Fang Wanyi and Feng Bai couldnt help but look at Yueqinghe with admiration before and Yueqinghe persisted Having to pay for everything by yourself this

Yue Qinghe knew that it was useless to use a telescope. Feng Bai wanted to take advantage of the strong leeward airflow. He flew straight to the other side of the mountain. The white clouds shrouded the peaks and the glider would be hidden by the clouds. Sure enough, he saw Fang Wanyi hanging down. I stopped looking at the telescope but still looked up at the sky Yueqing and struggled to stand up and slowly came to Fang Wanyi’s side Dao Wanyi I am much better Fang Wanyi is still looking at the sky just Dao is really strange It feels like it’s far away, Yueqing and Dao Maybe it’s because of his reason in the sky She looks a bit lonely, but she still smiles mesmerizingly, she said, “Of course I know the meaning of this idiom, but now I really have such a feeling, Yue Qing is talking nonsense, talking nonsense, and Uncle Fan is very strange, because he has never It’s not an exaggeration to have met Yueqing and said Fang Wanyi, and he couldn’t understand the conversation between the two of them just now, so he had to sulk, Yueqing and turned his head and said, Uncle Fan moved a chair for the lady to sit on, Uncle Fan quickly agreed and hurried away When I went out, I thought it was Yueqing and the Careful Group who stood there for so long, and I never thought of moving a chair. When he moved a folding canvas chair, I heard Yueqing and He said that I would call Feng Bai abstain from voting and forget him. Fang Wanyi said that it doesn’t matter how long the flight time is only two hours, Yueqing and said seventeen minutes, Fang Wanyi sighed faintly, the time passed so slowly, Uncle Fan, put the folding chair away, Miss, please take a seat on Feng Bai’s glider, it is nowhere to be found Feng Bai’s glider is missing Fang Wanyi sat down, but even when she was sitting down, she still looked up at the sky Uncle Fan and Master Dao Le, you were so uncomfortable just now, do you want to move a chair for it? You Yueqing and you don’t need to answer, I’m already much better Uncle Fan shook his head just now You look so scary Important reminder If you can’t open the old domain name, you can visit this site by visiting the alternate domain name The French classmate next to the chair also came over happily and said Feng Bai went to find that leeward airflow, he will definitely win us the champion She said that I would rather he land now and never want to be the champion again.
Yue Qinghe sighed inwardly.
Smiling and saying Wanyi, your current mood reminds me of an ancient poem Fang Wanyi absently hummed Yueqing and chanted “Jiangling”.
Three thousand three hundred and three have traveled thirty miles. With a sigh, the poet writes that a person returns to his hometown for three thousand three hundred and thirty miles On the first day of the journey, he walked 30 miles and already felt that he was close to his hometown. He was happy in his heart. Fang Wanyi said yes, every minute the time passed, I felt happy. Answer If he appeared in the sky when I lowered my head, even if you tell me right away, I will lose a second of seeing him. You must know that a second is lost, and this second cannot be retrieved no matter what strength you use. Fang Wanyi spoke so sincerely that Yueqing and He never had a good time talking. Even the French classmate who was at the side was moved and kept silent for a long while, and then said in a very low voice to Yueqing: I dare not talk to Chinese girls. Falling in love, they love so deeply, Yue Qing and smiled wryly, of course not every Chinese girl is like that, but Fang Wanyi and Feng Bai love deeply, this is absolutely undoubted, time passed slowly, hour, hour and a half One hour, forty-one hours, one hour and fifty-five minutes Fang Wanyi changed her sitting posture a few times, but Yue Qing, who was always looking up at the sky and beside her, and looking at her soft, white and beautiful neck really wanted to rub her hands It must have been so sore after holding their heads up for such a long time.
Everyone sitting on the grass began to stand up. The cheers of the cheerleaders came out again. The first glider that came back had already appeared in a circle and lowered its posture gracefully and nimbly. Like a big bird preparing to land at the designated place, cheers came one after another.
The participating gliders landed one after another. It was already 4:15 p.m.
Bai’s eyes were a bit blurred due to staring at the sky for a long time, but she refused to close her eyes to let her eyes rest for a while, because Feng Bai had come back late, and could appear in the sky at any time, she couldn’t miss this opportunity, she even Blink your eyes as fast as you can, starting from 4:05, Yue Qinghe has been constantly thinking about winning the championship in Daofeng Bai, he may fly farther and higher, so it takes more time Fang Wanyi didn’t answer, just went straight Looking at the sky, at 4:30, all the participating gliders came back, only Feng Bai was still missing. Everyone in the open space felt that something was wrong.
There is no reason for a good glider pilot to come back half an hour late. That’s why everyone fell silent at the same time.
Fang Wanyi’s body trembled a little, but she still looked up at the sky.
Uncle Fan suddenly said loudly, “Master Le, why hasn’t Master Feng come back yet?” Go find the three tractors that take off in five minutes