Fang Wanyi and Feng Bai couldnt help but look at Yueqinghe with admiration before and Yueqinghe persisted Having to pay for everything by yourself this

Professor Le tilted his head and thought about the meaning of these four words. The meaning of these four words is quite vague.
What is Wangzhi? It seems that there is no way to explain it, and there are words engraved on the jade ring, which is very rare.
What’s more, it is clearly an ancient Chinese Of course, the jade engraved with this kind of script also originated from China, but why did the radio fax come from South America? Yueqing and Mrs. Le happened to pass by Yueqing at the door of the study when he was meditating, and he stopped her and said, look, little I don’t know what new discoveries have been made. Let’s take a look.
This kind of gluttonous stool pattern should be the earliest one that appeared on jade wares. Mrs. Le came over and she has a lot of knowledge in art.
One said it was from the Western Zhou Dynasty.
She said the words and asked the ring of Wangzhi what it meant. Yueqing shook her head. Because of the shape of the jade yuan, Mrs.
Le corrected her husband very gently It’s Yuan from Wangzhi, but he has no intention of correcting it because there is a difference between rings and yuan. That’s a matter for experts. For ordinary people, it’s just a round jade ornament with a round hole in the middle.
He said it should be Yuyuan Wanyi.
Do you know that Yuyuan has a special purpose? Mrs. Le smiled lightly and said, “Why did I come to the exam?” Yue Qinghe gently held his wife’s hand. They have been married for many years and their children are all grown up.
But the affection between them It seems that there is not much difference from the time when I was in Yueqing, France, and when I was pursuing Fang Wanyi. Everyone envied Mrs. Le who held hands with her husband and did not break free. It is just that Daoyuyuan is a tool and the biring is only used to wear as a representative. The decoration of the identity is different, isn’t it Yue Qing and Smiling who answered very well, but what is the use of Yuyuan as a tool? Master Le still maintains that elegant and beautiful smile. Her smile is definitely not fake.
It is naturally condensed by her noble and beautiful temperament. In ancient times, when the princes met the emperor, because the emperor was noble, the princes could not touch the emperor’s hand directly with their hands, so there must be a jade yuan in the middle.
Everyone held the jade yuan in Chinese characters. That’s why the word Yue Qinghe looked at his wife affectionately and said, “In fact, you are so noble and I shouldn’t touch your hand.
I should be holding a jade yuan.
” Mrs. Le smiled and her voice sounded plain but in the plain What does it mean to say this to you with a few hints of faint resentment? I am your wife, Yue Qinghe sighed with admiration. I always feel that I am not worthy of you.
Mrs. Le turned her head and said, I have loved you for a long time.
Having said that, don’t mention such meaningless words. The conversation between the two of them is naturally meaningless to others.
Even their children, Le Tian and Le Yin, don’t understand the deep meaning of it and their family. Uncle Fan, who has a deep relationship, also doesn’t understand, but of course they themselves understand that this is related to what happened when they were studying in France together.
In the future, it will naturally be mentioned that this is a big connection to this story.
If Xiaotian discovered this jade yuan in South America, it would be a great archaeological discovery. Mrs. Le didn’t seem to have heard Professor Le’s words, but murmured, what does that mean? After a pause, he wondered if he wanted to know what he meant. Yue Qinghe thought about it for a while and could explain it like this, but I think it is more likely that it is the name of the owner of this jade yuan. Mrs. Le’s expression seems a little disappointed, if It’s so boring if it’s that simple, Yue Qinghe laughed and patted her on the back of her hand.
The first discussion between the two of them ended here.
Go to Bogota because he knows what those four characters are. It will be of great help to Lotte’s archaeological expedition. The four tadpoles of them wrote the ring of knowledge, and Luo Zhui moved very quickly. He knew that Le Tian was very impatient and would be eager to know the answer, but the traffic along the way was inconvenient. On the way, he caught up with Lotte, but he was still much faster than Lotte and the others. He was delayed for eight days, but when he arrived at the small village, he was only two days later than Lotte. There is no road at all on the mountainside, only a winding path no more than forty centimeters wide.
Both sides of the road are covered with all kinds of weeds and shrubs covering the path.
The small village has only seven or eight mud-built houses.
There are no more than fifty villagers. When Luo Zhui finally arrived at this small village, he found dozens of villagers gathered in the open space outside the village, looking up at the sky and muttering, as if they were doing something. What ceremony? Luo Zhui tried his best to use the local dialect he had learned to ask if there were many people who came here.
A villager opened his eyes and said, “You are with them, so hurry up and pray.” Luo Zhui was stunned for a moment.
I pray that the villager said that the young man refused to listen to people’s advice and must go down the bottomless hole to Apu.
He is too stupid to volunteer to go down with him.
It has been two days since the two of us went down and haven’t come up.
We are all doing for them. Life Prayer Luo Zhui’s thoughts are very careful