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My goal is to pursue a higher quality of healthy life.
Because of an accident, Anliang got a growth space.
There is a magical spring in the space, so he is committed to the comprehensive development of organic agriculture, catering industry and tourism. Anliang is not a profiteer. The author’s custom label: pet black-bellied student farming the text of the text Chapter Chapter 1: Good Police Tweed Wucheng Shayan District 5:00 p.m. at Xiaguo’s famous university Wucheng University A shocking incident happened to the campus A third-year student Climb to the roof of the Wucheng University library and sit on the edge of the outer wall with both feet dangling. Looking at each other’s views, it is clear that some of the onlookers know the person who is about to jump off the building.
The caring students have already called the police. The firefighters and the police arrived at the scene almost at the same time. The firefighters are setting up an inflatable air cushion at the bottom of the library as a last resort to prevent jumping from the building. The police are on the scene. Quickly collect information so that it will be more convenient to persuade the jumper to give up the idea of ​​committing suicide after going upstairs for a while.
An ordinary-looking policeman in plain clothes and a notebook in his hand stood next to two female students and suddenly interrupted, saying hello, I am a police negotiator.
My name is Duan Cunping, you can call me Police Officer Duan The two female students were suddenly interrupted by Duan Cunping, but Duan Cunping revealed his identity as a policeman.
One of the girls with short hair around the ear responded, Hello, Officer Duan, my name is Qiao Yun, what’s the matter, Qiao Yun is a sophomore in the Department of Journalism and Broadcasting. He answered gracefully and seemed very polite.
Duan Cun said flatly and expressionlessly. I just heard that you know the person who jumped from the building. Officer Duan.
Anliang Qiaoyun answered truthfully, Duan Cunping wrote down the three words Anliang’s third year of agriculture in the notebook, and then continued to ask, do you know more about Anliang, such as Anliang’s academic performance and family conditions? Does he have a daughter? My friend Duan Cunping, as a negotiating expert at the Shayan District Police Station, attaches great importance to information collection. Knowing more information will be more conducive to persuading the target.
The three questions Duan Cunping raised are the three most likely reasons for jumping off the building. I didn’t answer until a little while ago.
I don’t know much about Brother Anliang.
This senior brother is quite famous in the Department of Agriculture, but not because of his excellent academic performance, but because he has a very interesting nickname called Qianbei Liangren, known as Qianbei.
Not drunk and the wine quality is very good, there has never been any wine scandal.
As for the family conditions, I have never heard of it. Qiao Yun paused for a while before she frowned slightly. Speaking of which, Senior Brother An Liang is probably planning to jump off the building because of his girlfriend. The matter Duan Cunping was writing and drawing quickly in the notebook.
Hearing what Qiao Yun said, he immediately looked up at Qiao Yun, his eyes and expression didn’t fluctuate in the slightest, and asked why? There are rumors in the internal forum Brother Anliang’s girlfriend seems to have gotten along with a senior senior brother, and today he officially notified Brother Anliang to break up. Do you know the name of Anliang’s ex-girlfriend and the name of his ex-girlfriend’s current boyfriend? Field Cunping Description Qiao Yun said clearly Qiao Yun shook her head apologetically, I’m sorry Officer Duan, I’m not familiar with Senior Brother An Liang, thank you Duan Cunping nodded, then turned and left on the roof of the library There is no nervous expression on the attractive face, Anliang’s eyes have no focus, just looking at the far sky, watching the sunset slanting westward, as if ignoring the harsh light, the afterglow sprinkled on Anliang’s face, as if to drag him into the sunset One of them, Duan Cunping, came to the roof of the library and walked towards Anliang step by step, seemingly casually. After collecting and analyzing information in a short time, Duan Cunping had already understood the initial situation of Anliang.
When Duan Cunping came to a distance of about two meters from Anliang, Duan Cunping took the initiative to stop. This is a relatively safe distance that will not stimulate the psychological bottom line of the suicidal person, and it is also convenient for negotiators to communicate with the suicidal person at close range. I really want to rush up and pull An Liang back from the outer wall, but Duan Cunping has no impulse. Duan Cunping cannot act recklessly.
After all, An Liang sits on the edge of the outer wall with his feet dangling without any protective measures. Duan Cunping coughed hard twice, trying to get An Liang to notice him, or let An Liang take the initiative to pay attention to him, but Duan Cunping’s cough did not attract An Liang’s attention at all, or An Liang deliberately ignored Duan Cunping. Duan Cunping secretly judged what Anliang meant. If it was the first kind, Anliang just didn’t notice Duan Cunping, then it was a good situation, at least there was still a chance for negotiation, but if it was the second kind, Anliang deliberately ignored Duan Cunping, maybe Anliang already had a death wish in his heart, definitely not Duan Cunping coughed hard again and shouted, Classmate Anliang, calm down and think about your parents. Usually, the incident of jumping off a building on a university campus makes those who commit suicide think about their parents’ feelings and situation. There is a high probability that they will have the idea of ​​denying suicide. However, Duan Cunping just finished yelling, and another policeman’s voice came from the radio headset. Officer Duan, we investigated Anliang’s relatives.
He only has one grandpa who depends on each other. deepen Anliang’s psychological darkness