Fang Wanyi and Feng Bai couldnt help but look at Yueqinghe with admiration before and Yueqinghe persisted Having to pay for everything by yourself this

It will be another year before Yueqing becomes her husband. Fang Fengyang is seriously ill in front of the hospital bed.
If you want an ideal husband, then this ideal husband is by your side From the bottom of her heart, even if Yue Qing held hands, what she thought of was being held by Feng Bai.
Fang Fengyang was so excited when she saw this situation, she even struggled to sit up. Originally, the doctor said that Fang Fengyang’s illness could not be delayed. It’s been three months, but because she saw her daughter wake up from Feng Bai’s nightmare and found a new love, Fang Fengyang didn’t die until a year later, officiated their wedding for Yueqing and Fang Wanyi, Fang Wanyi knew what her father wanted to live on.
After Fang Fengyang died, she shed tears in front of her soul, saying in her heart that I didn’t mean to lie to you, I really can’t forget Feng Bai, when she hugged Yue Qinghe warmly and unreservedly, she had to be very careful not to call out Feng Bai Bai’s name came and in the first days of marriage, she often woke up from a dream in the middle of the night, as if Feng Bai had suddenly appeared in front of their bed. Of course, Feng Bai never appeared again. He disappeared without a trace.
If mountain climbers find something, they can immediately get a bounty from the local bank. This is something that most people who have entered the mountain area know, but as time goes by three, five, ten, and twenty years, this thing is gradually forgotten. Yueqinghe and Fang Wanyi’s first child was born in the second year of their marriage, it was Letian, and then they added another daughter, Yueyin, Fang Wanyi inherited all of her father’s inheritance, and she handed it over to Uncle Fan’s son to manage her life in peace and happiness No one has ever mentioned Feng Bai’s name, only the model of the glider placed in the corner of the living room looks very obtrusive, and the easy chair next to the model is Yueqing, which Feng Bai used to like to sit on most. Of course, he is very dissatisfied with this But he never expressed it, and when Fang Wanyi looked at the glider model, sometimes she would suddenly have hallucinations, as if the red, yellow and white glider was swooping down from the sky.
Nearly thirty years have passed, even Lotte and Leyin didn’t even know there was Feng Bai, Uncle Fan was even tight-lipped.
This family seemed peaceful and happy. The trauma of thirty years ago was originally only buried in Fang Wanyi’s heart. In the past, the Ring of Hope, Lotte claimed that through this pair of jades, they knew what they wanted to know.
It just so happened that the glider club in the south of France sent an invitation again.
Fang Wanyi wanted to go to the place that made her heartbroken Of course, Yue Qinghe strongly opposed it, but Fang Wanyi decided to go, and how could he stop it until At this time, Yue Qinghe felt faintly that as a husband in the past thirty years, he still knew too little about his wife.
However, what could he complain? The person he loved deeply became his wife.
Fang Wanyi hugged each other tightly without reservation, when he got Fang Wanyi’s body, when he stared at Fang Wanyi’s beautiful carcass, he murmured endlessly, he talked for nearly half an hour and turned it over and over again, it was the sentence “Yueqing and God treats you” It’s really not that the impossible thing has become a fact. Fang Wanyi is already his wife Yue Qinghe wants to forget the past.
As time goes by, he can really forget it completely, but the old thing is brought up again. When Fang Wanyi is sitting in the easy chair When he was staring at the two jade yuan in his hand, Yue Qinghe once gently opened the door and looked in, but he didn’t make any sound. Fang Wanyi’s ecstatic expression made him feel sad because he Knowing what Fang Wanyi was thinking at that time, he returned to his bedroom and sank his body heavily into the soft sofa.
When did the two husband and wife start to sleep in separate rooms? Not long, maybe five or six After entering the middle age, love and desire have gradually faded away.
Sleeping in different rooms seems to be a natural thing. Yue Qinghe thinks that I have obtained everything I dreamed of back then. I have obtained everything.
Is this not enough? He lit his pipe again deeply Inhale deeply and then let the smoke out slowly from his mouth.
From a poor student to an internationally renowned scholar, and his wife has innumerable properties that can provide him with unlimited material enjoyment, the children are so outstanding. If this is the case for a lifetime That should really be enough, but what about that matter? Is it that after so many years, the secret that only he knows will finally be revealed? Yue Qinghe will feel very disturbed when he thinks of it.
At this time, he is no exception. The mood made him change his sitting posture. The Chinese jade yuan found in the mountainous area of ​​Colombia in South America was already full of mystery, which made Yueqing feel even more mysterious. Letian obviously concealed part of the truth as an explorer and archaeologist.
It is unreasonable to say that Lotte’s approach is unreasonable. He even destroyed the cave so that others cannot enter. This is completely unimaginable, because in this way, the report published by Lotte loses the support of facts and is almost worthless academically. Le Qinghe can guess why Le Tian must have had a very strange experience under that burrow, but Yue Qinghe doesn’t know what kind of experience it was.