Everyones expressions were pure and clear the Daoist priest smiled slightly in his eyes he thought in his heart that this is nothing if I

Chapter 1 Strange Disease More free good books are available in 80 e-books There are a lot of clothes next to the boy, and he is holding a pink dress in his hand. He smiled kindly and said to the two girls, “I see the girl has firm fat, jade muscles, black eyebrows, crescent moon, bright teeth, and autumn water.
Her eyes are really delicate and beautiful. If the girl comes again Putting on this pink dress in my hand will definitely make your beautiful appearance even more stunning.
The two young girls just stopped walking when they heard the words. A word of admiration was received by this praise like a tide. The gorgeously dressed girl’s cheeks turned red and her heart burst into joy. Then she looked at the pink dress in Li Yi’s hand, and there was more love in her eyes. Seeing this scene, Li Yi was secretly delighted to see this scene. The girl’s expression was already moved by her, and she was secretly happy.
At the same time, Li Yi took a few steps forward while the iron was hot and said, if this dress is worn on your Miaoman body, it will definitely be decorated like stars and moons, making you more elegant and generous. You will definitely be attracted to it when you wear it. All the princes and young masters in Yangzhou City, and my dress is of extraordinary quality.
It is purchased from Zhongzhou, made of high-quality silk and made by famous tailors.
It only costs ten taels of silver, the lowest price is ten taels. How about such a beautiful dress? It takes ten taels of silver, why are you hesitating? The clear voice has some seductive flavors.
Li Yi’s original gentle appearance suddenly became a bit like an uncle who seduced a little girl, but Li Yi’s tongue-in-cheek words really had an effect. She was smiling, but she was showing a shy expression in her ladylike image, although she knew that Li Yi’s words were a bit fake, but which girl doesn’t like others to praise her for being beautiful, so the girl’s eyes were already moved when she looked at the dress on Li Yi’s hand Li Yi also began to rejoice in his heart, it seems that another business can be sold today, but at this moment, the maid next to the luxurious girl said, miss, don’t pay attention to them, these peddlers are all lies. In addition, this dress still needs twelve taels, it is too expensive, this maid seems to be on good terms with that girl, and she does not tie her hands and feet. These words immediately woke up the girl who was originally moved.
The dress in Yi’s hand nodded and said to the servant girl, um, Xiaocui, let’s go, etc.
Li Yi gritted his teeth with hatred for the servant girl, Xiaocui, and ruined the business that was about to be obtained, but he still didn’t give up.
I misunderstood me, Li Yi has been here for eight years, and the clothes sold at the stall are all good. I, Li Yi, have already become famous brands, and the girl’s dress seems to be an agreement with the young master to match the clothes with the beautiful woman. This beautiful dress can reflect its value only when it is worn on the girl’s beautiful body What about the lowest price of 8 taels? Li Yi really didn’t lie. Although he is articulate, he doesn’t fool people. If I hadn’t seen the girl’s extraordinary temperament, I definitely wouldn’t have offered such a low price.
Li Yi’s words would add a sense of embarrassment to the girl who was already a bit dizzy. Dissuaded happily bought the dress in Li Yi’s hand, Xiao Cui eight taels of silver, and gave it to him, let’s go quickly, watching the back of the two leave, Li Yi opened his mouth with a smile, you two, walk slowly, come again next time, Li Yi He is only sixteen years old but has been a merchant for seven or eight years. He is an orphan and can only live on his own. However, with his eloquence, he set up a clothes stall in Yangzhou City to support himself. With a big bag of clothes, I went back to the dilapidated courtyard that I bought with years of savings.
I was exhausted, but business was good today.
There is also a bed that can fit one person to sleep on. The walls of the room are full of small cracks like small snakes spreading everywhere.
It makes one wonder if it will collapse at any time. After taking a sip of water, Li Yi didn’t care about getting tired and went to the kitchen to eat today’s dinner casually. Li Yi sat on the bed after a busy day and finally had some free time. However, Li Yi was not as relaxed as he imagined. Looking at his expression, he was nervous and restless.
Time passed and the moon appeared in the dark night sky.
The body began to spread, and Li Yi was startled.
Today, the strange disease is about to break out again.
The pain gradually increased from weak to weak.
After a while, Li Yi felt the tearing pain from all the bones in his body, like countless ants gnawing on his bones.
The heart-piercing pain Li Yi The delicate face became pale, and one could clearly see the blue veins slowly protruding, and in a blink of an eye, it became ferocious.
It hurts. Li Yi couldn’t stand the painful rolling on the bed anymore. He let out a terrifying roar like a wild beast.
Palpitations and severe pain lasted for half an hour, making Li Yi on the verge of dizziness. When the pain finally subsided like a tide, Li Yi seemed to be salvaged from the water, his whole body was drenched, his face was pale and bloodless. It lasted for three waves, now, but the first wave seems to be going to grab medicine again, otherwise, I can’t bear the pain at all.
Li Yi is bitter in his heart, but there is nothing he can do.
The pain is still relatively weak, but as Li Yi grows older, the pain becomes more and more intense, just like just now, life is almost worse than death