Fang Wanyi and Feng Bai couldnt help but look at Yueqinghe with admiration before and Yueqinghe persisted Having to pay for everything by yourself this

I feel that I continue to expand to the point where I can see every cell and tissue in my face. Of course, this situation is an illusion, but this illusion is so real.
At this time, I suddenly asked in my heart, but it was not a sudden question.
It’s natural to ask why I can see every part of my body so clearly but still can’t see my mind let me look at my own mind I keep saying this in my mind and now it appears in front of my eyes That is to say, what is shown on that smooth big stone surface are all kinds of elusive illusions.
I can’t describe the shape of these illusions. They are so weird, but they give me a very familiar feeling.
They should be a part of my body. A cell, a layer of epidermis, a nerve somewhere, a platelet, it’s all part of my body, it’s just been greatly enlarged.
Confused I guess my mind may be stuck in a state that is not quite normal Maybe I ask to see my own mind The illusion that shows up is my mind But I can’t comprehend what I see in the end Things are much more specific, they are two jade yuan, each of them seems to have a diameter of one meter, it seems to be slowly turning, and then everything returns to normal, I see my face, and there is no one else than me At that time, I was even more confused. This is the account of his situation in the cave, and there is also a section of his analysis.
The analysis is also very interesting and has his unique insights. However, after the report was published, the analysis that caused a sensation was completely ignored.
Accepted Lotte made the following analysis of the weird situation in the entire cave. After I returned to the ground, I concluded that the cave is of course natural.
It is not uncommon for me to have deep and large caves in the mountainside. My assumption is that someone, most likely some Chinese, discovered this cave some years ago and they began to explore. I can’t explain how those upright smooth thin columns came from. If it is naturally formed, it is my own violation of my own belief. What kind of person can make such a thin pillar? I have doubts.
In short, those who first explored the cave got to the bottom of the cave. Later, they may have entered the bottom of the cave more than once and installed it on the bottom of the cave. The door and the smoothing of the surface of a boulder of course they can’t do it without purpose and that’s the point. The key I couldn’t figure out while I was in the cave until I got back to the most capable of the surface expedition.
Luo Zhui, a member, showed me the four characters translated by my father, and I had a preliminary imagination. These four characters were engraved on Yuyao and carved on the rock beside the cave. They are the ring of hope and knowledge.
The four characters ring are also possible. It’s yuan but that’s irrelevant maybe the name wasn’t when this jade was first created Those that are so finely divided and round with a hole in the middle are collectively referred to as rings. I took off the other jade ring on the door when I left, so there are two in total.
They are the real gains from my trip.
My idea is that the text expresses it very clearly.
Hope The Ring of Knowing is the meaning of wanting to know the unfathomable.
It can be explained in two ways. One is that the two jade rings or the people who entered the burrow and stayed in the burrow at the beginning have a kind of magical power. It is possible to make people know and want to know through the jade ring.
The second thing is that those people themselves want to know what they don’t know. I used to meditate on those two jade rings and focus my mind.
Since I didn’t know how to start, I took various methods until one time I put The two rings of hope and knowledge are stacked together, their size and shape are exactly the same, so when they are stacked together, the round hole in the middle is also the same size.
My line of sight passes through this round hole, and suddenly I feel my vision revive.
I had hallucinations as if I saw something through this round hole, but it was completely intangible.
Some hallucinations seemed to be seen in a dream or after smoking marijuana.
It was like I was at the bottom of the cave there. The phantom that appeared in front of the big rock is almost the same.
I specifically mentioned this point because my mind was very clear at the time, so I think the ring of hope is a kind of object with magical power. What is its magical power? Can you see it through them? What you want to see or see the process of what you want to know happened. As for how to achieve this goal, I still have no idea until the time of writing. What I publish is just my imagination, because everything is so wonderful.
My imagination is also a bit magical. Lotte put forward his own imagination in this large paragraph of text as a conclusion. Professor Le didn’t want to discuss that matter. Don’t forget that the narrator of the story suddenly talked about what happened to Lotte’s expedition.
It was because Yue Qing and the professor’s wife, Fang Wanyi, asked Professor Le to read the report on Lotte, so Professor Le went to the study and read the report carefully so that the listeners could understand the story of Lotte’s expedition. I introduced it in detail, and now I’m going back to Professor Le’s study. After reading Lotte’s report, Professor Le just sat there motionless, and there were tiny beads of sweat oozing from the tip of his nose.
After the tiny beads of sweat seeped out, because Professor Le didn’t wipe it off, it gradually gathered into a big sweat bead, dripped down and landed on the magazine. From this we can see how engrossed Yue Qinghe was at this time, so he was pushed away even by someone. I didn’t even know that it was Fang Wanyi who opened the door when I opened the door of the study