Fang Wanyi and Feng Bai couldnt help but look at Yueqinghe with admiration before and Yueqinghe persisted Having to pay for everything by yourself this

Fang Wanyi took it over silently and stacked the two jade yuan together. The two jade yuan are the same size.
Fang Wanyi, who was born in a wealthy family, has seen countless times since she was a child.
The pair of jade yuan held in her hands seems to have a kind of magical power. What can be seen through the round hole in the center of Yu Yuan? At this time, Fang Wanyi could only see her own handprints. Her thoughts were very disordered and she couldn’t concentrate at all. Is it really like this on the lines of this person’s palm? Fang Wanyi couldn’t help but smiled wryly. No one knows, no one knows, not even her husband.
When I think about it, the pain is so intense that it doesn’t fade away with the passage of time. Sometimes even she doesn’t understand why the pain is so deep. Thirty years without any sign of healing.
Everyone. I thought she had forgotten it long ago, but she knew she hadn’t forgotten it at all. Fang Wanyi once forced herself not to think about it, but she couldn’t do it. She kept thinking about it and never let anyone know that she was still thinking about it.
Maybe this is Le Tian’s assumption.
The reason that convinced her was that Fang Wanyi didn’t say anything more, grabbed the pair of jade yuan and walked out silently. The moment she walked out, Le Tian couldn’t help but shook her head vigorously, then stretched out her hand to pat her own head again. Because at that moment, Le Tian felt that his mother looked like the most miserable person in the world, of course he couldn’t believe it was true that his mother should be the happiest person in the world, that’s why he acted like that Fang Wanyi returned to her room Because the residence is very large, the bedroom of Yueqing and the couple is a suite, including two spacious bedrooms, which are very light and comfortable.
Fang Wanyi sat down on an easy chair and let the velvet chair surround her body. Letting memories torment her what else to torment someone like her who seems to have everything? The only possibility, of course, is emotional trauma, yes, emotional trauma whenever she leans against the back of an easy chair She will faintly feel that she is relying on a broad and strong chest. She can even imagine that there is a warm air blowing on her head, which makes her feel a little itchy, a little soft, and indescribably comfortable. Sometimes when she sinks deeper When entering the memories, she will suddenly call out involuntarily. Feng Bai is hard to find.
Feng Bai is by no means a handsome man.
Although he is tall and strong, his face is a bit too long, his nose is too big, and his eyebrows are not thick enough, which is not that kind of beauty.
Feng Bai is typical of a man, but Feng Bai has an aura that makes the opposite sex fall in love with him as soon as they see him.
The romantic aura emanating from every pore of Feng Bai’s body makes women who are close to him feel that even if the sky falls, he will He has the power to hold back the sky, seals Bai, makes women fascinated, and his voice is full of masculine charm. And the language formed by that voice is always very beautiful, it can almost make any woman intoxicated. Of course, another very important point is that Feng Bai was born in a rich and scholarly family.
Everything around him is always the best.
Well, even if it is very difficult for other rich children, it is the simplest thing for Feng Bai. God has almost given all the benefits to Feng Bai.
He is very smart and strong.
He is so forthright, frank and enthusiastic.
He has no enemies, and almost everyone in the world is his friend. Being with such a person, his happiness will spread to everyone around him.
For Fang Wanyi, being with Feng Bai Time is always the happiest moment. When Fang Wanyi met Feng Bai for the first time, she was still wearing two braids. She was eleven years old. She clearly remembered that day when she was being urged by a piano teacher who was excellent in piano skills but frighteningly rigid. The next piano was Beethoven’s For Alice. She played it so emotionally that the horse-faced female teacher seemed to have a very satisfied smile on her face, which seemed to never smile. After Fang Wanyi finished playing a piece Uncle Fan rushed in hurriedly Miss Miss Master told you to go to Master. A good friend came.
Fang Wanyi first glanced at the teacher and got permission before she walked out slowly. The Uncle Feng mentioned from time to time is afraid that Fang Wanyi will know who Uncle Feng is, although she has never met it because she often hears her father say that a confidant dies and regrets, and the confidant in his father’s mouth is Uncle Feng, she also remembers every time her father said How happy I will be when I receive a letter from Uncle Feng, I will drink heavily by myself, I will hug her up and throw her up, and catch Uncle Feng is my father’s good friend Fang Wanyi knows that Uncle Feng’s name is Feng Qiuye For this name Fang Wanyi I also suffered an inexplicable grievance once.
A new teacher didn’t know Fang Wanyi’s family background. One time in class, she explained that the definition of a good friend just refers to Fang Wanyi asking her to explain her own understanding. Fang Wanyi stood up and said, “What do I know?” My father has a good friend, Uncle Feng. The teacher asked Uncle Feng’s name.
Fang Wanyi answered truthfully that Uncle Feng’s name is Feng Qiuye. He lives in Yunnan. The teacher’s complexion changed, showing a very unhappy expression.
Come to reprimand Fang Wanyi, kid, don’t talk nonsense.
The general you mentioned is a famous hero in the modern history of our country.
He has made great contributions to the country before he was thirty. Imagine that he is your father’s good friend, probably. It’s because of your admiration for him. Ordinary children will cry when they are wronged.