Fang Wanyi and Feng Bai couldnt help but look at Yueqinghe with admiration before and Yueqinghe persisted Having to pay for everything by yourself this

Why is it necessary for people to believe? Why is it necessary for people to confirm? Everyone was stunned by the optimistic attitude and didn’t know what to do.
Showing a helpless look, maybe I don’t have the right, but I’ve already done it Chen Zhijin is even more angry Huo Ran stood up for your report, I will never sign it Le Tian looked at Chen Zhijin with a dazed expression My report will be a very strange one Many of the reports are my own guesses. I didn’t intend to ask anyone to sign everything. I am responsible for everything. Lotte’s words are so decisive that it is really unbearable. Chen Zhijin raised his head and looked out after being startled.
Walking away, when he raised the tent with one hand, he realized that at least he must maintain a certain demeanor, so he turned his head and said goodbye to Lotte and said goodbye coldly. Sean and Kendy both stood up.
Letian held out his hand, letian also stood up, hesitated to speak, but finally shook hands with them, the two also walked out Luo Zhui is not an academic researcher, let alone he and letian are good friends He naturally wants to know what happened, but he doesn’t care if Le Tian really refuses to talk, so he still stays in the tent, just looking at Le Tian with a very strange look.
He has been with Le Tian for several years and knows that Le Tian has never been such a person Luo Zhui was sure that Lotte had a special reason to adopt such an attitude. At this time, Chen Zhijin’s angry voice came from the outside. No matter what he found, he himself destroyed the evidence.
Sean said that old Indian can prove that Chen Zhijin told us to go. Ask the old Indian to see what’s under the burrow, Sean and Kendi seemed to agree, Lotte kept silent, at this moment, a slow and heavy drum sound came over, Luo Zhui heard someone Dead, Letian took a breath, yes, Apu died, Luo Zhui opened his eyes wide and waved his hands for a while, not knowing how to express it. Apu’s face was obviously pale when he came out of the burrow, but he couldn’t be worse than Letian, why not He died in half an hour, and Le Tian seemed to have known about Apu’s death, so is there something weird in the cave that would cause people to die shortly after leaving the cave? Luo Zhui lost his voice after staying for a while.
Then you Letian smiled bitterly and I’ll be fine As soon as I saw Mier Le Tian turned her head away, her voice was very calm, your grandfather must have been very calm when he died, you don’t have to be too sad, what I promised you will definitely come true, Mier stopped sobbing, her voice sounded very low, but she was very determined, I want Knowing why my grandfather died, Le Da’s face twitched for a moment, Luo Zhui noticed this, and he slowly grew old. Mier, who is always going to die, repeated it again, I want to know why he died, Letian smiled bitterly, I don’t know, I don’t know, there are too many things I don’t know, Mier didn’t say anything more, slowly turned around and walked away After going to Lotte for a while, he sighed and said to Luo Zhui that they were all wrong. They thought I knew a lot of things, but I didn’t say anything.
In fact, I didn’t know anything.
Luo Zhui frowned. Kuai is a very thoughtful person, but he doesn’t know what Lotte means by saying that, Lotte smiles wryly again and makes a gesture, don’t ask me what Luo Zhui shrugged, my curiosity is not strong, Lotte looks at the two jades again Yuan didn’t speak for ten minutes. Luo Zhui was called out by Chen Zhijin. Chen Zhijin asked Luo Zhui to arrange for them to leave at six o’clock.
It was not difficult to do. Several guides led Chen Zhijin, Sean and Kendi to leave. Walking the whole expedition team is considered to be disbanding Luo Zhui and helping Apu’s funeral His life experience is unique and rich, and his knowledge in this area is absolutely no worse than that of a professional forensic doctor. Lotte stayed in the tent and did not come out. The next afternoon, the rest of the expedition team left and took Mier away.
He doesn’t talk, it seems that he is not walking with a group of people, but he is just alone, he even turns a blind eye to those around him, of course, if others are looking at him, I’m afraid he won’t feel it, but Mier, whose eyes are always on him, don’t worry How long has Luo Zhui felt this? Luo Zhui was surprised. He really didn’t understand why there was such a complicated and indescribable look in the eyes of a thin Indian girl. The fact that Le Tian knew her was just a coincidence.
What Le Tian promised her changed her life for her, but to Le Da, it was just an insignificant little thing.
Le Tian would never remember when she and Le Tian separated. He would forget everything, but Luo Zhui finally held back and didn’t say these words because he saw that it would be too cruel to say these words to Miji under the current situation.
Luo Zhui thought to himself After arriving in Bogotá, Meer’s life will change drastically. At that time, she will no longer be an ignorant little girl who grew up in the mountains.
Then she will understand. Let her understand. The journey to Bogota can be said to be After a silent journey to Bogota, Lotte handed Meer over to a local friend who was a banker