Fang Wanyi and Feng Bai couldnt help but look at Yueqinghe with admiration before and Yueqinghe persisted Having to pay for everything by yourself this

Mier will get everything she wants, even what she never thought I can give her I decided to take her with me on the return trip When Le Tian talked about this, Mier’s skinny cheeks were so red that they seemed to pop out Like blood, Le Tian continued, I will send her to Bogota to be educated so that she can live like a nobleman, and the villagers cheered happily when they heard Le Tian’s announcement. Mier’s long eyelashes were shaking rapidly, and her expression was full of expectation. Le Tian said, then you don’t want to go down, Le Tian smiled and stretched out his hand to pat Mier on the cheek, you don’t understand, I must go down, I won’t be afraid of the devil, if there is a devil, I will destroy it Mier Tears welling up in her eyes, her mouth was tightly pursed, obviously she didn’t care that her future life would be completely changed because of Lotte’s promise, but she felt deeply sad for Lotte’s persistence, just as her lips were trembling still When I wanted to say something, Apu suddenly said in a loud voice, I will go down with you. After Apu’s words, everyone was silent to the extreme, and then Mier uttered a desperate cry and said something that he could not understand.
Le Tian doesn’t know what Mier’s words mean. He saw Apu’s reaction after hearing this sentence. When his lips were trembling, all the wrinkles on his face seemed to be full of sadness on his old face, he finally murmured a word, which was understandable to him, he was talking about the devil The revenge came so fast, Apu spoke this sentence in an Indian language that Lotte can understand, and the sentence that Mier called out just now may be an Indian talent in this remote mountainous area. Lotte didn’t ask these questions at the time because he was anxious to go down that deep hole, and he didn’t believe there was a devil in the hole at all.
He’s Dao Apu. You’re willing to go down with me.
You’ve been there once, so you have more experience than me.
Lotte just said a word to Apu, Mier suddenly covered his face with his hands and rushed away Lotte was very grateful for everything that Mier had done to him, and he repaid the rest with his promise, Lotian never even thought about it Mi’er ran away, he didn’t care, Apu kept watching Mier’s back until she ran over the hill and Apu was out of sight, then she turned around and smiled happily, seeing that our equipment is very good, don’t worry Apu, who will be fine, glanced at Letian without saying a word, walked to the edge of the cave, looked down, and then backed up a few steps. At this time, all the people remained silent.
In the silence, a villager called out Apu.
Good luck. Apu, who will always be on you, replied in a very calm tone that I am not afraid that I am already old. If this gentleman can come up safely because I went down with him, that is my wish. Lotte does not think that he will go down this deep hole. There will be some danger, but he can still strongly feel Apu’s kindness He reached out and patted Apu on the shoulder, saying don’t be afraid, we will be fine, he said, and buckled the other belt with a rope to Apu’s waist, and the two of them went to the edge of the hole together to face Sean and Kendi who were in charge of the roller. The person made a gesture, Sean said, maintaining the falling speed of one meter per second, Lotte nodded, he turned his head to Apu, did you feel short of breath when you went down last time, Apu shook his head, Lotte made a statement that everything was ok Gestures, holding the rope with both hands, the body has already entered the deep hole. Apu is beside him. Apu is obviously very good at falling from ropes and climbing cliffs.
He grew up in the mountains since he was a child. Although he is old, he is still very agile. Grabbing the rope, your feet are pressed against the cave wall from time to time to counteract the uncomfortable feeling when you fall.
Suddenly you lose the music from Lotte. In the first 100 meters, the cave wall still has a little protrusion, but after about 100 meters, the cave It suddenly became quite narrow, with a diameter of about three meters.
The walls of the hole are vertical, like a well.
Sean’s voice came from the walkie-talkie Lotte carried with him.
It’s already 120 meters.
How is the hole really deep? Le Tian looked up and the entrance of the cave has turned into a fist-sized bright spot. He has already turned on the lamp hanging at his waist. In the area illuminated by the light, you can see that the vertical cave wall is very smooth and surrounded by small particles of glittering gravel crystals. The granite rock Lotte dictates what he sees and his dictation can be heard by the people on it not only through the radio, but also immediately recorded by the small tape recorder he carries Such a vertical hole obviously goes straight down to the foot of the mountain.
The wall of the hole is extremely smooth.
If someone told me that it was caused by a huge project, I would not doubt it, but who has the ability to make such a deep hole in the mountain? The cave is coming. Letian is really busy while falling down. He uses a small iron to knock some stones from the cave wall and puts them in the bag. He takes pictures intermittently every time when the flash on the camera emits a strong light. In a blink of an eye, Apu looked at him with very strange eyes. Since he came down, Apu has kept silent and never said a word. The rope is still going down the hole, and he can’t see the end. Sean’s shriek came out.
It’s two hundred meters away.
It’s impossible. It’s impossible to have such a deep hole. How can it be impossible? The hole is here.
Sean’s answer is where does the hole lead to? Lotte laughed and said to him. The sound aroused a very strange reverie in this deep hole that goes straight up and down.
He said that maybe it leads to hell.