Fang Wanyi and Feng Bai couldnt help but look at Yueqinghe with admiration before and Yueqinghe persisted Having to pay for everything by yourself this

The return to the surface was three full days after they entered the deep cave.
At that time, the people near the cave were almost crazy with anxiety.
The prayers of the Indians became weaker and weaker because they had been praying continuously for many hours honey Er has been biting her lower lip tightly, her lip has already been bitten and bleeding, her lips are pale with no blood at all, so the blood oozing from her lips looks even more eye-catching.
Looking at the unfathomable cave, Luo Zhui wanted to follow the rope down to see what happened, but was blocked by Kendi and Sean. Only Chen Zhijin seemed the calmest.
When everyone was spinning around anxiously, he just said a few words from time to time. There is a wonderful and incredible thing happening here, they will come up, I believe they will come up, the time is slowly passing, when Luo Zhui can’t stand it anymore, he pushes Kendi and Sean away, let me go down, they may be waiting for help I’ve been delaying too much time He screamed to open the reel Just when he came to the reel He heard a bell The bell is the rope that hits the rope The bell will ring when the rope moves When he hears the bell Just then he also saw the rope vibrating and Sean cried out sharply there’s news from them God Lotte what’s the matter with you and then everyone fell silent and everyone could hear Lotte’s voice from the radio The communicator came out and pulled me up. Besides, everyone was busy.
No one noticed that Mi’er, who had been motionless, began to tremble violently. The boss’s teardrops rolled down from her eyes, and the reel began to roll the rope.
Meter by meter, everyone around the hole was excited and nervous, and Luo Chau kept urging to hurry up.
He still felt that the two people were moving too slowly, and pushed one of them away with all his strength. Hanging Sean and Ken kept talking on the radio, but Lotte didn’t seem to be very willing to answer. Luo Zhui gave a loud order to prepare the medicine box.
They might need it when they came up. The medicine box, his face looked quite pale, but he was in good spirits. Once he got out of the cave, he didn’t seem to see so many people around the cave, and he didn’t seem to hear the cheers from the people around the cave. He just looked up. Glancing at the raised tent, he walked towards the tent without saying a word. Apu came up and was immediately surrounded by villagers who were chattering, but Apu didn’t say anything, just pulled Mi’er squeezed her hand and walked towards the village. Both Lotian and Apu looked very strange.
Luo Zhui chased him first. Knowing the ring, Letian murmured the four words Wangzhizhihuan several times before realizing that it should be these four words.
At this time, Chen Zhijin, Sean and Kendi also all came to Letian’s side, Sean Daotian, you have been down for several days We really thought you wouldn’t come up again Lotte indifferent With a smile, why did Chen Zhijin pant and ask what he found at the bottom of the cave? Letian looked in a daze, it was so weird, I can’t tell right now, but I will write a report right away to write down the detailed situation at the bottom of the cave. On the other hand, Letian said The other side has already entered the tent. Under such circumstances, Xi Enken, Chen Zhijin and Luo Zhui, as members of the expedition team, should immediately follow in to find out what happened, but the four of them stood outside the tent by coincidence. When a person enters, they look at each other outside the tent with an indescribable embarrassment and dissatisfaction, because Lotte’s attitude towards them is beyond the norm. Generally speaking, if an expedition team achieves success in work, it is glorious and rewarding. Belonging to the whole team Natural team Some people may be extra respected for their outstanding performance during the expedition, but the work of others will not be obliterated.
But at this time, Lotte’s situation is like the whole expedition. He was the only one who didn’t even want to tell the story of the adventure to the team members, but wanted to announce it in the form of a report. What about the whole expedition? He has the right to do this, right? Chen Zhijin said in a deep voice, we can also go down this hole.
After he said this in a fit of anger, he couldn’t help shivering.
He glanced at the hole. Such a deep hole has no extraordinary courage.
Maybe he was too tired.
Luo Zhui didn’t say anything, made a gesture and walked into the tent. As soon as he entered, he saw Le Tian sitting in front of a table and looking at the table. The two jade yuan on the table startled and chased, and you found another Lotte at the bottom of the cave, as if you didn’t hear it, the other three also walked in with unwilling expressions at this time, and sat down at the table together in the tent. No one spoke, the atmosphere seemed quite embarrassing, it was Lotte who broke the silence, he spoke very slowly, the situation below the hole is weird, I won’t go down again, and I don’t want anyone to go down again Sean’s temper is more irritable, and he’s dissatisfied with Lotte too Worst of all, as soon as he heard Le Tian say this, he immediately said that it sounded as if you already had the sovereignty of this hole. It should be about to explode, right? Once the dynamite explodes, no one will be able to go down this cave. Chen Zhijin cried out abruptly.
How can it be like this? Even if you write down what you saw in the cave, no one will believe it, because no one will Then I can prove that Lotte has always said with that dazed expression