Fang Wanyi and Feng Bai couldnt help but look at Yueqinghe with admiration before and Yueqinghe persisted Having to pay for everything by yourself this

Like a phantom that doesn’t really exist, Lotte couldn’t get Apu’s response, so he could only sigh Apu Now that we’re here, we can’t back down, let’s open the two doors to see if it’s right, these two sentences, Apu finally Understood, he nodded again and again to express his agreement.
Apu may be much more courageous because of his ignorance, but because of his rich knowledge, he became timid in such a situation that was completely beyond the scope of his knowledge. Letian felt a little ashamed, he took a deep breath, Apu, you step back, if something happens to me, you try to go up quickly, but Apu’s expression was extremely resolute, instead of stepping back, he took two steps forward and stood beside Letian.
Letian was very moved. He reached out and shook hands with him, and then pushed the door hard.
The two doors did not become difficult to open because of the age. On the contrary, Letian used too much force, and some doors opened wide at once.
And there was no creaking sound at all.
When the door was pushed open, Lotte was nervous, frightened, and excited to look inside. To his surprise, the door was just a small space, and it couldn’t even be called a stone room.
It’s just a square space facing the door, that is, as soon as Lotte pushed the door open, two standing people can be seen immediately. The two people are no more than six meters away from him, standing straight side by side.
At that moment, Le Da only felt his ears buzzing, his body numb and his mind in chaos.
There were two people standing inside the door. Of course, there were two living people in the small space inside the door. It was really helpless.
It was something imaginable, so Le Da couldn’t think at all in an instant, because the light was too dark, he just saw two people standing in front of him, but he couldn’t see clearly what kind of people they were, he didn’t know himself How long has he been frozen? He just knows that when he was frozen like a mummy, the two people in front of him didn’t even move.
He couldn’t move like he was nailed to the ground, but he could barely lift his arm.
He raised his arm, trembling involuntarily, pointing at the two people in front of him, saying, “You guys.” When one of the two people raised his arm to point at those two people, one of the two people also raised his arm to point at him. At this time, Le Tian must have been better than the panic and panic when he saw two people standing in front of him.
When he found that one of the two people on the opposite side had the same movement as him, he was stunned at first, but then he fully understood. The moment he fully understood, he seemed to abandon his body in an instant.
The two people in front of him are him and Apu, yes, that’s just him and Apu’s figure, there must be a very big mirror inside the door, and when the door is opened, because The dimness of the light seems at first glance to be in front of There were two people standing, but in fact those two people were petrified, he and Apu Lotte couldn’t help laughing when they understood this, and waved their hands, saying Apu, don’t be afraid, that’s us, he said as he said Looking at Apu, he saw that Apu’s face was terribly pale, Lotte knew that his face must not be much better, because the fright he suffered when he misunderstood two people standing inside the door was too much, he let out another breath and pointed He walked in and only then did he hear Apu let out a sigh of relief behind him. Letian only took two steps forward and touched the big mirror. He also immediately realized that it was not actually one side.
The mirror does not mean a modern mirror, but a large stone with an extremely smooth surface. Because the surface is so smooth, it acts as a reflection of the mirror. Lotte slowly stroked the smooth surface with his hands.
For a moment, he could not determine the texture of the stone.
But whatever stone has been made so smooth, it’s not natural, but it’s a sure thing. Lotte’s mind is just confused at the moment. Who installed two doors under this hole? Who put a big stone? What is the effect of putting it here to make the surface so smooth? At this moment, Lotte is in front of the smooth boulder. Although the light is very weak, he can still see his own reflection.
He sees his face full of doubts, the eagerness to think The look of knowing what he doesn’t understand, the look of eagerness to solve the mystery, seems a little frightening, Lotte looked at it for a while, then turned his head away and didn’t want to look at him again, seeing that Apu followed in with him Just now, Apu was looking straight at his own figure, while he was looking at it, he was muttering to himself, I used to be like this, so it was like this, Letian turned back again, the reflection of his face was very close to him, Letian couldn’t help himself Staring at myself again, it seems that the magical power of the ring of knowledge must be explained. What happened after Lotte and Apu entered the cave was all written by Lotte after the fact.
Lotte’s account ends here. In his sensational article In the reports of people in the exploration and archaeological circles, he wrote here and began to express his own opinions. The following paragraphs are his impressions. It is rare for people to observe themselves at such a close distance, especially in such a strange environment. Looking at myself with my heart in such dim light, I only felt that my self reflected on the smooth surface of the big rock was gradually expanding, and the more it expanded, the clearer it became. Gradually, I could see the bruises on my face Every wrinkle, every pore, and gradually I seem to be trapped in a magical realm