Fang Wanyi and Feng Bai couldnt help but look at Yueqinghe with admiration before and Yueqinghe persisted Having to pay for everything by yourself this

But Mrs.
Le still looked at An Ning and said that it was related to Xiaoyin, Yue Qing and said with a smile, it was not a sports club I was a member of many years ago Oh, that club, Lotte couldn’t help asking what club, but his question didn’t get answered.
At this moment, Leyin’s voice came from the outside, calling Brother, Elder Brother, Letian walked out. Uncle Fan wanted to say something, but he also walked out without saying anything. Mrs.
Le raised her eyebrows and said, You have not participated in the event for a long time, why did you write a letter? The sender of the ordinary letter is Nishixin, the chairman of the French Glider Club.
The content is as follows. The annual glider competition of this club will celebrate its 40th anniversary this year.
Your Excellency is an early member of the club.
The crumpled letter paper is really a very ordinary letter, but Mrs.
Le’s hands are trembling slightly as she looks at it, but she is always an elegant, noble and highly educated person, so she knows how to restrain herself. Yue Qing and whispered Wanyi’s cry from Yueqinghe was full of his tenderness and concern for his wife. Mrs. Le showed a very far-fetched smile and muttered that it was the annual glider competition. Yueqinghe leaned over and stretched out his hand to take the The letter was picked up and rolled into a ball again, this time the envelope was rolled up together, and it was thrown into the wastebasket, Mrs. Le’s eyes slowly moved to the wastebasket Daoqing and you going to Yueqing and like a scorpion Chewed, of course not, Mrs.
Le sighed faintly, raised her head and looked at the ceiling in the living room, there is a very light-colored relief on the ceiling, she said slowly, I want to go, Yue Qing stood up peacefully, Dao Wanyi, Mrs. Le sighed Repeatedly, I want to go to Yueqing, and he is obviously not used to opposing his wife’s opinions, so at this time, although everyone can see that he is extremely unwilling, he doesn’t know how to object.
In fact, it has been many years.
In their married life, the two of them never had even the most light quarrel, let alone disagreement. She apologized from the bottom of her heart because she felt that there was a difference of opinion between herself and her husband, but she still insisted on her own opinion. She said, have you read Xiaotian’s recent article? Going to the south of France to visit the annual glider competition and what is the connection between my son’s article? He asked me if I didn’t read it. Madame Le smiled softly and looked a little embarrassed.
It was like a child doing something naughty.
For fear of being scolded by an adult, her voice sounds very low, then you Have a look, maybe you will agree or have the same idea as me, Yue Qing and a little helpless, sat down again, lightly holding her wife’s hand, patted on the back of her hand, Mrs. Le was enjoying her husband’s tenderness, and her expression was satisfied Le Tianyi Walking out of the living room, Leyin ran towards him, raised the letter paper in his hand, and said, Huh, this letter is up to you to come and go, it’s unreasonable. Leyin was stunned for a moment. Who wrote the letter? Pauling is a Swede and one of the best middle-distance runners in the world. Since the outstanding middle-distance runners in the world are almost all black people in East Africa, Pauling is known as the glory of the white man.
Lotte also knows that Pauling is a good friend of Leyin. It’s quite deep as to why the title of bastard was suddenly added under Pauling’s name and Pauling’s letter was sent back and forth by him.
Lotte still doesn’t know why.
What’s the matter? Leyin snorted, flew the letter in his hand to his brother, and said, “Go and see for yourself.
” After a long time, one of his letters asked all about the article you published recently. Let me be happy.
The recent article related to the circle of hope and knowledge, Leyin rolled his eyes and still laughed happily. This is an excellent report and is full of mystery.
You should read it, at least it can increase your knowledge.
Leyin leaned forward and said loudly. I’m not interested in adventures, nor in those ancient sites you’re passionate about, and I’m not even interested in your speculative nonsense. She said three times in one breath, no interest, turned around, and walked away. Le Tian looked at her back and only thought it was interesting. Looking at Pauling’s letter, it’s no wonder that Leyin’s student, Pauling, didn’t mention Leyin in his letter except for the sentence “Dear” at the beginning. He just asked about the article about Lotte. I’m extremely interested in it. My article is always happy when someone appreciates it Lotte decided to write back to Pauling.
Lotte’s room is unique. Lotte walked into his room.
Lotte’s room is probably the strangest room in the world.
There are more than one explorers in the world, but like Lotte’s room, it must be unique. The room is huge.
In fact, it is formed by opening up the entire first floor of the huge house. The room is rectangular, one side is 30 meters long, and the other side is 40 meters long.
The room is so big that there are so many things in the room. So once Leyin told his friends about the weirdness of her brother’s room, and after entering it, he might not be able to find where his bed was in five minutes.