Fang Wanyi and Feng Bai couldnt help but look at Yueqinghe with admiration before and Yueqinghe persisted Having to pay for everything by yourself this

The two of them seemed to have a fire burning beside them, but they didn’t feel the heat, they just felt warm and warm, Feng Bai stood up and wanted to go Fang Wanyi’s soft arms hooked him and murmured, give me some wine, sealed Bai picked up the bottle and drank it himself I took a mouthful to Fang Wanyi’s lips and fed it halfway in her mouth. Fang Wanyi’s voice made anyone intoxicated after listening to it. My heart was beating so hard. As she spoke, she took Feng Bai’s hand and pressed her so plump and soft that one could do anything. On the forgotten chest is a night that Fang Wanyi will always remember. If there is joy in a person’s life, the joy that Fang Wanyi and Feng Bai experienced that night is the most joy in their lives.
Perhaps the same joy in other young men and women It’s happened to them before, but it’s not as good as them, because they don’t have to worry about anything else when they are enjoying the joy, they can concentrate on letting every cell of their body be immersed in joy, and they really have nothing to worry about.
The best life is waiting for them to enjoy, so when the sun shines into the bedroom, Fang Wanyi opened her eyes and hurriedly hid her head in Feng Bai’s arms, Feng Bai sincerely said, I am the happiest person in the world Because her face was in Feng Bai’s arms, I was the one who came to the conclusion that the two of us are the happiest people in the world. Feng Bai’s conclusion is that no one can object. Not at all, not at all, they are the happiest couple, the happiness has been going on, Feng Bai and Fang Wanyi’s voluntary union has progressed to the physical union, and the affection between the two is so strong that everyone is envious of them. The kind of affection emanating from the body makes everyone feel that they look at each other lightly, and the light touch of their fingertips expresses their love without reservation. When they are alone, they have no reservation.
When facing each other on the ground, their appreciation for each other has reached the point where there is no other person in the world except each other.
The spiritual happiness and physical comfort are intertwined together. Fang Wanyi and Feng Bai are indeed the most beautiful people in the world. For a happy person, happiness turns into a strange brilliance, making them both look radiant.
Feng Bai seemed to be dancing every step of the way.
His laughter was louder and full of pride. Fang Wanyi looked more mature and beautiful.
Even more moving, university life is colorful and colorful. Every minute and every second is spent in joy, and the people around them seem to share their happiness. That year during the summer vacation, Feng Bai first pointed out that there is a large-scale school in the south.
We chose to participate in the glider club this summer, but we have to receive simple training and I can fly in the sky.
Immediately, several people applauded Yueqing and among them Fang Wanyi smiled and Feng Bai immediately looked over to her and raised her eyebrows. Raising eyebrows instead of asking, Fang Wanyi didn’t answer immediately. After the party ended that night, she and Feng Bai were lying together on the grass beside the fountain.
Occasionally, when a gust of wind came, some small water droplets would scatter on them. Fang Wanyi put her head on Feng Bai’s chest, Feng Bai gently stroked Fang Wanyi’s face with the back of her hand, Fang Wanyi realized that the glider can only carry one person into the sky, Feng Bai said yes, why didn’t I think of this, it doesn’t matter to us To order a glider that can accommodate two people, Fang Wanyi smiled, she smiled so sweetly, her smile brought Feng Bai countless kisses, summer vacation The next day, there were seven people in total, including Feng Bai, Fang Wanyi, Yueqing and four others The classmate drove south, and Uncle Fan also followed.
When Uncle Fan heard that Fang Wanyi was going to fly into the sky, and it was a glider without a machine, he could not help but be surprised.
Miss, this is not the same as flying a big kite to the sky, and the man is attached to the kite. Uncle Fan’s surprise is very funny, yes, Uncle Fan didn’t make any mechanical sound, after he went up to the sky, there was only the sound of the wind, people were immersed in the sound of nature and mixed with the sound of nature, Uncle Fan didn’t understand Fang Wanyi’s words very well, he always thought That’s unreliable, so I’ve been persuading Miss, you just watch people playing, why bother yourself? Master Feng would never allow one to be in the sky and the other to be on the ground, so he could only sigh and keep silent, but always frowned and looked worried.
After arriving at the destination, the movement of large glider is changeable and exciting.
It immediately attracted the group of young people. They received basic training for about a week and then started to practice the actual sports.
All the large gliders were single-person, but Fang Wanyi’s specially ordered two-person glider had already arrived, so Fang Wanyi’s first lift When airtime is sitting side by side with Feng Bai in the cockpit, everything is ready to take off.
The propellers of the small plane above the towing glider have already started. Before the glider takes off, the final inspection of the fuselage is done by one of the pilot’s assistants as usual. As Feng Bai chose Yueqinghe for this job because Yueqinghe was his best friend and since this was their first flight, the coach came over after Yueqinghe finished the inspection and the coach said the two of them. This is your first time to go up. Generally speaking, people who fly a glider for the first time want to reach a fairly high altitude, but for novices, this is a very dangerous thing, so I hope you don’t exceed a thousand meters Feng Baixiao Then he agreed to the instructor and looked at the distant mountain shadows. The south of France is the most suitable place for glider flying. There is a leeward airflow that is most suitable for glider flying near those mountains. You have all learned that under the influence of the leeward airflow.