Fang Wanyi and Feng Bai couldnt help but look at Yueqinghe with admiration before and Yueqinghe persisted Having to pay for everything by yourself this

The doctor said that her unique skill was only forty-eight hours.
During this month, Yue Qinghe also changed from a strong athlete to thin, dry and dark. It seems that she is not as good as a doctor than a poor Indian. When the voice refused to leave, Yue Qinghe came to Fang Wanyi’s face and held Fang Wanyi’s face with both hands, making Fang Wanyi look at her.
The same thing Yue Qinghe put his palm on, it made him feel a burst of sadness, and tears poured out uncontrollably. It was the first time Yue Qinghe cried after the incident. He said Wanyi as loudly as possible in an extremely hoarse voice.
It is clear that Feng Bai is gone, there are other people in the world, there are many, many people, Fang Wanyi slowly rolled her dull eyes, her eyes moved to Yue Qinghe’s face, at this moment, Fan Shufeng, Qiuye, Fang Fengyang and the medical staff were also on the sidelines, everyone They all held their breath, feeling sad and nervous Fang Wanyi looked at Yueqinghe for a long time before asking you in a very weak voice who are you Yueqinghe said while crying I am Yueqing and you and Feng Bai’s good friend I was surprised how did Qinghe become like this, Yueqinghe is bitter and authentic Wanyi, you are not much better, because of Feng Bai, we all Leqinghe just talked about this, the doctor on the side just wanted to stop Yueqinghe from speaking boldly, so as not to make the extremely weak Fang Wanyi was stimulated. According to the doctor’s opinion, Fang Wanyi absolutely can’t be stimulated any more.
But at this moment, Fang Wanyi was shocked.
Feng Bai asked why didn’t he come back? Why didn’t he come back? She didn’t finish her sentence, her dry and sunken eye sockets Tears have flowed out like spring water, this is the first time Fang Wanyi has shed tears since what happened, Yueqing and He hold her hand tightly, crying, Wanyi, you should have cried a long time ago, Feng Bai will not come back, Yueqing and He This sentence has been circling in everyone’s heart for many times, but Yueqinghe who said it is the first Yueqinghe. This sentence sounds cruel, but everyone knows that it is true. The words shocked everyone around, and they were afraid that Fang Wanyi would not be able to bear it. Fang Wanyi couldn’t bear it, let out a sobbing sound, and passed out.
Yue Qinghe took a step back and handed Fang Wanyi to the doctors and nurses. He wiped his tears and turned.
The pain in Feng Qiuye and Fang Fengyang’s two Wanyi’s hearts was vented, but it was helpful for her.
Feng Qiuye and Fang Fengyang couldn’t help but burst into tears. The ambulance took Fang Wanyi to the hospital for first aid.
Yueqing and Heye Feng Qiuye and Fang Fengyang were forced to enter the same hospital because Yueqinghe had reached the limit of what a person could support in the past month.
Fang Wanyi and Yueqinghe, who were recuperating in the hospital after a week, had improved health.
There are more people participating but no result yet. In the ward of Yueqing and Fengqiuye and Fangfeng Yang sat and they were discussing Feng Bai’s disappearance.
Fang Fengyang smoked a pipe and said in a gloomy voice.
Under such a large-scale search, even if there is an accidental damaged glider, it should be found. It’s hard to describe, but he is a soldier who has experienced many battles and has a strong character. No matter how miserable his heart is, he doesn’t want to show it on the surface. Although his gray hair has turned completely white in this month, his voice is still very calm.
He is still stubborn and authentic, so Feng Bai just disappeared, not death Yue Qinghe sighed Feng Bai’s character is very active and full of urchin personality, could he hide on purpose Yue Qinghe’s words just came out of the door of the ward A weak-sounding but resolute voice came, no, even if he wanted to do that, he wouldn’t be willing to make me worry Standing pitifully and so pretty, Yue Qinghe hurriedly walked towards her, helped her arm into the ward and made her sit beside Fang Fengyang, Yueqing said yes, Feng Bai would not make Wanyi suffer, that is absolutely certain Fang Fengyang said in a deep voice, so he reasoned rationally, it is certain that his flight was accidental, Feng Qiuye’s expression was numb, his face was twitching, but why did he search for more than a month, but there was still no result? Fang Fengyang firmly continued to search. The wish is completely inconsistent. When Fang Fengyang said that, he thought that if the search continued, the chance of Feng Bai surviving was naturally very small, but the wreckage of the glider and the body could always be found, but the search operation lasted for half a full year. But still nothing can be found. Feng Bai and his glider seemed to be dissolved in the air, leaving no trace.
Half a year later, everyone gave up.
The bounty is still valid, but the purpose of those who come to climb the mountain is not to find Feng Bai and his glider were happy to accept funding. After her health gradually recovered, Fang Wanyi bought a house in a secluded countryside between the glider club and the Alps. The house faced the Alps and stood on the balcony. You can see the snow-capped steep mountain.
Fang Wanyi showed her amazing perseverance. No one would have imagined that she would be so stubborn when she was beautiful and delicate.
She invited the world’s famous search experts, weather experts, glider experts, etc.
to find Feng Bai. The specialized staff gathered in her room, Yueqinghe, of course, has also been with Fang Wanyi since the incident happened, and Yueqinghe has not gone back to the university.