Fang Wanyi and Feng Bai couldnt help but look at Yueqinghe with admiration before and Yueqinghe persisted Having to pay for everything by yourself this

I don’t know why Letian keeps it a secret, because everything around the Ring of Wangzhi is full of mystery, so Yue Qinghe always feels a little wary of the Ring of Wangzhi. Didn’t she see something in that round hole already? Yue Qinghe felt uneasy again and took a deep breath of the cigarette.
He inhaled so fast that he coughed. He felt that he had never been like this since that incident happened. The only time I felt uneasy was when Fang Wanyi invited eight spirit summoning experts. That time he also felt uneasy Yueqing and didn’t understand why the uneasiness is still higher than that time.
Wouldn’t it be ridiculous if Yunuan knew what he wanted to know? What I have been thinking about for years is where did Feng Bai and his glider go? Yue Qinghe has made various conjectures, but none of them can be established.
How can such a large glider disappear alone? The entire disappearance in the air became mysterious and inexplicable because the man and the machine disappeared without a trace. If Fang Wanyi had dreamed countless times in the middle of the night and suddenly felt that Feng Bai might appear at the door, then Yueqing and fear of this moment were more frequent than Feng Bai. Where did he go and why was his body never found? As time went by ten years later his fears have faded a lot and now it’s been thirty years and it’s still disturbing to him so you know for the first year or two What was his fear in the first few months? Yue Qinghe thought for a long time before knocking the ashes from his pipe into the ashtray. What happened? Looking forward to solving the riddle, he completely dispelled the unease in his heart, stood up, passed the living room, came to the door of Fang Wanyi’s bedroom, gently pushed the door open, and saw his wife was still staring at the pair of jade yuan, Yueqing and smoking pipes.
Knocked lightly on the door twice and smiled and saw something At the beginning, there was nothing Xiaotian speculated, Yue Qinghe sighed, Xiaotian was a bit mysterious, he didn’t know what he was doing, he said, he came to Fang Wanyi’s side to make the last effort, Wanyi, don’t go, Fang Wanyi won’t wait for him to say After finishing, I firmly said no, I am going to Yueqing and smiled wryly, you are determined to go through the pain again Fang Wanyi sighed faintly, if there is still pain, thirty years have passed, Yueqinghe didn’t say anything, just paced back and forth Fang Wanyi went back and forth Daoqing and I were going to take Uncle Fan to Yueqing together, and he stopped suddenly for a moment, and he felt extremely angry. Anger was about to blurt out a word, but in less than a second, he suppressed his anger, and just calmly said that he wanted to bring Uncle Fan with him. He wanted to blurt out a word, but in the end it ended up with a single word.
What I didn’t say was that even if you brought all the people who were present back then, the Feng Bai you lost would not be by your side anymore.
Going down still made his face very ugly, but Fang Wanyi didn’t pay attention to his expression.
Fang Wanyi just said that we will leave tomorrow, Yueqing, and spread his hands to express no objection.
Kong partly glanced at it, of course he couldn’t see anything, he straightened up with a relaxed expression, Fang Wanyi said in a low voice at this time, Qinghe’s past events are always a mystery, do I really want to solve this mystery, let Yueqing agree That’s right, the sky looks crystal clear, as if it can be seen through at a glance, and there are no secrets, but in fact, the high altitude and the deep sea are both mysterious and unfathomable. He didn’t disagree. He knew why she thought of the underground because Lotte had a magical experience in the underground. They talked about irrelevant things for a while, although both of them understood why they wanted to revisit the old place.
Of course, it is impossible for them to participate in gliding at their age. Exercising but both of them were very careful when they talked Neither of them mentioned Feng Zi’s name The Secret of the Cave Lotte kept watching his mother’s back when she left his room Lotte even in the graceful slow motion I can also feel the pain in his mother’s heart. Letian sighed, what secrets are there between father and mother? He thought of asking Uncle Fan, but then he gave up the idea. He didn’t want to know other people’s secrets because He himself has a secret that no one wants to know.
He never wants anyone to know this secret. Originally, there are people in the world who know that that person is Apu and Apu is dead.
He is the only one who knows this secret. He is alone.
The secret that I know, the secret under the ground, is the secret under that cave, the secret that has always puzzled him, it is strange and inexplicable, and when he thought about it, his palms were sweating faintly, and he asked himself that one again. Is it a real experience or his illusory feeling? He once told his father that if he wrote down all his experiences, he would be regarded as the dream of a mental patient, even if he remembered it now.