Fang Qi was still a little embarrassed when he made it clear Fang Qi didnt change his expression he wanted to save face for himself

After thirty-two years of cruel apocalypse, the king who came out of the mountain of blood and blood finally failed to make ends meet. After the meteorite landed in the sky, the destruction ended.
After rebirth, the apocalypse will face a second round. The apocalypse is luck or misfortune.
The purpose of this article is to try to eradicate the apocalypse. Forgive the kings are not lonely because they can carefully observe people’s hearts and opinions The kings are definitely not weak ambitions because they can use their desires to promote the development of the country The kings are definitely not cold-blooded and heartless because their original companions exchanged their sincerity for content labels The last days are reborn and strong Traveling through time and space, the main character Su Qinglan and the supporting role Cyril, other apocalyptic disasters, rebirth, and supernatural destruction came to the end of the 32nd century, the tallest building in the center of Shanghai, a man standing on the top floor of the tallest building stood in front of the bright floor-to-ceiling windows, silently looking out into the spaciousness of the window In the luxurious conference room, there are a few middle-aged people with their heads bowed and silent. The room is full of palpitations. These middle-aged people are all dressed in similar uniforms. They are oriental people with extraordinary looks.
You can tell at a glance that they have been in high positions all year round. The only difference between the superiors is that their eyes all have the traces of the vicissitudes of life. They lack the nobleness after being treated with dignity, but they are as determined and strong as soldiers. However, at this time, their expressions are all suppressing the same sadness and sadness, standing at the window. The man in front of him gradually felt a slight tremor that ordinary people couldn’t detect, and everyone’s expressions changed slightly. Only the standing young man remained unchanged until even the large craft vase placed in the room Visible shaking appeared, and one of the people sitting closest to the head finally stood up abruptly, looked at the man with his back to them, and said with difficulty, my lord is respected as a lord, and the man finally turned around. Looking at his subordinates, he has pitch-black robes that reach to the ground, crow-black waist-length hair, narrow and long hair, and phoenix eyes, which are rare, and the pure black pupils are as calm as frozen ice. The stern man seemed to be infiltrated with the elegance of the night.
His cold and sharp aura pointed directly at people’s hearts.
It made people dare not look directly at him.
He was in awe, but he was unconsciously bewitched by the danger of darkness.
The vicissitudes of life, this is a kind of calm and self-confidence that surpasses the appearance of youth, but the young man’s face does not violate harmony, but his temperament and demeanor are blurred. His appearance makes it difficult to see how old he is. Get rid of the timid aura The extremely handsome long-haired man glanced indifferently across the faces of these close subordinates and sighed.
The earth cannot survive in outer space. Everything is fantasy.
He paused for a while.
He looked up at the exquisite ceiling and the luxurious chandelier that was not turned on because it was daytime. No matter how brand-new the interior decoration is, the musty smell and turbidity of decay cannot be removed.
At any rate, the space station in outer space can retain some records of human civilization, proving the existence of human beings in the 32 years of the last century.
We have struggled for survival in the last days for 32 years, but it feels like a lifetime.
Why, why? So we worked so hard to survive the lost city, and it was retaken by humans and rebuilt.
The days are getting better day by day, and it’s only a matter of time before the end of the world. God, why don’t you give humans a little more time? A middle-aged man couldn’t help but burst into tears. Despair from the heart is for the survival of human beings, for the earth under our feet, and for a hopeless future.
As long as human beings cannot rely on their own abilities and physique to survive in outer space beyond the earth, none of them will be able to survive. No matter how resolute and iron-blooded the man is in his eyes, no matter how wise and open-minded the officer is, he can’t suppress the grief in his heart. The long-haired man sighed silently on his lips, and his indifferent expression added a sense of helplessness and gloom. After living for so many years, he is no longer afraid of death. Who didn’t step on a tightrope in the end of the world to bet their lives and survived? Seeing too much experience has long been numb, but the thought of a life-and-death companion who trusts his subordinates and respects his territorial people can’t help but hurt his heart no matter how cold he is. More than 10 million fresh lives have been turned into a king.
The responsibility is firmly locked on him, and he is already forty-nine. Depending on the situation, he has no hope of passing through fifty years old.
After countless reshuffles, the leader of one of the seven top powers in the world has survived. The vibrations on the ground have become more and more intense, and even other furniture in the room have begun to move.
Even in the highest position of a Shanghai building, he can Hearing the panicked screams and confusion of the people below, the long-haired man turned his head and glanced outside.
Destruction is always easier than creation. Prosperity becomes ruins, but it only takes a day to recover. These rebuilt cities are also the residents of his painstaking territory for decades. There are Chinese people as well as foreigners with other skin colors and hair colors before the end of the world. Perhaps in a few years, national unification will not be a problem, but they are all stern men who have lost their motherland voluntarily or are forced to follow his people. There is a rare flash in the eyes. Gentle and desolate, isn’t he like protecting his people through this catastrophe, but it is beyond the reach of human beings? He raised his hand, his pale skin reveals a lean and powerful arm from the wide sleeve robe, and his slender right hand has a graceful line.
The pink nails are trimmed and round, and there is a thin layer of calluses on the pads of the fingers. The knuckles of the phalanx are more prominent. Seeing this amazing hand that is white and jade-like, and the fingers are as sharp as green onions, anyone who has experienced killing and fighting will be amazed.
In their eyes, this is not only a beautiful hand that can be called art, but also a murderer who can easily pinch his throat to deal with life and death.
With his palm facing upwards, he concentrates and unleashes his power.
The pure and terrifying power of death gushes out from his hand in the air Wave after wave of invisible fluctuations was stirred up, and the fluctuations of power expanded and farther and farther away in a few breaths, and finally enveloped the entire city, forming a light black translucent energy mask over the city.