Fang Wanyi and Feng Bai couldnt help but look at Yueqinghe with admiration before and Yueqinghe persisted Having to pay for everything by yourself this

I like the sports that really move, Yue Qing and playing chess with a straight body that require more brains.
Dad, do you think other sports don’t need to use the brain? Try to come up with a kind of exercise that doesn’t need to use the brain.
Leyin laughed out loud, because Leyin’s laughter was so full of confidence, Leyin couldn’t help hesitating, and hurriedly added that maybe Leyin looked like she was jumping when she was walking.
Well, even you don’t believe what you said to yourself. Lotte is not a person who is good at words, so he nodded helplessly, in order to prevent his sister from continuing to talk, let him post him.
He changed the subject and pointed at the model of the glider, Daddy, me I really don’t understand why this model has been kept here, how incongruous the noise is, yes, the only time I was scolded in my life was because of the glider model. Tone’s memory of that scolding is actually very vague, she vaguely remembers her When I was very young, I ran in the living room and knocked down the branch, causing the model to fall to the ground and broke a wing. At that time, her mother picked up the broken wing and the model and left her father without saying a word. But she scolded her because it was the first time she was scolded, so her reaction at that time was different from that of ordinary children.
She didn’t cry and was not afraid, she just looked at her father with wide eyes, wondering why her father who usually loves her so much suddenly suddenly It looked so fierce and comical that the broken wing was carefully repaired, and the model was restored to its original shape, and it was still placed in the original place. No one mentioned it again, only Uncle Fan bought a lot of it secretly. Leyin’s favorite food is white sugar sour plums.
It’s a very unclean food.
Adults don’t allow children to eat it. After Leyin ate to her heart’s content, Uncle Fan told her Xiaoyin to listen to Uncle Fan obediently. Whatever you like to eat in the future, Uncle Fan will go for you.
Buy what you like Uncle Fan will do it for you, as long as you promise Uncle Fan one thing and you are not allowed to ask why Leyin promised Uncle Fan with a happy mouth, and never touch that flying model Uncle Fan has no education and can’t tell the difference between a glider What’s the difference with Fei? So he called that model Fei.
Leyin’s big eyes rolled a question. Why did he almost ask? But remembering that he agreed to Uncle Fan’s conditions just now, he held back and didn’t ask. Leyin can really keep his promise. Also because the glider model is really not attractive, so she will not touch it in the future, and because she keeps her promise, she will get a lot of benefits that a girl from a noble family like her can’t enjoy.
Uncle Fan Under the shelter of her, she can enjoy everything, such as touching shrimps in the stream, rolling in the mud, and eating snacks on the street food pile.
He pretended to be sick and didn’t go to school, etc. Uncle Fan is the housekeeper of the Fang family, and now of course he is the housekeeper of the Le family.
Uncle Fan’s three sons all have the title of doctor. He is a very high-ranking figure in Fang Wanyi’s company and is a well-known figure in the international business world.
But Uncle Fan still likes to stay in Lejia. In fact, he doesn’t have to do anything, but he still likes to do it.
When there is a little dust on that piece of furniture, he will call the servant to complain loudly.
Leyin and Letian both like it. Uncle Fan only had Yue Qinghe slightly dissatisfied with Uncle Fan for calling Mrs. Le Miss.
He was also very polite to him.
At this time, when Leyin said this, she waited for her parents to let her go. She saw her mother bowed her head and it was obviously unnecessary.
Just to cover up something, she touched the round fan in her hand, while her father frowned, obviously unwilling to discuss this topic any further, Le Tian smiled and said Xiaoyin, it seems that if you don’t want to be scolded for the second time, you should not mess with it The good music tone of this model smiled wryly and said that you mentioned it first. At this moment, Uncle Fan pushed the door and came in with a stack of letters in his hand, muttering, those people are getting lazy Bringing it in, as soon as Uncle Fan came in, everyone seemed to have forgotten about the model. Leyin ran over and snatched the letters from Uncle Fan, quickly picked out one of the letters, and ran out quickly, Yueqing shook his head and looked at his wife and said.
Look at Mrs.
Le and she smiled back.
Uncle Fan put the letter on Yueqing and the table next to him and walked over to arrange some small decorations better. Suddenly he turned around and stared at Le Tian. Uncle Fan with a beard said that if he didn’t say it, he wouldn’t say it. No wonder he didn’t even have a girlfriend. Letian laughed.
He touched Uncle Fan’s back and called Uncle Fan to carry me back.
The gesture he used to do when he was a child, Uncle Fan was amused by him and laughed.
Le Tian also smiled happily. The laughter of the two of them stopped in vain.
The reason why they couldn’t laugh suddenly was because they saw Yue Qinghe’s expression was very strange. When the stack of letters was placed beside Yue Qinghe, he picked it up.
A letter was opened to take a look.
At this moment, Le Tian and Uncle Fan looked at him and saw his eyes fixed on the letter, his face was pale, his hands were even trembling uncontrollably.
In Le Tian’s impression, his father has always been an extremely graceful scholar.
What will make him panic, but at this time his situation is so panic, even Mrs. Le also found out that she called Yue Qinghe’s name, asked someone’s letter, Yue Qinghe was shocked, and his expression calmed down and said a The letter from the sports club is nothing.
As he said that, he crumpled the letter paper into a ball, but he didn’t throw it away. The girl Yue Qinghe, who was holding the mysterious jade yuan in the palm of her hand, was under the fire, and this action was abnormal.