Fang Wanyi and Feng Bai couldnt help but look at Yueqinghe with admiration before and Yueqinghe persisted Having to pay for everything by yourself this

While rolling, learning Feng Bai’s somersaults until the tears flowed down from laughter, the muscles in her stomach hurt, she still couldn’t stop laughing, how long did she laugh this big laugh, because it was so joyful when she laughed, in the memories There is no time in the middle, she only remembers when she and Feng Bai were rolling on the grass with grass clippings all over their faces, pointing at each other and laughing, Feng Bai suddenly stopped laughing Staring at her back, Fang Wanyi was stunned for a moment, then turned her head to look, maybe it was because she had laughed enough, but even if she hadn’t laughed enough, she couldn’t laugh anymore, because when she turned around, she saw her father and Feng Uncle was standing side by side with her father frowning, but it was good Uncle Feng had an angry look on his face, which looked scary Fang Wanyi didn’t smile anymore Feng Bai’s expression was even weirder, stiff like a stone statue, maintaining his original posture.
Not moving, it looks even more funny and pitiful General Feng said angrily, what does it look like Fang Wanyi just realized that her posture is not much better than Feng Bai, and she is still a girl, she stood with Feng Bai The most memorable and happiest thing for Fang Wanyi is seeing a severe punishment is inevitable, but Feng Bai made a face at her when she stood up Since she met Feng Bai, she has never spoken a word at all, but when she saw Feng Bai’s expression, she already knew what Feng Bai wanted to say to her in his heart.
Fang walked towards his father without flinching at all. General Feng had already raised his hand. Feng Bai’s height at that time was less than his father’s chest, but he still didn’t show any sign of flinching.
At this moment, Fang Wanyi suddenly called out.
General Uncle Feng was stunned for a while, looking at Fang Wanyi, Fang Wanyi’s voice was clear and pleasant, but it was not very high-pitched, but it already gave people a sense of peace of mind.
She said, Uncle Feng, Feng Bai, he taught me a very important thing just now.
General Feng was stunned, he taught you what good things he did to teach others Fang Wanyi was very calm and authentic, he taught my father that you can also joke, Fang Wanyi spoke so seriously and with a generous expression that made Feng Qiuye and Fang Fengyang, two big men, both They are all highly educated, very new-minded and cheerful people who naturally understand the true meaning of the sentence that the child said in such a serious manner. Father can also be joking. This shows a kind of traditional feudalism. The confrontation of patriarchal concepts is exactly the goal that the two of them have devoted their lives to advocating.
This is really an extremely important thing.
A pair of childhood sweethearts, Feng Qiuye, raised his hand and slowly lowered it. When his hand fell down At this time, Feng Bai had already quickly stuffed his watch into his hands. Feng Qiuye and Fang Fengyang looked at each other and laughed. Feng Qiuye stroked Fang Wanyi’s head and laughed. In a word, he and Fang Fengyang are two The man walked away as if nothing had happened, Feng Bai looked at Fang Wanyi and didn’t say anything, he just lay down on the grass and said after a while that you can speak better than me It must be said that Feng Bai laughed and patted the grass beside him. Fang Wanyi fully understood that Feng Bai wanted her to lie beside him, she should refuse, but she lay down beside Feng Bai without even thinking about them.
Looking at the blue sky and white clouds vying to speak, since that time, they have had countless times of singing and singing side by side, so that their mutual understanding has deepened step by step.
Since that meeting, they have had too many opportunities to be together Feng Qiu The purpose of Ye bringing Feng Bai here is to let him receive a middle school education in a big city. Fang Fengyang is Feng Qiuye’s best friend, so Feng Bai naturally moved into the Fang family’s mansion, even though they are in different middle schools.
The famous aristocratic high school for girls, Feng Bainian, is another well-known boys’ school, but they live in the same house, no matter how big the house is, the chances of them seeing each other will never be less. Shi only felt that she would not be happy if she could not see Feng Bai for a day.
The most important thing was that she knew that no matter what she wanted, Feng Bai would do it for her as long as she could do it, and Wanyi also knew that Feng Bai would fight for every peace just like her. When she met, Feng Bai didn’t like playing the piano very much, he was extremely restless, but when she practiced the piano hour after hour, Feng Bai would stand by the side like a stone, whenever Fang Wanyi turned her head and met Feng Bai’s gaze When she touched her fingertips, she felt that her blood flow accelerated, and the piano sound was full of emotion. I don’t know if it was because of this.
Fang Wanyi’s artistic talent has developed rapidly. And Feng Bai showed his talent in sports. On the day he won the national championship of motocross, Fang Wanyi ran up to present flowers. The two looked at each other with unspeakable sweetness in their hearts. That night when they leaned against the tree in the garden Under the sycamore tree, when the moon is clear and the wind is clear, the scent of white orchids makes people want to be intoxicated.
Both of them are intoxicated in the indescribable sweetness.
Naturally, their lips come together.
At that moment, it seems that there is nothing in the world.
Only The two of them may not even exist in their hearts, only each other exists. After graduating from middle school, Feng Qiuye came from Yunnan to discuss their study abroad. It was six years since Feng Qiuye came last time. They look the same as Fang Fengyang, but Fang Wanyi and Feng Bai have completely changed. Feng Bai is tall, dark and strong.