Fang Wanyi and Feng Bai couldnt help but look at Yueqinghe with admiration before and Yueqinghe persisted Having to pay for everything by yourself this

There was a cry of surprise, and at that moment Apu’s voice came from beside him, grab it, grab it, Lotte’s heart was horrified, what is that? The feeling of touching the thing in his hand already knew what it was, but since there should never be such a thing in such a cave, he still couldn’t help but say something about the thing he was holding in his hand at this time. You are a cylinder that is just as thick and thin as you can tell from the sense of touch.
Letian also has no way to feel what kind of texture it is made of. The force of the pull was so great that it took so much force to counter the force of the pull he held the column firmly with one hand and he had no idea what was going to happen next but he was an explorer and if one didn’t Extremely adventurous, of course, cannot become an explorer. What’s more, Apu’s words also gave him great encouragement, so he immediately decided to unbutton the belt around his waist. We will rely on this pillar to take us down.
He said and took it out with one hand.
When the memo pad came, I hurriedly wrote a few words in the dark, stuffed it in the slit of the belt, and loosened the belt.
As soon as the belt was loosened, it was pulled up, and Apu followed suit.
The situation of the pillar man sliding down is a bit like firefighters sliding down the pillar after receiving the task, but the pillar they hold is quite thin. Although Lotte is full of adventurous spirit, he can’t help being very nervous in such a strange situation.
Ask Apu how long it will take us to slide down like this Apu murmured, I don’t know, I don’t know, Letian really doesn’t know what will happen to me.
During the process of sliding down, he once tried to hold on to the pillars and use his feet to stop the descent.
It seems that it is not very difficult to climb up, but human strength is limited.
A well-trained person may climb up to 100 meters under such circumstances, but no one can climb up all the way.
Lotte can be sure of him. It has slipped so far that it is far from his strength to climb up, but it has reached the point where there is no way for him to back down. He knows that the most important thing in this uncertain situation is to keep calm and head. Sober, he estimated that after letting go of the belt, he slid down another 200 meters or so. The thin pillar was so long that he made hundreds of assumptions, but he couldn’t figure out how it could be in this hole.
Then suddenly his feet hit a hard object, because the speed of the slide accelerated unconsciously, so when his feet hit the object, the force was quite strong, which made his feet hurt, and he heard Apu also uttered There was a sound, and Letian arrived in Apu in a hurry.
Since the surrounding area was so dark that he couldn’t even see, Letian moved very carefully. He made sure that his feet were on the ground before he grasped the pillar’s hand. After a little loosening, he stretched out his feet and tried them with his toes. He felt that the place where the toes touched was solid, and then he let out a breath.
He stopped moving forward, and at the same time warned Apu not to move around.
Then he tried the things he brought around. The lighting equipment consisted of a powerful torch and two small torches, but none of them worked. Lotte took a breath and didn’t find it difficult to breathe. The shell phosphorescent rod emits a group of light green light, which can make him see the situation around him more or less clearly. First, he saw Apu’s expression of excitement and fright is beside him, and then he saw the delicate way of him sliding down. Some of the pillars stand upright without any support. When you look up, you can’t see the top. Lotte shakes it vigorously. Those thin and long pillars don’t even move. Lotte estimated that he had slid down at least 200 meters since he grabbed such a thin pillar, which means that the pillar is at least 200 meters long and it is only 10 centimeters thick, even if it is made of the strongest It cannot be bent or broken even if it is made of hard matter. The only possibility for such a thin and long cylinder to stand upright is to have its center of gravity be within the circle with a diameter of 2 centimeters when it is standing upright, and it will remain unchanged for a long time. It’s impossible. At this moment, Le Tian seemed to have entered a dreamland, full of doubts in his heart. He slowly shifted his eyes, and saw that there was darkness about one meter ahead, and there was a violent shock, so they recovered because of their hearts. The voice from Letian was extremely shocking, even to himself, he was a bit unfamiliar.
He asked Apu if it was like this. Of course not the phosphorescent stick I am holding now How did you find that jade ring in the dark Le Tian said while waving the phosphorescent stick in his hand In the dark the green light emitted by the phosphorescent stick turned into a strange pattern It looks like It makes the bottom of this deep hole even more weird and unpredictable. Apudao, I really don’t know the last time, I walked forward as boldly as if I was drunk, and then I saw Lotte interrupting him.
It’s dark all around, how do you see things? Apu showed a very confused expression.
I don’t know, I don’t know, I really don’t know.
Lotte wanted to ask further, but then he thought, don’t say that Apu is a mountain Indian with no knowledge at all.
The people of Di’an are even himself. If someone asks him why the ancient Chinese tadpole script appears on the mountain here