Everyone was trembling Nan Gonghengs breath could actually affect the crowd here Jin Zhihu shivered and said to Haotian lets go the princess of the

Chapter 1: The Century of Extraordinary Chaos A desolate and endless darkness enveloped the entire universe. Desolation is synonymous with this century. At the beginning of this century, life is invisible, only some huge irregular stones, faults, space, black holes, chaotic storms and endless darkness.
In this desolate century, the passage of time is imperceptible. Decades, hundreds of years, thousands of years, or even hundreds of millions of years are just the blink of an eye.
I don’t know how long it has passed.
A huge chaos storm swept The darkness of the entire universe was torn apart, and a corner of the chaotic storm that radiated light suddenly illuminated the entire universe. If there is life in this century, it will definitely shout miracles! It was small or disappeared, and when it passed those huge stones, those stones quickly decomposed, decomposed and quickly merged, but they were no longer the irregular stones before, but became spherical.
At the same time in the universe, when most of the huge irregular stones became spherical, the chaos storm weakened, and the whole universe returned to calm, but the whole universe has undergone earth-shaking changes.
The chaos storm has decreased and is no longer the same. It’s pitch black, the bright lights brought by the chaos storm earlier are all attached to those spherical stones, and these stones are all emitting light, bringing light to this universe, and the starlight in the entire universe is no longer dull and unique. The problem is that the universe is still too quiet. I don’t know how long it has passed. Clouds and mist have formed around the spherical stone. The whole stone cannot be seen as a stone. Only some white clouds and mist can be seen around it, but it is still silent for tens of billions of years. The chaotic century has finally come to an end, and a new century has come.
This century is called the chaotic century, and those irregular stones in the early days have already changed their faces.
They formed a planet and became a planet suitable for life.
Chaos century Life was born, and some species appeared one after another on different planets.
The first race that was born with intelligence was none other than the ancient race.
The evolution of the ancient race developed quickly, and the intelligence gradually matured.
It could have become the master of this century, but humans counted.
It’s not as good as Tiansuan, and some other races have appeared one after another, and the evolution and development of spiritual wisdom is a whole million years faster than that of the ancient race. The ancients just made some simple tools.
In contrast, those rising races are much more advanced than the ancients. Their bodies are stronger than the ancients. The tools made by the ancients are more than ten times stronger than the ancients.
These races have to be stronger. These races continue to provoke wars and attack the ancient people. The ancient people rose up and resisted.
In the end, the difference in strength between the enemy and ourselves was too great. The ancient people surrendered.
For millions of years, the ancient human race has been surviving under the enslavement of other races, and the number is constantly decreasing In at least one million years, the ancient human race will basically perish, while other races are becoming stronger and stronger.
The ancient human race is unwilling to be humiliated by such a way of life, but they have no choice but to fight and fight, but they can only pray silently, hoping for a miracle to appear, and theirs The prayer seems to have been fulfilled.
On a certain star, a young man of the ancient race stood in front of a huge mountain. Some time ago, his people were all eaten as food because they did not complete the requirements of a race on time, and the young man escaped desperately.
At the foot of a big mountain, the mountain is tens of thousands of meters high and towers into the clouds. The strange thing is that there is no way up the whole mountain. If you want to go up the mountain, you can only climb up little by little.
Filled with tears and anger, blood and tears flowed out of the eye sockets. His clansmen were brutally killed. This young man was in great pain.
He hated himself for being incapable and hated himself for being weak.
Gradually, anger took over his head, his eyes became hollow, and he became dazed. The stunned body walked forward little by little. When it got close to the mountain, it still didn’t stop. With its hands on the mountain, the feet slowly stepped on a stone on the cliff of the mountain, and the whole body climbed up the cliff. The young man with hollow eyes now only has One belief is to climb this sacred mountain. Before his tribe was destroyed, his elders told him that there is a god on the sacred mountain. As long as he can climb the sacred mountain and see the god, the ancient people will be saved. This belief, even if the young man has lost himself, he will never forget to climb up the holy mountain and ask the gods on the holy mountain to save them On the top, although the moving speed is very slow, you can still see him moving.
One day passed, the young man climbed about 100 meters without eating or drinking.
Two days passed, he was still lying on the top.
Three days passed, he crawled After walking 500 meters, ten days, twenty days, one hundred days and one year, the young man of the ancient race finally climbed to the top of Shenshan Mountain without eating or drinking.
It is a miracle that he didn’t starve to death after climbing for several years, and he was already too thin.
It was so bad that there was only a layer of skin left on the outside of the bones.
When he reached the top of the mountain, the young man finally couldn’t bear it anymore and passed out.
During the period of his unconsciousness, light slowly emerged from his body, and the surrounding air slowly twisted. A small vortex was formed, and the center of the vortex was the young man’s body. Little by little, those lights entered the young man’s body.
The body was recovering at a speed visible to the naked eye.
This scene lasted for a month and a month later, the small vortex disappeared. His eyes moved a few times and then slowly opened.
The young man struggled to sit up and looked at his body without a single piece of clothing on.