Eyes closed and waiting for death Wu Yunmei shouted outside the field dont kill my second brother Wu Yunlong opened his eyes angrily his hands

I have only one sword, no one can stop me, only one sword can go to the world, I only have one sword, it is eternity, as long as there is a sword in my heart, I will cut it down with the sword, I am the only one, the sword of eternity is over The Red-top Plane Merchant is a book, a world, a sand, a day, and each book has its own wonderful chapter one. After I die, it will be your Kezhou City.
It is located on the northwest border of the Tianluo Empire and is one of the twelve cities in the Western Capital Province.
A population of 200,000 households. Five hundred miles to the west is the Shenwu Fortress guarding the edge of the void in the world.
In the northwest corner of the bustling Kezhou City, there is such a quiet place.
From a distance, you can see it outside the magnificent gate.
There are two mighty soldiers standing guard here. Inside the high wall are more than a dozen buildings. There are gardens, gazebos, and grass scattered among the buildings.
Old people can be seen everywhere, chatting, playing chess, or sitting on benches to remember the past. This is the army. Those soldiers who joined the army and gave everything for the Tianluo Empire all their lives in the old house will die in the old man’s house without having a family and no offspring. All the old soldiers in the city live here for the elderly. Don’t look at it, it’s just a small nursing home. Don’t look at the old people, they are all senile, but there are many innate strong men who once dominated the situation and made the enemy fearful.
But no matter how strong the flesh and blood Erosion of the years, now they are old heroes, old and unbearable, the setting sun is infinitely good, it is only near dusk, facing the future, sooner or later, they have experienced many battles, and now they seem to be no different from ordinary old people. I have become used to the calm daily life and become numb, while the once glorious and chilling atmosphere on my body is slowly passing away in the relentless and silent but never-ending flow of time.
They are here to enjoy the last good time or immerse themselves in the past.
In my memory, among this group of gray-haired and decaying old people, there was a black-haired boy who was only about fifteen or sixteen years old.
His body was a little thin and his features were delicate, and he seemed to have nothing special about him.
He was just an ordinary boy next door, but he looked closely. But he always has an indescribable feeling. His eyes are so clear and ethereal that you can’t help but want to look at him. Watching him, you are unconsciously attracted by him.
In the first stage, fry the tea and divide it into the soup.
The soup flower is, to put it bluntly, the froth that boils out of the tea, that is, the foam.
However, this foam is very particular. The tea ceremony of the Tianluo Empire believes that they are the essence of tea and the beauty of dividing tea.
It is to divide these essences. The soup flower is thick or thin or heavy or shallow or floating or scattered. The youth skillfully pours it into the cup, floats, sinks, gathers, gathers and disperses, giving people a sense of aesthetic enjoyment. After the tea was divided, the young man gave out four cups of fragrant tea and said to the old man on the opposite side, “Grandpa Gu, please drink tea, see what happened this time.
” The old man on the opposite side shook his head contemptuously. No, no, no, boy Ning, you are still three points behind. You boiled the tea too quickly.
The young man who has already understood the essence of the tea ceremony is worthless when he is criticized by the old man, but the young man is not angry at all.
In his eyes, the old man’s habits are not one thing he likes, even the eggs can pick out bones Speak harshly and mercilessly.
I have never had a single friend in my life. When I get old, I become very withdrawn. If something goes wrong, I open my mouth, swear, and reach out, and beat other old soldiers.
I don’t want to associate with him. No one wants to talk to the nurses and doctors in the military old age home. They were all offended by him, and no nurse was willing to take care of him.
Fang Ning was scolded and beaten here before, but he just smiled, so he became Gu Tiannan’s nurse, no matter how perverse and mean Gu Tiannan mocked him, Fang Ning He just smiled lightly and didn’t care about the rise of Gu Tiannan’s words, as if in this kind of ridicule and criticism, he has returned to his glory days at the beginning, and it is interesting to live on his own. Although his face is only sixty years old, seeing him makes you feel like smelling When you get a smell of decay, you know that he has reached the limit of aging. It feels as if he will die soon.
The reason why Gu Tiannan is only sixty years old is because he is an innate strong man and enters the innate realm.
As long as he is immortal, his appearance will not be old. The true energy has been exhausted, and all that is left is dead air and filthy air.
Even standing and walking is difficult for him. Not only him, but almost all the old people in the military old house are like this. The powerful true energy and true energy they once had have now dissipated. In their bodies, there is this kind of dead air and filth. Originally, as the students of the Imperial Military Academy, serving in the military academy is one of the jobs that everyone can choose, but because of this dead air and filth, Fang Ning Most of my classmates have been here once or twice, and they will never appear in the military old house again. The disgusting foul smell, the dull and decaying smell, and the violent temper of the military background are hard to serve, which is unacceptable. The reason why Fang Ning stayed, counting today, he has been helping in this military veterans’ hospital for two years, the reason why Fang Ning stayed on the one hand, of course, was because the salary of this job was the highest, it goes without saying that he needed money and on the other hand On the one hand, this group of old people once made outstanding contributions to the empire, but now they can only wait quietly for death. Each of them has a deep story hidden in each of them, and they all once had their own glory.
They used to fight for the empire with youth and blood. Dedicated almost their whole life to this country They have no children and no relatives