Everyone was amazed when they heard this Yan Tread stepped forward bowed respectfully and said back to the sect master master what the junior brother

The infatuated Baguio is as beautiful as the fairy Lu Xueqi, the charming and natural Xiaobai, the charming and smart Tian Linger, the pure and kind Xiaohuan, the exquisite flowers blooming, and the flowers are so beautiful that they can be straight and bearded.
The romantic Zhu Xian is also a legend in the pursuit of longevity Chapter 1: Entering Zhu Xian for the first time, looking at the thick smoke billowing from the high-rise building in front of him, and the heart-piercing cries for help from inside, Lin Feng didn’t have time to think about it, and immediately ordered his team members to start a rescue After receiving the order, some of the firefighters immediately turned on fire hydrants and large-caliber water guns to put out the fire, while others followed the leader Lin Feng and rushed up. Most of the crowd kept raising their mobile phones to take pictures and send them to Moments.
They excitedly recorded the raging fire. In the burning sea of ​​flames, the same kind cried anxiously and desperately while taking pictures of other people talking loudly and laughing watching the excitement, and then condemning them righteously and awe-inspiringly on the Internet, some even went back to the supermarket to buy a bottle of drink and find a comfortable place to sit down Looking at this rare fire with interest, I occasionally lowered my head to reply to the message notification sound that the phone kept ringing. At this time, the hotel has become a mess.
The hotel manager and security guards are urgently calling for evacuation. Although there are many guests People have successfully evacuated before the firefighters arrived, but they still have some fear of death and want to pack up their finances before the fire spreads before leaving.
There is a lot of pressure. This apartment hotel caught fire on the fifth floor. The firefighters quickly climbed to the fourth floor.
At this time, most of the place was already covered by thick smoke. A few team members who followed him stood up and turned on the Ocean King flashlight, searched and rescued each room on the fourth floor, and the rest followed Lin Feng non-stop to the fifth floor, where there was already a sea of ​​flames.
Scattered to find the trapped people in the monstrous sea of ​​fire, the firefighters endured the scorching pain caused by the super high temperature and searched the trapped people room by room. Some people could be found through their cries for help, and others might not.
Injured, comatose, or similar to babies and children who cannot call for help for various reasons, so they need to look for the corners of the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and even the bathroom from room to room. Lin Feng’s heavy heart eased a little.
He frowned and looked at the rooms at the end. Before he had time to think about it, he rushed over there. I went over to check and shouted loudly while running. Is there someone? I’m here to save you. Is there anyone? Looking at the room surrounded by fire, Lin Feng kicked open one of the rooms without the slightest hesitation, then bowed his head and jumped through the sea of ​​flames.
After entering, he quickly checked the surroundings in the living room and bedroom and found no one there.
Immediately, he moved to another room and still kicked away because he was in the sea of ​​fire.
The super high temperature had already overwhelmed his body, and even his clothes were burnt. A lot of thick black smoke obscured his sight. Fortunately, they all had Oxygen mask, at least breathing is not troubled, he staggered and shouted loudly, he came to the last room, although the fire was so fast that it was like a tiger trying to devour him, his body was already at the limit surrounded by the sea of ​​flames, the fire here was too fierce, he knew If he stays again, he may die.
Although there may be no one in the last room, his strong sense of responsibility still makes him dare not give up on any possibility.
This time in the past, he kicked the door three times before opening the door, and then rushed in without hesitation. The strong beam of light swept across the room one by one.
At this time, the curtains and bedding in the room were already covered.
Fortunately, he just heard from the lobby. The manager was worried about an explosion and had already cut off the power to the whole building. Seeing no one in the room, he pushed open the door of the private bathroom.
A small figure was lying there in the thick smoke. The shower head above was pouring water on it Lin Feng hurriedly ran over to see the figure seemed to have heard the movement, Lin Feng was overjoyed and ran over, then knelt down beside him and lowered his head to check his situation carefully, only then did he see that the figure was a fifteen or sixteen year old girl. Covering his mouth and nose with a soaked bath towel, those big bright eyes that were also drenched on his body were looking at him without blinking, the joy and excitement in it were obvious, Lin Feng secretly praised in his heart, and took out the bag he was carrying. The spare mask suddenly discovered that the mask had been burnt out at some point in his heart.
He took out his own mask, picked the girl up, put on the mask and helmet for her, and wrapped her in a soaked bath towel.
The outside of her body was wetted with a hand towel beside her and tied on her head as a mask. The girl smiled softly and said thank you in a low voice. Uncle firefighter Lin Feng looked at her big bright eyes with an embarrassed smile, then gritted his teeth and hugged the girl and stood up. I rushed out. Hello, viewers. This is the noon news.
I am Jinxin.
According to the latest news from our station, an explosion occurred on the fifth floor of the Zishan Huijia Apartment Hotel at Beijing time on January 1, which caused a fire. Citizens were trapped by the fire. The second explosion resulted in fatalities and serious injuries.
Among them, firefighter and soldier Lin Feng rushed into the flames without hesitation to rescue a 12-year-old girl trapped in the flames, but was unfortunately affected by the explosion on the way back.
This 1-year-old hero died with himself. His body protected the girl in his arms.
Unfortunately, the girl was also seriously injured and was eventually rescued in the hospital.