Fang Wanyi and Feng Bai couldnt help but look at Yueqinghe with admiration before and Yueqinghe persisted Having to pay for everything by yourself this

Why is there such a thin and tall strange pillar in such a deep hole? The only answer he can give is probably three words. Because all the phenomena here are too weird, he doesn’t ask any more questions.
It’s much gentler, so shouldn’t we be the same as you were last time, don’t emit any light, Apu murmured, I don’t know, Lotte smiled wryly, he decided to show his adventurous spirit, he put the cover of the phosphorescent stick around it and replied It was pitch black.
At this time, he was thinking why all the equipment that used electricity had failed. Even the dry batteries had lost their function.
What was the reason? Of course he couldn’t get any answer.
He and Apu held each other’s hands. Pu’s hands are very rough.
This is the result of the rough life in the mountains. The two walked carefully forward in the darkness. Le Tian felt that he was walking in a very long passage. It is extremely extreme that the devil in the Indian legend did not appear.
The darkness and extreme silence became more and more unbearable, as if forming a kind of heavy pressure, pressing towards him from all directions, Letian first put his feet very heavily on purpose, and after walking for nearly a hundred steps, he couldn’t help but take a break Then there was a loud noise, and after walking more than a hundred steps, Le Tian began to feel that it was difficult to breathe. This feeling of not breathing smoothly is very familiar to Le Tian.
As an explorer, he has many times of climbing high mountains. If the air is thin, it will be difficult to breathe. There is a small compressed air in Lotte’s back bag. He stopped to pant for breath, and at the same time he heard Apu’s heavy panting.
He just took the compressed air cylinder in his hand and thought. When I was teaching Apu how to use it, I heard Apu saying yes, he was about to fall asleep, it seemed that he was about to fall asleep, Apu’s voice was getting lower and lower, Letian was taken aback suddenly, he felt extremely tired and sleepy, that was Symptoms of lack of oxygen in the brain. Did Apu begin to suffer from hypoxia due to lack of normal oxygen supply? Letian thought of this, just as he was about to pull out the embolism on the compressed air cylinder and stuff it into Apu’s mouth, he found that his hand Completely weak and feeble, an action that would not have been more strenuous than opening a can of soda, he was unable to complete the joyful heartbeat, which is also one of the symptoms of brain hypoxia, although he was extremely surprised and also had drowsiness. Feeling but in that split second his train of thought was still very clear. He pushed the plug into his mouth trying to bite it open with all his might so he could get air, but he didn’t succeed. His hand went limp and he lost consciousness.
He heard a sudden sound before, it was the sound of a compressed air cylinder falling to the ground, the sound sounded very hollow, and seemed to expand continuously until it became a humming sound, and the diffused sound quickly became blurred. Finally, he knew nothing.
The moment before he lost consciousness, his happy state of mind was unexpectedly calm. It’s not that he didn’t think that passing out in a deep hole hundreds of meters would be tantamount to death.
He thought of this, thought of death, maybe the moment before death was very calm, he even thought of a very funny question, now there are two more people who can’t get out of the deep hole, the people above will definitely think It was swallowed up by the devil again. When Le Tian regained consciousness, he felt his body was shaking continuously. The shaking was so violent that it almost turned his internal organs over.
His first reaction Just yelling and then he heard someone else yelling and he recognized it as Apu’s voice The experience before he lost consciousness was happening in his memory in less than a second and he thought of an earthquake The ground must be shaking, otherwise how could there be such a violent shaking? Even a very healthy person can hardly support it for more than three minutes. He really doesn’t know what to do except screaming. He scratched around with both hands, trying to grab something to stabilize his body, but he couldn’t catch anything.
Fortunately, this violent shock only lasted for a very short time and then stopped.
Although his body no longer vibrated, due to The vibration just now was so strong that all the bones in his body were still rattling. When he opened his mouth, the two rows of teeth couldn’t help but make corresponding noises.
He immediately asked Apu, where are you? The whipping sound came over immediately, the situation is the same as him, I have to be here, happy to hear Apu’s voice, right next to him, I quickly reached out and grabbed Apu, the two struggled to stand up together, and finally stood up straight, Apu All of a sudden, you can see something without waiting for Apu to call out this sentence. Lotte has also seen that there is light in front, which is not really light, but a dark mass, but it is different from the dense surroundings. Hei Na can be regarded as light. In the deep hole, he found two Chinese-style doors. Letian was inexplicably excited.
He took a few more deep breaths and found that there was no problem with his breathing. He thought that the sudden coma just now might be caused by psychological fear. It was caused by nervous suffocation. In fact, there was nothing at all.
He immediately pulled Apu and ran forward while screaming. It is really incredible that there is light under such a deep hole. The light is not far away from them. At this time, their running speed was comparable to that of the sprinters in the Olympic Games. Lotte ran to the big gray light and saw that the light was coming from a few boulders. He touched it with his hands and felt wet.
Soft, he immediately understood that the light was coming from a glowing moss plant that grows in the dark.