Fang Wanyi and Feng Bai couldnt help but look at Yueqinghe with admiration before and Yueqinghe persisted Having to pay for everything by yourself this

Famous universities in Europe and the United States are vying to hire him. The search for Feng Bai has come to an end.
Fang Fengyang wants to take Fang Wanyi back to Yueqinghe, so he rejects the invitations from various famous universities in Europe and America to return to this city in Asia together. Fang Wanyi will marry Maoqing and you. People with real talents and real learning will stand out no matter what the environment is. The university in this Asian city has no status in the world’s academic circles, but Yueqinghe has been publishing his academic research for a year. Although he looks so young, he has already become famous.
After Fang Fengyang and Fang Wanyi came back, Fang Wanyi only played with musical instruments and painted almost all of them. The sky stretches as far as the eye can see.
The blue sky is deep and unfathomable, and it looks extremely mysterious. Fang Fengyang firmly invites Yueqing and Zhu Coming to Fang’s house, Yueqinghe resolutely refused. For this matter, the two of them, the old and the young, argued countless times. Fang Fengyang even brought Uncle Fan to the dormitory of the single professor at the university several times to collect Yueqinghe’s luggage and books. I moved here and was moved back by Yueqinghe.
Later, Yueqinghe finally lived in Fang’s house because of Fang Wanyi’s words. Let me tell you that you have always been your own shadow in my mind, not anyone else.
Yueqing and He were trembling with excitement because of these few words. At that time, it had been two years since Feng Bai disappeared. Everyone deliberately avoided mentioning it in the conversation. Feng Bai’s name is Yue Qinghe, trembling, thank you Wanyi, thank you for treating me like this, he is really excited, since he first met Fang Wanyi, he has always expressed his deep love for Fang Wanyi Bury it because it is almost impossible to hope that everyone in the world can see that Fang Wanyi and Feng Bai are a match made in heaven. There is no other couple in the world who are more compatible than them. Yueqing and He have been suffering but But he never expressed it.
After Feng Bai disappeared, he saw that Fang Wanyi missed Feng Bai even more. The pain in his heart was even worse than that of Fang Wanyi.
It is because he sees that Feng Bai has no hope when he is not there, the same situation has not changed without Feng Bai, he still has no hope, the only difference is that when Feng Bai is there, he misses the happy Fang Wanyi bitterly, but Feng Bai is not in front of him Facing the painful Fang Wanyi, he misses her so much. He has always concealed his feelings so well. He thought that no one in the world would know.
But as a woman, Fang Wanyi has her own sixth sense of women.
A man who is by his side misses her like that in his heart.
How can you not feel it, especially after Feng Bai disappeared? But in the extreme grief, she is not in the mood to analyze it, let alone accept it.
At this time, she told Yue Qinghe what she wanted in her heart. His feelings made Yue Qinghe unable to hide his feelings anymore.
Qinghe’s excitement was due to Fang Wanyi’s evaluation of him, which made him almost on the verge of physical and mental collapse.
His excitement Fang Fengyang saw in his eyes and naturally knew that his decision was right.
Although Yue Qinghe was Feng Bai.
Good friends, but is it true that Yue Qinghe cares about Fang Wanyi so much for the sake of friendship? Of course, Fang Fengyang can feel the affection between Yue Qing and Fang Wanyi.
Fang Wanyi is more considerate, since Yueqing and Fang Wanyi live in Fang’s house, they meet each other naturally a lot of time.
Yueqing and Fang Wanyi take Fang Wanyi to go out, mostly to attend his academic lectures.
I don’t know how many girls there are, but Yue Qinghe doesn’t even look at them Fang Wanyi is not a piece of wood, she naturally knows what Yue Qinghe is waiting for One night Fang Wanyi came to the garden alone after playing Beethoven’s piano sonata several times As usual, Yueqinghe will appear by her side as soon as she arrives in the garden, but this time the difference is that when Fang Wanyi stands still, Yueqinghe is so close to her that she can even hear Yueqinghe’s heart beating wildly Fang Wanyi turned her head to look at Yue Qinghe, and saw such fiery loving eyes shot out of Yue Qinghe’s eyes, those almost crazy eyes were completely incompatible with Yue Qinghe’s usual gentle and elegant demeanor.
Sighing in her heart, she closed her eyes slightly. She knew that what happened next must be inevitable.
When she closed her eyes slightly, Yue Qinghe had already gently lifted her beard to make contact with her lips.
Fang Wanyi’s heart burst out Feng Bai’s name when she reached Yue Qinghe’s thirsty hot lips, she completely regarded Yue Qinghe as Feng Bai’s psychological and physical reactions made Fang Wanyi’s body involuntarily cling to the other party for herself The kiss can make Fang Wanyi have such a warm reaction, Yue Qinghe is also very unexpected, he hugs Fang Wanyi tightly with his strong arms Fang Wanyi’s heart is always calling Feng Bai Feng Bai, of course Yue Qinghe doesn’t know this. Thinking that he has won Fang Wanyi’s affection, and at that moment Fang Wanyi has also decided to bury this in her heart forever, so that no one will know that she is not trying to deceive anyone, but just Feng Bai.
From that moment until later, what Fang Wanyi felt sorry for Yueqing was that no matter how much they made out together, Fang Wanyi always felt that she was making out with Feng Bai, and all her reactions were for Feng Bai, not for Yueqing who later became her husband.