Fang Wanyi and Feng Bai couldnt help but look at Yueqinghe with admiration before and Yueqinghe persisted Having to pay for everything by yourself this

It is not very ideal to use a tractor to find a glider.
Small propeller planes cannot reach the height of a glider, but under the current situation, we can only send out to find the glider first, and then everyone on the grass is whispering to each other. There are two streams of airflow.
I picked the weaker one and already ascended to 8,000 meters easily.
If Feng Bai picked the stronger one, he could ascend even higher. Direction Feng Bai may not be able to get rid of the influence of the airflow, and was taken away by the airflow Yue Qinghe ran back to Fang Wanyi’s side again, it was already five o’clock in the afternoon, Fang Wanyi’s body was trembling violently, but she still raised her head to the sky, Yue Qinghe called out, please change your posture, Fang Wanyi didn’t seem to hear at all It’s just that the trembling has not come back. The airflow map quickly found that the strong leeward airflow is flowing north-northeast towards the Alps, and according to the weather map, the phenomenon has not weakened. Not only that, but also the same as the southern foot of the Alps.
Another air flow combines to form a cyclone wave, which is formed due to the cold air mass from the Alps, the leeward air flow, the temperature is high, and the cold and hot air mass meet.
The cyclone wave is quite unstable, and the glider encounters nature and is quite dangerous during flight.
The situation became more serious as soon as it came to the game.
The race team hurriedly contacted the police, and then contacted the military.
The military sent a plane to search in that direction. All the people gathered in the open space and waited for most of the people who were standing to vote. The shadows on the grass grew longer and longer until about 6:30, a round of blood-red sunset had already sunk, more than half of the sunset glow, and a large area had turned deep purple, and everyone was still waiting for the news.
I haven’t found it, I haven’t found it. The cyclone is very strong.
It is estimated that the range of the cyclone’s influence can be as high as 20,000 meters. The diameter of the center is 2,000 meters. I haven’t found it.
I haven’t found it.
Asked what would happen if he hit a mountain, Yueqing and Da Dao said that even if he hit a mountain, it’s not a big deal.
Organize a mountain climbing team to search for him. Uncle Fan swallowed a mouthful of saliva. He swallowed a sentence abruptly and didn’t say it.
What if he was already dead when he found out that Young Master Feng? When it was deep, the people gathered on the grass began to leave, and they all left silently. When they left, a few people thought of Fang Wanyi’s side to comfort her, but they were all waved away by Yueqinghe. At that time, Fang Wanyi was never suitable for him to accept any condolences.
Asked Uncle Fan to set up a tent behind Fang Wanyi so that Fang Wanyi could be covered while she was sitting, but it did not prevent her from looking up at the sky.
By early morning, most of the people gathered on the grass had dispersed. It was only related to the search work. The people are still in the Air Force plane, the reports are still coming in the same sentence, but no result, no Uncle Fan is found wandering around Fang Wanyi’s side, constantly muttering to himself that Master Feng will be back, he will be back soon, but Feng Bai And his glider has never come back.
Said that he has never come back.
It means that Fang Wanyi waited on the grass for a full month before she was willing to leave.
The scale of the search operation during that month was simply staggering. Official In addition to the search team, there is also a huge private bounty soliciting experienced alpine climbers from all over Europe, professional or amateur, as long as they are willing to participate in the search operation, they will all be provided with the fee.
When they arrived, they saw Fang Wanyi still sitting on the canvas chair with a heartbreakingly haggard face, looking up at the sky dully.
Yue Qinghe told Feng Qiuye and Fang Fengyang what happened over and over again. According to all analysis, it is possible that Feng Bai’s glider was brought to the Alps by strong air currents, and a large-scale search was needed to find him. All of the Feng family’s property can be spent on search operations. Feng Yang added, plus all of the Fang’s family’s property. Afterwards, a very famous French reporter reported in a newspaper that the Asian millionaire disappeared because of his son’s glider. The search operation launched in this matter can be said to be the largest search operation in human history. This statement may be somewhat exaggerated, but the degree of exaggeration will never be too much. A large map of the Alps is laid out on the table at the location of the glider club. The areas that have been searched are colored to avoid repetition, although they were repeated again and again. It is estimated that the searchers sent by the government are not counted. The searchers who come from private funds and some enthusiastic people who don’t want to pay are close to 8,000.
Later, the search area was expanded, leaving the Alps and extending to the south until reaching the coast. Everyone knew that it was impossible for the glider to fly south according to the direction of the air current at that time, but they had no choice but to search for it when there was no hope. After a month of traces, the search operation is not over yet, but Fang Wanyi really can’t support it any longer. If she is on the grass again