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The half-red and half-yellow leaves on the side of the road are adorned with fragments of light, and the tenderness of dusk is sprinkled on the road. The Maybach in front of the extremely exquisite private hospital stopped steadily. The friend walked towards the destination while talking, checking the host’s mental state and stability.
The inorganic electronic sound suddenly sounded during the binding preparations, which made Dong Ling stop. She looked around and the delicate eyebrows were twisted. Did you hear any sound? The voice flashed like an illusion. Chen Shangshang, who was chattering and gossiping on the other end of the phone, paused in doubt. What kind of voice? It’s okay. Maybe it’s my hallucination.
The medical staff who came over to inquire shook their heads and said that they didn’t need help and continued to move forward. In short, her mother caught her and that man in bed. Why do you think Chen Fei is so courageous? She rolled on the bed with her mother’s little boy. We all know it’s her mother. Tsk tsk. Chen Shangshang finished the gossip that was just interrupted. I really don’t understand why there are so many men in the world.
Maybe it’s because mother and daughter have the same taste.
But Chen Fei doesn’t have a boyfriend.
Dongling is shocked by gossip every day.
She and Chen Fei are not very close, but she has seen Chen Fei showing affection at a dinner party, and it seems that she can’t tell the difference. Oh, let’s not talk about this. Where are you from? Nanjia Nanjia is the name of this private hospital It is considered well-known in their circle. I went to see Wen Han again.
Is there a tendency to wake up? Chen Shangshang obviously asked with some concern and curiosity.
Fa Xiao, they also met a few times. Without me, I will come and see him and talk to him to see if there is any effect.
Dong Ling looks at his blurred reflection on the floor and thinks of these things.
It feels strange that Wen Han grew up with her. Wen Han has no genetic medical history, but two months ago, Wen Han suddenly fell into a coma and became a vegetative state.
Ren Wen used various methods to find professional doctors at home and abroad, but he still couldn’t figure out what happened to Wen Han.
There is no way for him to wake up because of the disease, Dong Ling is naturally concerned about this little boy, and she can’t help her. When she is free, she often comes to chat with Wen Han. Maybe there will be a medical miracle that wakes him up.
Chen Shangshang teased him.
Love is so deep, what are you farting? Don’t make such jokes. I don’t like Dong Ling’s eyebrows wrinkled. She didn’t mean that to Wen Han. Wen Han didn’t mean that to her either, but they grew up together because of their family relationship.
So there are always people making jokes about this Dongling people are numb to others, it doesn’t matter to others, she doesn’t want her good friends to do the same thing, she’s wrong, she just heard people say that you don’t intend to get engaged, if it wasn’t for Wen Han who suddenly passed out, maybe you already said that. I also believe that there are always people who like to catch wind and shadows.
I also said that my family will marry yours tomorrow. Dong Ling touched her new manicure and rolled her eyes.
No, I will not give up my nails. Chen Shangshang was very frightened She vows to protect her nails to the death.
She is a manicure lover and pays great attention to the maintenance of her nails.
Ling took two deep breaths in the corridor of the hospital to avoid her quality behavior of exhaling fragrance in public.
She euphemistically suggested that this hospital also has shares in my family. If you come, you will not be charged for your money. If you are sick, you will be cured soon. Chen Shangshang was overjoyed and really turned around. I’ll get an annual card, and you can go farther away, come to the hospital to get an annual card. Is it a normal person’s idea? I’m almost there, so I hang up Dongling, enter the elevator, and press the floor I’m going to. Chen Shangshang immediately yelled Hey, hey, wait a minute. Dong Nuo is going to hold an inhuman themed party at 8:00 tonight.
He wants me to invite you to Dongling together. After estimating the time, he replied, yes, you can give me the address later.
Dong Nuo and her can be regarded as a circle The person in the movie loves to hold parties, he is a full-fledged party fanatic, and as a friendly friend, he usually goes there when he doesn’t bump into Dongling, because Dong Nuo’s party is relatively clean, and there will be no messy and exciting contraband. After hanging up the phone, Dongling took off the earphones and put them in the pocket of his coat, watching the elevator steadily ascending to the 26th floor, when the elevator stopped and vibrated slightly, the system was bound and started to start, the sound of the elevator was obviously very small, almost felt There was no shaking, but Dong Ling’s body was unstable for a while, and even tinnitus. The inorganic electronic sound sounded again, and then he was hit by a huge amount of information. Dong Ling felt that his brain seemed to be stuffed with a lot of things and words quickly in his mind. Dong Ling was a little stunned by the passing of her.
She pressed her temples and walked out of the elevator, recalling a lot of things that flashed in her mind just now.
It seems that this is a romance novel. Does it make sense? Does it make sense? It’s not the main character.
It doesn’t matter, but she is vicious.
Although she didn’t make much contribution to the motherland, she never did anything bad.
If Wen Han wet the bed at her house when she was a child, she threatened Wen Han to cut him. If so, is it too unfair? I don’t have time to explain. I’m the system, please execute the task immediately. The inorganic coldness from just now added a bit of emotion. Dong Ling was very anxious. Dong Ling was sure that he had no auditory hallucinations. He had some reactions to this sudden event and could not be infected by the emotions of the system.
Dong Ling subconsciously responded loudly in his mind, but I am vicious.
Female supporting role, if the information stuffed into my mind just now is correct, then this is a romance novel, not a lily novel, right? There is despair in the voice, but the male lead is offline, comatose, hey, I can’t help it Ah, the world line has not been advanced for two months.
If you don’t continue the main line, the world will collapse. You are the closest character in the plot. Now immediately