Fang Wanyi and Feng Bai couldnt help but look at Yueqinghe with admiration before and Yueqinghe persisted Having to pay for everything by yourself this

After a few minutes of examination, the doctor announced that he was going to be sent to the hospital, Yueqing and shouted nonsense, I’ll just lie down for a while, I’m going to race again, the doctor shook his head, I don’t insist on whether you can go to the hospital or not, but I absolutely forbid you to go on a glider Panting for breath, Yue Qinghe struggled to get up and pretended to be nonchalant. It doesn’t matter if he had a little stomachache. He struggled to stand up, but he fell down on the grass after being unsteady. Feng Bai quickly went to help him, but was caught by Yue Qing. He pushed it away and struggled to stand up again.
The doctor said, look at you, it’s okay, you had an attack half an hour earlier, if you suddenly appeared like this in the air, do you know how dangerous it is? Yue Qing and hoarse voice shouted, I can support me I must participate in the competition, I don’t want to go to Yueqing, and I struggled to stand up, staggered and gritted my teeth, but also extremely determined.
His actions made the onlookers very excited, and several people applauded vigorously. But Yue Qinghe hadn’t stood still and fell to the ground, his face stuck to the grass, gasping for breath, still desperately trying to stand up, his hoarse voice kept calling, “I want to play, I will win the championship, I won’t go, let’s go” I failed, I must go, at this time, naturally, some people’s eyes shifted to Feng Bai’s body, Feng Bai immediately felt that these eyes contained blame in his heart, and at the same time, although Yue Qinghe stood up, he was still struggling on the ground. Reaching for the flying cap, Feng Bai took a deep breath, leaned over and reached out to hold the flying cap, care about the middle way, you can’t fly, I’m going, I’m also a contestant, I can represent the school to fight for the championship, Feng Bai’s words sounded all around immediately A burst of warm applause came to Yueqing and he shook his head and said, “No, let’s abstain.
” Wanyi doesn’t like you flying alone.
She is willing to let Feng Bai participate in the competition, but under such circumstances, she can’t say the words of asking her to keep Feng Bai and abstain from the competition and not let Feng Bai go for a two-hour gliding flight, so she can only forcefully smile at Feng Bai. As soon as he saw her smile, he knew what she meant.
He couldn’t help regretting that he was impulsive just now, but since he had already said to replace Yueqing and go to the competition, now he regretted it again.
Considering Feng Bai’s competitive character, he couldn’t do it, so he I had no choice but to smile apologetically to Fang Wanyi and make a hand gesture to express that this is the flight, please forgive Yue Qinghe and Feng Bai, we abstain from voting, a judge asked how are you doing, Feng Bai said loudly, I will play for Yue Qing and Feng Bai will replace Yue Qing and Feng Bai’s affirmative answer after the competition was considered a conclusion. The judges walked away and after a while, the loudspeaker announced that the University of Paris team had temporarily replaced the representative of the competition.
Arrived under a tent, let Yueqing and rest lie under the tent, Yueqing and look forward, the game is about to start, Feng Bai has already entered After getting into the glider, Fang Wanyi has been by his side and waited for Feng Bai to enter the cabin. She was next to the glider and saw that she was the main assistant. Fang Wanyi kissed Yue Qinghe and kept watching, even when Uncle Fan came to him, he didn’t notice that Uncle Fan opened his mouth first, Master Le, Master Feng is about to take off, Yue Qinghe looked at Uncle Fan and saw Uncle Fan’s worried expression, he suddenly asked Uncle Fan if It’s me in the glider, are you so worried? Uncle Fan blushed in a daze and didn’t know how to answer. Although he didn’t say anything, his demeanor was very clear. If it was Yueqinghe who went to participate in the competition, he would never He cares so much about Yueqing and sighs Feng Bai is really lucky everyone treats him so well He seems to have all the happiness and happiness in the world, others want it, it’s so rare that he can’t bear so much Uncle Fan just confused Yueqinghe’s words It was very embarrassing. At this time, he had nothing to say, and said, Master Le, you are amazing too. I heard that Master Feng and Miss Feng said that you are already a famous person before you graduate from university, and several universities are vying to invite you to teach. Shu Yueqing and He didn’t say anything else. At this time, a sharp whistle came, the propellers of the tractor started up, and there was an ear-splitting sound. The people around the glider dispersed one after another.
Only Fang Wanyi, after closing the cover of Feng Bai’s glider, was still alive.
Standing still, Yueqing and hurriedly called Uncle Fan to go and tell the lady to step back. As soon as the plane in front of it started, there would be a gust of air that would injure her.
Uncle Fan agreed and rushed forward. Fang Wanyi and Uncle Fan took a few steps back together. The tractor has already started to take off, so many gliders took off at almost the same time, it is extremely spectacular. The cheerleading on the ground is even louder. The whole atmosphere is full of youthful passion, so Uncle Fan can’t help but raise his hand and shout a few times. Xia Yueqing and looked at Fang Wanyi.
Fang Wanyi looked up and looked up at the glider painted in red, blue and white. It looked particularly conspicuous in the sky.
The sun shining on the bright red fuselage was dazzling. The tractor took the glider up very smoothly. After the high altitude, the pulling rope was released. All the participating gliders first made a hover in the sky. This is an action stipulated by the competition, and then each of them used their flying experience to find the airflow suitable for the glider’s ascent to make a breakthrough in the altitude. After the hover, the participating The glider has spread out in the sky, flying higher and higher, farther and farther, although Feng Bai’s glider is bright and eye-catching, it has gradually turned into a small black spot. Yue Qinghe saw that Uncle Fan handed Fang Wanyi a telescope. put the binoculars to your eyes