Fang Wanyi and Feng Bai couldnt help but look at Yueqinghe with admiration before and Yueqinghe persisted Having to pay for everything by yourself this

They live a peaceful life in France, but great changes have taken place in China. The Feng family and the Fang family have all left China due to changes in the current situation.
They have visited France to visit their children and then returned to the East to settle in the two. The rapid development of people’s cooperation even surprises them themselves, especially after the outbreak of the war on the Korean peninsula, the money has flowed in. They are already among the top richest people in Asia.
It’s not over, Feng Qiuye and Fang Fengyang also admired Yueqing and it’s a pity, as Yueqing said to himself, what he learned can’t be promoted by anyone, and he has to rely on his own efforts. They arrived at the glider base. The representatives of the University of Paris are Yueqing and He.
Feng Bai and another French classmate, representatives from other universities also came here one after another, and it was agreed that each university would send two representatives to each fly a glider to compete. The glider in the competition is all driven by one person.
Fang Wanyi only said one sentence. When you fly into the sky, I will look up at the sky.
I am afraid that even my neck will be broken.
Because of this sentence, Feng Bai kissed Fang Wanyi on the cheek. I gave up the right of representation to the French classmate, Fang Wanyi was worried because of him, and she was unwilling to give up.
She was in the sky, but Fang Wanyi was on the ground. On the day of the competition, many visitors and reporters came. The cheerleading teams of various universities packed large trucks for travel.
I came to cheer for my university.
The weather was perfect that day, and the sky was covered with lenticular clouds, proving that the leeward airflow was strong enough to take a glider to a 10,000-meter high-flying competition. Each university has two representatives. So The competition was divided into two rounds. The first round was held in the morning. Representatives from eight universities soared in the air and landed in a glider.
The results of the University of Luxembourg were the best. It’s not far away, so when the French classmate landed, he immediately said to Yueqinghe, who participated in the second round and took off in the afternoon, to work harder. The first altitude record was only 8,000 meters.
Yueqinghe was full of confidence, and I must fly over At an altitude of 10,000 meters, he was reading the local meteorological data in detail. Feng Bai, Fang Wanyi, and the French classmate were also participating in the comments. Yueqing pointed to the airflow chart and saw that there was a leeward airflow with an intensity of 8.7. Just enter this place.
A leeward airflow can definitely rise over 10,000 meters.
The French classmate said yes, but the leeward airflow is on the other side of the mountain.
He pointed to the distant mountains while talking. I have to find this leeward airflow.
The French classmate stuck out his tongue, even if he found it.
Qinghe, you have the courage to fly so high. Leqinghe smiled.
I don’t see any difference between 8,000 meters and 10,000 meters. The difference is just psychological.
It’s just because of the above factors Holding Yue Qinghe’s shoulders, I wish you success.
They studied for a while, and then began to have lunch. They had a picnic on the grass.
The wind was sunny and the smoky wind blew up Fang Wanyi’s long hair.
Feng Bai helped her brush it back.
But after a while, the wind messed up Fang Wanyi’s heart, and the sweetness in Fang Wanyi’s heart was extremely sweet The three colors are red, white and blue.
The fuselage is red, the wings are white, and the tail end is blue. It looks very eye-catching in the sun. At 1:30, the jury began to call the contestants to announce the rules to be followed in the competition.
A judge was in the center of the grass. The contestants walked towards them. Yue Qing waved to Feng Bai and Fang Wanyi, holding the safety helmet he would wear when flying in one hand, and seemed to be walking forward in a chic manner, but he stopped suddenly after taking two or three steps. Then he bent down, Feng Bai and Fang Wanyi were still very close to him, when Yue Qing and bent down, they thought that his shoelaces were loose, so they bent over to tie them, so they didn’t care, and the two of them The affection between each other became stronger and stronger, and they refused to take their eyes off each other for almost a second.
They only saw Yue Qinghe suddenly bent down and stopped in place.
After a while, they looked up and saw Yue Qinghe bent over and did not move.
Feng Bai first called Qinghe in a daze.
Yue Qinghe’s body shook slightly. Fang Wanyi saw Yue Qinghe who was sweating with his head down.
I was also surprised that others would definitely ask what’s the matter with you in such a situation, but Feng Bai occupied Fang Wanyi’s whole heart Fang Wanyi only had Feng Bai in her heart, so she saw that Yue Qinghe’s relationship was a little bit wrong, she was in a hurry Dao Feng Baiqing and what’s the matter, Feng Bai has already strode towards Yue Qinghe and walked over to support Yue Qing and Yue Qinghe, trying to raise his head and straighten up, holding his chest and abdomen with one hand, his expression is very painful, his face is covered with beads of sweat, looking at Feng Bai’s eyes Even his eyes were a little slack, panting and struggling, I suddenly feel uncomfortable, this place hurts, Feng Bai saw Yue Qinghe’s expression and knew that the pain between his chest and abdomen must be extremely severe, otherwise it wouldn’t be so painful, he was at a loss for a while Fang Wanyi came to the front and saw this situation and became anxious. It was the French classmate who immediately ran to pull over the doctor who was preparing for the competition. Yue Qinghe lay down on the grass with Feng Bai’s support.
Feng Bai took off his coat and folded it up as a pillow. Under Yue Qinghe’s head, Yue Qinghe kept panting, surrounded him by many people, even the judges came over