said That sentence was really not what he wanted to say, full of doubts, but under such circumstances, he had nothing else to say. He greeted him in the local dialect: hello, the squatting man didn’t respond at all, and he stared at him. It took five minutes to see him blinking again, as if the only thing he could move was his eyelids, Lotte felt strange, he turned to look at the other person closest to him, who looked younger, only about twenty Lying on the ground in his early days with a lazy look, he looked more comfortable, and it took him a long time to blink. Letian was now more courageous. He came to the man and stretched out his hand to push him.
The man’s body moved slightly with his push. There were seven people in total. Lotte walked over one by one. Everyone’s postures were different, but they were all the same. There was no reaction at all to Lotte’s words or actions. Lotte suddenly became excited. Get up and shout loudly, what is this place? Why are these people like this? Are they dead or alive? In the realm of knowing that he is not dreaming, he will really be driven crazy, he yelled several times in a row, the strange thing is that his yelling did not arouse any echo, and the seven people still did not respond to his yelling at all, happy Tian shouted here again There must be someone else, there must be you, if you don’t come out, I’ll come to you, he yelled and ran forward, since he entered the big rock, in front of him The space is almost boundless, so he can run forward at a very high speed without being afraid of bumping into anything. He screamed and ran, and he must have run hundreds of meters at least, but when he stopped breathing When he came down, he was stunned, he was obviously running forward, but when he stopped, he was still in the original place, which is not bad at all, in the original place, between the standing Indian and the lying Indian Le Tian didn’t even move at all, and Le Tian’s heart was beating wildly. One was because of the sprint just now, and the other was because of extreme surprise. For a while, he didn’t know what to do. When he calmed down in the chaos, the first question that came to his mind was If I can’t go forward, can’t I also go backward? If I can’t go backward, how can I get out? Thinking of this, Lotte can’t help but break out in a cold sweat.
He doesn’t care to go forward to see those seven people.
They don’t know when they come here. How long has it been since they have been here like this? If I become one of them, Lotte thinks of this place and dare not think about it anymore. Although the situation here is fantastic, the only thing he thinks at this moment is to leave as soon as possible.
He hurried forward. Walking and even running but when he stopped he was still between those seven people and couldn’t get out Lotte is an extremely strong man but at this point the only thing he felt was that he wanted to cry although he was still holding back He didn’t cry, but there was a crying sound in his voice, he hissed, what happened here, what happened, what happened, he turned around and covered his face with his hands, and when his screaming stopped, he He could hear his own violent heartbeat. At this time, besides his own heartbeat, he heard another sound.
Le Tian was startled.
It was the sound of footsteps, the sound of someone walking forward. He could definitely Affirming this, he lowered his hands covering his face and looked around to see that the seven people were still in their original postures, but the sound of footsteps continued to come, who was it? Pu don’t come here, you can’t get out if you come in, I can’t get out anymore, but his calling didn’t stop the footsteps, the footsteps are getting closer, but people, why didn’t they see the people walking forward, they only heard The footsteps couldn’t see the people walking forward, especially in this strange and inexplicable situation, Le Tian felt extremely terrified in an instant. It’s getting closer, but the person suddenly appeared, Le Tian was stunned and couldn’t move, as if there was an invisible screen in front of him.