Fang Wanyi and Feng Bai couldnt help but look at Yueqinghe with admiration before and Yueqinghe persisted Having to pay for everything by yourself this

Apu and some Indian guides ran forward together. The first ones who reached the deep hole were Le Tian and Chen Zhijin.
When Le Tian saw the deep hole, he froze for a while at first, and then it might be because he was so excited and impulsive.
Shouting and wanting to jump down the hole, Chen Zhijin’s excitement has also reached an abnormal level. Although he didn’t jump down, he just stood there at a loss and didn’t try to stop Letian. Luckily, Kendi and Sean rushed to the two and shouted. Grabbing Le Tian abruptly pulled him back, screaming what do you want, Le Tian settled down, blushed and panted, pointed at the deep hole, don’t you think there is a magical power in this deep hole? Call us down Sean takes a breath of course we’re going down but we can’t just jump like this Lotte is yelling for us there’s a rope we have plenty of rope get ready for the rope I’m going down Lotte’s yelling is very loud and then the people who come running hear all The faces of the villagers all changed greatly with fright, and Mier was also stunned, but she looked braver than the other villagers.
She exclaimed that this hole has no bottom and cannot go down.
Lotte turned around with a smile and pulled Mier up Pulling the braids hard, he did this naughty action out of extreme excitement, and Mier screamed when he pulled it, Le Tian said, Mier, you lied, your grandfather once went down into the cave, there is a bottom line. It’s not that when he talked about it, he didn’t pay attention to Mi’er, who was being pulled by his braid, and he looked at Apu with a very strange expression. Did you ever go down there, Apu nodded, I was young at the time, and I just drank a lot of wine before I said I was going down, Lotte waved his hands before he finished speaking, and asked for a drink or a drink, a guide quickly opened it The wine was taken out from a box, and the villagers cheered when they saw the wine. Kendi and Sean were busy directing the guide to set up a roller frame by the cave.
Chen Zhijin came to the big rock and looked at the words engraved on the stone. It’s impossible, Meer only cared about his safety.
The atmosphere at that time was just like what Lotte wrote in the report reporting his expedition afterward. Infected by this frenzied emotion, a large amount of alcohol entered the human body, which further fueled the frenzy until everyone was dancing, shouting and singing. It seemed that two people were standing quietly, and one was Professor Chen, who was standing all the time. In front of that big rock was the little Indian girl.
She stood aside and didn’t know what she was thinking.
Lotte naturally didn’t know what Meer was thinking. It took a long time before he realized that Meer was standing there, her big flexible eyes never left.
Lotte’s movements have not changed, and she has been holding tightly to her braid, which was grabbed by Lotte just now.
When the guide supports the shaft, more and more villagers gathered around the hole, and everyone is happily drinking. is being held It’s the same as a carnival, but in an instant, everyone fell silent, that’s when Le Tian suddenly raised his glass of wine and shouted “Okay, wish me luck, I’m going down, everyone fell silent” Looking at him, he was still smiling happily.
Although the eyes of the villagers were a little strange, his excitement did not diminish. He walked towards the prepared rope, tied a belt connected to the rope around his waist and After Sean took over the radio, all the people were still silent. For an explorer, it is well equipped to slide down a hole with a rope. It is an insignificant act, but judging by the expressions of the villagers, they clearly have other things in their hearts. When he had an idea, Lotte waved his hand and said goodbye. Looking at me like this, I’m sure I’ll be able to make a big discovery. He said, he took a step towards the edge of the hole and prepared to go down.
At this moment, there was a sudden scream, please wait for Lotte’s turn. Turning around, I saw Mier running towards him quickly, her face turned pale, her eyes were full of concern and fear, Lotte opened her arms, and Mier ran so fast that she threw herself into Lotian’s arms, and she cried out before she could even back away. One thing you don’t know, Le Tian raised his eyebrows, Mier panted quickly, after my grandpa, he watched several people go down this deep hole, but they never came up after they went down, Le Tian was startled for a moment, that’s true Sean and Ken, who they didn’t know, couldn’t help but groaned, Mier didn’t take half a step back until then, Grandpa, how many people went down and didn’t come up, Apu’s voice was very low, and Mier turned around quickly Staring at Lotte, you now know that we think there is a devil in this deep cave, and the seven people who went down and didn’t come up again were swallowed by the devil The devil’s Mier’s thin face was flushed red, but her expression was extremely determined and brave. Let the devil deal with me. I’m not afraid.
I shouldn’t let him not know the fact. Mier straightened her thin body so that it made others look She is just like a brave Indian warrior.
At this time, Letian’s heart was even more excited. He knew that this thin little girl did not hesitate to offend the devil in her heart in order to warn him.
This is an extremely brave act. Behavior Apu looked at his grandson, not knowing whether he was admiring or sad, he murmured, Mier, the devil’s revenge is extremely cruel, it will make you unhappy for a lifetime, Mier said loudly, I’m not afraid of grandpa, I’m not afraid of Lotte, taking a deep breath His tone was so excited that his voice became very loud. Listen to me, the devil will definitely not be able to take revenge on Mier.