Fang Wanyi and Feng Bai couldnt help but look at Yueqinghe with admiration before and Yueqinghe persisted Having to pay for everything by yourself this

It can be found in some caves in the deep mountains, but there is nothing weird.
It is just one of the countless phenomena formed by nature. But when Lotte looked up again, he was stunned.
He was really stunned. When the pillars slid down, he was stunned enough.
Those thin and straight pillars are hundreds of meters high.
It is already unexplainable, but it is still very reluctant.
It can be said that Lotte has been using this explanation to comfort him.
It is a phenomenon formed after the calcium carbonate in the limestone in the cave is dissolved by water after hundreds of millions of years. The stone pillars formed by this phenomenon are commonly called stalactites.
Of course, the stalactite pillars can be tens of meters high, but they will never be like this.
Smooth and straight, but within the scope of Lotte’s knowledge, there is no other explanation than this explanation. The situation is so weird.
I know that this explanation is too far-fetched, but it is better than no explanation.
At least it can make my heart feel at ease.
Some but now when Lotte raised his head and looked ahead in the gray light of that great expanse of glowing moss, what he saw couldn’t even come up with the faintest explanation.
Just stood there dumbfounded and stared at what he saw in front of him. Was it really that weird what he saw? It wasn’t just a very common thing at all.
No one has ever seen something thousands of times in a lifetime.
What makes Le Tian stunned is that this thing is absolutely impossible to appear at the bottom of this hole, but it stands tall where he can touch it as long as he takes two steps forward and reaches out with his hand.
Those things are two doors, yes, two doors and two doors. A Chinese-style door. There are many different nationalities who live on the earth. Each has a variety of doors because of the different living environment and cultural development background. The Chinese-style door is very distinctive. It can be seen at a glance.
The two equal pictures are opened from the middle in front of Le Tian. The two doors are just like this.
There is no portrait of the door god on them. I took one away and saw that the other one clicked in Lotte’s throat and swallowed a big mouthful of saliva.
Apu didn’t seem to know that those were two doors.
He had never seen a Chinese-style door, so he didn’t know that Lotte was at this moment. I also saw that there is a jade yuan on the door on the left, where the knocker is placed on the Chinese-style door, but the jade yuan on the same position on the door on the right is no longer there. Of course, it was Apu’s last visit When I was there, I took Le Tian away and swallowed a mouthful of saliva.
Is there a house behind the door? Is there someone living in it? For a moment he didn’t know what to do. After a long time, he looked at Apu and asked what was behind the door. Apu showed a shy look.
I didn’t lie to you, my name is Mier took the things I exchanged with you and took them out of a deep hole. Letian didn’t listen any more. He walked forward like a sleepwalker and came to the door. The doubts in the hole turned out to be very difficult in front of those two doors.
It’s easy, just take two steps, but when you get to the door, it’s extremely difficult to push the door open. What’s behind the door? Why are there two doors here? This is an illusion, it should be an illusion, but it’s reality. Is it true that when the door is opened, the devil will jump out? Lotte is shaking with excitement and nervousness.
He is an explorer. Such a discovery is something an explorer can’t even dream of.
Arrived Qiyu Lotte thought for a while after stretching out his hand and did something that seemed very funny.
He lifted up the jade ring. The jade ring was attached to the door just like the knocker on an ordinary Chinese door. He lifted up the jade ring.
After that, he knocked lightly on the door twice, he knocked twice and made a slight noise, Letian swallowed a mouthful of saliva anyway, things are already strange enough, if the door suddenly opened because of this, he wouldn’t be more surprised, he waited for a while Will turn his head to look at Apu and muttered, Apu, do you know that the deepest and largest burrow in the world is in the state of New Mexico in the United States? Of course he knows that it is impossible for Apu, who has been growing up in the mountains, to know, but he I still can’t help but say that because in such a fantasy and blurred state, he must keep himself talking, and his willpower can sustain it so that his nerves will not collapse. However, the expression and tone of his speech at this time are not so much that he is talking to him.
It’s better to say that Apu is talking to himself, he still continues to talk, maybe in his subconscious, he really doesn’t have the courage to open those two doors, so it’s good to delay the time by talking constantly.
It is also said that the cave in Apu is called Kasbah Cave.
An elevator was built for people to enter the cave to visit.
Do you know what an elevator is? Tourists can take the elevator to go 250 meters underground and then go down to more than 500 meters. In the depths there is a big hole that is 600 meters long and 90 meters high The cave has been considered a miracle on the earth, but it seems nothing compared to the cave we are in now.
There are two doors and two Chinese-style doors in such a deep cave, don’t you think it’s strange? At the extreme, Apu just stood there blankly, since he didn’t understand Lotte at all, of course he couldn’t express any opinion.