Fang Wanyi and Feng Bai couldnt help but look at Yueqinghe with admiration before and Yueqinghe persisted Having to pay for everything by yourself this

He asked to drop out of school, but the school was firmly opposed to retaining him and allowed him to write a doctoral dissertation outside of the university ahead of time It’s impossible, but the impossible is in front of them, so that they can’t explain it. All the experts can’t even come up with the hypothesis why it happened. Only one meteorological expert said that the air current in the sky is gentle like a passionate girl.
But when it is violent, it looks like a dinosaur glider that has swallowed gunpowder.
Maybe it encountered unpredictable air currents at high altitude and was torn into pieces.
To be scattered in the sea, falling in the forest, the debris may be countless pieces so small that people cannot identify what it is.
This may be the only assumption, but it is not easy to accept that violent air currents can damage the metal structure of the glider. It can be broken into pieces or it can tear a person apart, but there will always be some traces left, and the current situation is that there is no trace of communion with the spirit.
After all the experts’ conclusions were inconclusive, a fierce argument broke out between Yueqing and Fang Wanyi. That night, when the sun was setting and the sky was full of red clouds, reflecting the snow-covered mountains in the distance, the scenery was extremely magnificent. Yueqing and He were rushing to write their doctoral dissertation in the suite of that house. Uncle Fan told the driver to get ready for the car. I’m going. At the time of the telegram, Feng Qiuye and Fang Fengyang lived in this house because Fang Wanyi was determined to stay in France. Fang Fengyang came over and asked who the telegram was to. After listening to it, I didn’t care that when everyone gathered in the living room after dinner that day, Fang Wanyi looked at the fire in the fireplace and suddenly said, “Today, I asked Uncle Fan to send eight telegrams to invite eight spirit summoning experts. Fang Fengyang and Feng Qiuye were stunned.
” Stared wryly, he didn’t say anything, Yue Qinghe put down the coffee cup in his hand heavily, he seemed so excited that he ignored the spilled coffee, he immediately said Wanyi, you are doing too much, Fang Wanyi is still watching the fluctuating sound of the fire It sounds plain, but plain sadness is the saddest thing.
She said we don’t have to lie to ourselves. Feng Bai must be dead.
Even if Feng Bai is no longer alive, since it is a fact, Fang Wanyi’s answer seems to be still very calm, just to accept the fact, I invited a spirit expert to hope that with the help of the expert, his soul will come and let us know what happened What’s the matter? Feng Qiuye obviously couldn’t bear this kind of atmosphere. He drank the wine in his glass and walked out. How absurd Tao is, we all know Feng Bai He’s dead, why don’t you try to do everything possible to communicate with his soul, Yueqing and panting, blushing Wanyi’s so-called spirit summoning experts are all charlatans, what’s the use of listening to their nonsense, prescribing Wanyi shaking her head may not be all nonsense The gibberish may let us know some truths through psychics.
Yue Qinghe’s face turned redder. What truth is Fang Wanyi answering where did he go? What happened? Bai had an accident, you will live in a dream from now on, what kind of psychic seance, how long are you going to continue this kind of life, Fang Wanyi seems not ready to fight with Yueqing anymore, she said in a very tired voice, I don’t know, I don’t know at all I don’t know, Yue Qinghe overturned a chair with all his might, gasping for breath, since you act as if there is no other existence in the world, I’ll take my leave, he said and walked out with great strides, at this time Feng Qiuye and Fang Fengyang were listening to the two of them at the door When Yue Qinghe was about to go out, they both stopped him. Fang Fengyang said in a deep voice, Wanyi, if you let Qinghe go, you will never have friends again.
Fang Wanyi sighed faintly and looked towards Yueqinghe. As soon as he came into contact with Fang Wanyi’s sad eyes, Yue Qinghe couldn’t help but sigh, Fang Wanyi said sorry Qinghe, I thought you would agree with me to do this Yueqing Hedao, but now I object to Fang Wanyi’s lowering her head and let me try Qinghe, maybe it’s okay Get something in this way. Don’t let me try it once. I can’t breathe. Yueqing and I sighed and didn’t say anything, just made a helpless gesture. Eight spirit summoning experts came one after another after more than a month. Many spirit seance ceremonies, some were conducted by eight spirit summoning experts together, some were carried out alone, the result was just like what Yue Qinghe said that night. So Yun made trouble for more than half a month, Fang Wanyi let out a long sigh and sent away those charlatans. In the following days, she made a model of the glider by herself. A full year later, Feng Qiuye died of a heart attack, but before he died, Yi Ji told his best friend in his life, Feng Yang, put all my property under your name, and give it to Wan Yi in the future Well, I would rather believe that people have souls after death.
At least I can meet Feng Bai.
After Feng Qiuye died, Fang Fengyang looked very lonely. title of