Fang Wanyi and Feng Bai couldnt help but look at Yueqinghe with admiration before and Yueqinghe persisted Having to pay for everything by yourself this

His panic is all superfluous and the narrator of the story never meant to create tension here because at the beginning Lotte was there well after he lost his exploration of the ring of knowledge Lotte was of course there Afterwards, he went safely to the ground and completed his adventure. Thrills don’t exist.
There are twists and turns.
So why don’t you take a look at what happened before the cave and what happened to him below the cave? Let’s take a look at the expedition team led by Mi Er. The atmosphere on the way to the destination was quite relaxed.
Lotte ordered to come down and go through towns and cities to do everything possible to search for rope. He half-jokingly said that Mi Er said that her grandfather did not come up after a few days after going down the deep hole. One can imagine how deep the hole is. We have to slide down the cave by ropes.
Of course, the more ropes, the better.
The four words are also engraved on the stone at the entrance of the cave.
Anyone who came would not be rejected.
Later they had to hire 20 more donkeys to carry those ropes.
It seemed that the ropes they carried could go around the earth ten times. This is Sean’s adjective.
In some places on the road, they need to pass less than one meter away. On one side, there are towering cliffs and on the other side, a donkey is hanging deep. It took a long time to calm down and the mountain road was difficult to walk, but all the people were not discouraged. At first they were skeptical about Mier’s narration, but they were convinced by Mier’s account of the bottomless pit along the way. There really is such a deep cave somewhere in the Antigian Mountains. When they came to the vicinity of the mountain village, they met a villager, Mier, and yelled at the villager.
The villager looked at the deep cave in surprise. All the equipment and personnel of the expedition team immediately turned around and ran forward, because the villagers here are born with the ability to run on mountain roads because they are used to living in the mountains. At the time of the clearing, almost all the villagers walked out of the house. Mier’s grandpa walked in the front. Mier ran over and held her grandpa’s hand and talked endlessly.
They were very happy.
They didn’t understand at all. Lotte looked at Mier’s grandpa.
The Indians who went to the mountains, because of the harsh living environment, most of the appearance is more wrinkled than the actual age of the old honey’s grandfather.
So many wrinkles concentrated on a person’s face make him look very strange, but his body The shape is quite tall and the body is very straight. It seems that his health is very good. When Lotte looked at him, he came to Lotte and said, “I called Apu. I passed a guide’s translator. Lotte talked to him for a few words.
Lotte asked about the deep hole.
Look out there we brought so much rope I’ve had enough of it Lotte has a very relaxed attitude the whole time He’s an explorer Very good explorer He said that it was a trivial matter to slide down a hole with a rope, but Apu looked very serious. He glanced at the ropes and didn’t mean anything. He pointed to the bottomless hole behind the village. Over there, following his pointing point, everyone saw the big rock.
It was just at sunset when the sun shone on the big rock, illuminating the inside of the big rock very brightly.
He hung the binoculars and looked forward.
After a look, he shook suddenly, put down the binoculars, and showed a very strange look. Sean and Ken asked at the same time what did you see? Chen Zhijin was speechless for a moment and stretched out his hand Pointing to the big rock, everyone has binoculars beside them, they all picked it up and looked forward, Lotte screamed after seeing it, the word Tian was engraved on the big rock, that is, the four characters on the jade yuan suddenly disappeared, Lotte’s Their expressions also became extremely weird. Originally, they doubted that the jade yuan brought by Mier came from a deep cave. They already believed that there was such a deep cave. Is it Yuyuan from ancient China? It is still difficult to make a connection between the two, but at this time, when they saw the four characters on the big stone, they had no doubts. Lotte’s heart was beating violently.
As an explorer and archaeologist Home, what an amazing discovery, he put down the binoculars, and even his voice trembled a little.
How long has this big rock been there? How long has it been? Letian has become very anxious, pointing at the big stone, who carved the words on it, who erected the words on it, and who carved the words on it? Apu’s expression is even more confused.
Who knows that I am very small. There was this big rock at that time, no one knew how long it had been there, Lotte involuntarily let out a call, and ran forward, running at an extremely fast speed.
It is not surprising that he runs at such a fast speed, because he usually looks gentle. Chen Zhijin also shouted and ran forward, running out faster than Lotte and Chen Zhijin.
Following behind Lotte and Chen Zhijin were Sean and Kendi. The four of them are all explorers and archaeologists. This moment is very real for them. It’s so important that they all had the same thing in their minds as they ran forward.
Now is the most glorious moment of their lives.
The fact that a big stone inscribed with ancient Chinese characters will stand in the mountains of the northern part of South America. It seems very simple, but they all know how many mysteries that have been submerged in history can be unearthed in it.