Exhaled heartily and heartily as if I had been waiting for a long time I made it swaying on the jade futon made of rattan

The plot is about two parts.
One part takes place in the mortal world. One part takes place in the world of mortals. One part takes place in the mortal world. Visiting places of interest in Gyeonggi, anecdotes and anecdotes; In the sequel, the main character Chu Han is Chu Xun’s son, and the supporting character Shen Gongzi is Shen Bowen’s son.
Chu Xun and Mrs.
Luo play high-end soy sauce at any time, regardless of the previous relationship, it’s okay to write an independent story without looking at the previous relationship.
Handsome, Depression, Infatuated, Subjective Content Tags, Mystery, Mystery, Special Preference, Strong and Strong Protagonist, Chu Hanfang, Three Supporting Roles, Shen Chenghe, Other Uniforms It was a sweltering evening, and the steam from the Yanshan Mountains pushed down to the foot of the imperial city, and the clouds were thick. The secretary Xiao Yao came in, her voice was quite hasty, and her footsteps were full of curious excitement. I was afraid that the emperor’s feet would not be chaotic.
The construction site for the reconstruction of the old city has demolished our imperial city. The subway station in Beixinqiao was flooded. A well suddenly appeared on the flat ground. I heard that it was flooded. Looking at the new Dong’an shopping mall building that is waiting to be demolished, the phone calls came in.
The colleagues on the road and the buddies from the city bureau said that something big happened to the Jingyan Mountain in Beixinqiao this time. A faint shadow He is slender and has long fingers to tap the glass He doesn’t smoke or drink He doesn’t have any special hobbies in life Chu Han’s shirt collar and fingers are very clean He looks very white He stands in front of the window and stares blankly for a while The butterfly flew up to the height of the eight-story building, the water vapor was thickening, the wings of the butterfly were heavy and shaking, Chu Han rubbed a slender middle finger on the window, seemingly casually, the finger penetrated the glass and quietly leaned out the window, he let the butterfly land on his fingertips After teasing for a while, he let the other party fly away, and then pulled his finger back. The person in the bureau asked him to go to the scene of the accident to help take a look at the well that caused the accident.
Chu Han also knew a little bit about the land at the Jiaodaokou Beixinqiao on the second ring road. Street renovation and demolition of old houses More than a dozen alleys within a few kilometers have all been refurbished into private houses full of the charm of old Peking The newly opened alley is for those foreigners and young petty bourgeoisie who come to the imperial capital to watch. On the way, the dark clouds broke up and began to rain.
The rain became bigger and bigger, and it became pouring in a blink of an eye.
Chu Han. Coming out of the mountains in the direction of Fangshan in the distance, a gigantic celestial phenomenon of a dragon absorbing water, a thousand-meter water column rises from the top of the mountain and quickly rolls up into the sky. The car is two or three stations away from the Beixinqiao subway, and it is already impossible to walk. There is a vast ocean in front of me.
The suit and leather shoes from the office were soaked in the water, and I didn’t care about it. I followed the person in charge of the construction party and walked to the place where the incident happened. It was said that the construction was very smooth in the previous year and a half.
The person in charge of the group knows that the old city’s underground pipelines are old and complicated, and they are at the foot of the imperial city, and they specially told the demolition and digging below to be very careful.
Last month, they dug out a mottled piece in the deep corner of Donghuaian Hutong.
The traces and inscriptions on the stele in official script can no longer be seen clearly. The pedestal of the stele is also dilapidated and lost. Most of the remaining stone carvings of Shuanglong playing in the water have a bit of quaint charm. At that time, I was afraid that the person in charge of cultural relics and historic sites in the late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China specially invited the Bureau of Cultural Relics to come and inspect it. When the survey found anomalies, they continued to dig the imperial city. During the rainy season, the gods changed their faces when they said that they changed their faces. That afternoon, thick black clouds rolled up from the sky. When a forklift was pushing and digging earth, a forklift suddenly sank into the ground. Suddenly, water gushed out from the ground, an inexplicable flood gushed out like ink, and the nearby subway station drowned the forklift driver and the two workers on the construction site at that time. It was too late to escape and they were all involved in the vortex. It was too late to rescue them.
They disappeared in an instant. The nearby traffic control team Armed policemen maintain order at the intersection, keeping out the lively crowd watching from far and near.
Some elderly people comment that the construction team has caused trouble.
This has touched the veins of the dragon. There are dragons underneath because of the rain. The lights reflected the frightened and noisy figures in the night.
Manager Zhang was sitting on a high ground by the puddle, covered in mud and drenching. Looking up, he saw Young Master Chu and reacted for two seconds with a distressed face.
Mr. You, you are here.
Crawling out from the ground collapse, I was lucky enough to grab a hard stone step and not be swept away by the water.
Manager Zhang lost his glasses and his hair stuck to his forehead in strands, as if he had been splashed with ink. Exuding a pungent smell, Chu Han is familiar with the bosses of their group and has some friendship with each other When he saw the legendary well standing in the water, he was stunned. The emperor has always said that the dragon well is the dragon’s veins, but in Chu Han’s memory, no one has actually seen those dragon wells in the narration of the elders in the family.
They were all in the late Qing Dynasty.
According to the legend of the common people in the period of the Republic of China, it is said that in the late Qing Dynasty, a wounded giant dragon fell from the sky on a street in Beijing, with horns on its head and scales on its body, attracting half of the people in the capital to watch. There is also a saying that the Japanese army occupied Beiping and burned, killed and looted the city wantonly.
They also tried to force the old Manchus in Beijing to lead the way to find Zhenlong’s well at Beixinqiao. They wanted to dig the treasure under the dragon’s veins.
The dragon well was broken.
Pull out the iron chain and chain from the mouth of the well. The iron chain suddenly entangles a few devil soldiers and drags the little devil down the well to devour it.