Fang Bo who was watering the flowers wondered to himself Why is it Chunxiang Isnt it the eldest who is looking for that kid The

Chapter 1 I first arrived at the shore of Xuanwu Lake in your place. The spring is beautiful and it is a good time for young men and women to go out for an outing together. What seems out of place with those people who are in pairs is a young man in ordinary clothes sitting on the shore with those of me. The young men and women who only have you in their eyes are different.
The young man’s eyes are just staring straight at the lake surface rippled by the breeze, and he doesn’t know what he is thinking at this moment. There is a tree about twenty steps away from the young man. A burly man under the big tree is also staring at the young man’s back like a young man staring at the lake, as if monitoring his every move.
This pair doesn’t know what business they are doing.
Inevitably attracted the attention of others, but based on the principle that more things are better than less things, no one took the initiative to ask, just took their companions away from the distance, and occasionally glanced at it.
Traveling is not fun at all. Sitting on the shore of Xuanwu Lake.
Li Mo was thinking bitterly and even more regretful that he was deceived by them to this ghost place when he was put on the bull’s head and horse face.
Li Mo is a wage earner who doesn’t study much but is willing to work hard. The position of manager in a large enterprise is logically said to be able to mix with people with an annual salary of one million in society. Regardless of the objective factors such as family background and luck, there should be a lot of people in their minds, but bad luck is bad luck. Li Mo has a problem. In the end, there was an incident of falling into the water.
Li Mo’s old problem broke out and he immediately jumped down to save people.
As a result, people rescued Li Mo himself, but he was drowned because of lack of energy.
Li Mo was depressed. He died because of saving people.
Received special care, Li Mo can be eloquent, I don’t know if it’s because the Venerable Master met him, he won the favor of Lord Yan, and ordered Niutou Mamian to arrange for Li Mo to return to Yang. When I came here, it happened that the magistrate celebrated his birthday and drank two more cups. Li Mo’s body was already in the urn when Li Mo was sent to return the sun. I wanted to have a private affair with Li Mo, and Li Mo was also fooled by the lard for a while, so he was fooled by the three brothers and sent to this Zhou Dynasty, Qin Han, Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, which did not leave much impression in Li Mo’s memory. This is a timeline that many people are familiar with. Li Mo remembers a Zhou Dynasty that once appeared in history. It was the Chai family who was robbed by Song Taizu Zhao Kuangyin, and only this Hou Zhou still relied on some history.
To put it bluntly, it was a constant choice, because the choice of different historical trends also appeared deviations.
Song Taizu was able to gain power because of Chai Shizong’s sudden change. He died of illness, leaving only orphans and widows and no one to take care of him, but if Chai Shizong is fine, how could the general of the Zhou army support Zhao Kuangyin in the Chenqiao mutiny? If history can be changed once, it can be changed countless times.
Three brothers arrange for themselves The identity and the original agreement are simply very different. At the beginning, it was clearly agreed to let Li Mo be a prince who eats and waits to die.
But when Li Mo opened his eyes, there is no palace.
He was sleeping in the wild and sleeping naked.
Not long after I came here, I met a kind old man who gave Li Mo an old suit. This is why Li Mo was not beaten to death because of his indecency. It has been half a month since Li Mo was reborn. I gradually understood the background of the era I was in, the historical knowledge I knew before was no longer useful, and through Uncle Meng’s lectures, Li Mo finally figured out where history turned a corner, saying that Qin lost its deer Xiang Yu, the overlord of Western Chu, was besieged by the Wujiang River and committed suicide, but just when Xiang Yu was about to commit suicide by the Wujiang River, his little friend Wu Zima kicked Xiang Yu into the river and was shocked by the cold water. Xiang Yu, who originally planned to commit suicide, changed his mind and swam across the Wujiang River, worked hard to rule, and finally wiped out Liu Bang and his gang.
Just like dominoes, the history that Li Mo knows has completely changed. Wang Mang’s reform was successful. Da Chu was divided into two. Afterwards, with the continuous replacement of dynasties, the present Zhou Dynasty was introduced by Uncle Meng.
It’s not very stable. In the north, the Khitan women and straight families invade the border every year. Pirates are rampant along the southeast coast. Inside, it’s because the emperor is old.
Four princes are fighting openly and secretly for the throne.
If the environment is not peaceful, I will not have a good life in the future. As the saying goes, I would rather be a peaceful dog than be a chaotic world. In times of war and chaos, if it is difficult for an individual to save his life, he will naturally have no intention of enjoying life. Li Mo does not want to lose his life inexplicably. Or maybe I have lived a life of wandering, Mr. Li, it is not too early, we should go back, just before Li Mo was thinking about the way out in the future, the strong man who was standing not far away and staring at him came over to remind Li Modao that the strong man’s surname is Jiao Dan A man with a strong fist and kick is as easy as ten or eight strong guys are not his opponents at all, and his relationship with Uncle Meng also made Li Mo curious. I am more curious about his identity, but to Li Mo, Uncle Meng is a savior. Uncle Meng didn’t say that Li Mo couldn’t take the initiative to ask. Hearing Jiao Kui remind Li Mo nodded, got up, patted his butt, and was about to go home with Jiao Kui. Unexpectedly, just now As soon as I turned around, I heard an exclamation from the lake, followed by someone calling for help.
Li Mo looked back and saw someone fell into the water on the painting boat that was rafting on Xuanwu Lake, although the person on the painting boat was calling for help loudly.