Everyone knows that Li Shaoyu is now completely Became an old man who was dying his life was exhausted his life was exhausted there was

Chapter 1 Meteorite from the Sky Li Shaoyu was walking on the street, casually crumpled up the empty cigarette case in his hand and threw it into the trash can next to him, but hit the trash can and the box was successfully bounced back.
The crumpled cigarette case After rolling around on the ground for a few laps, it calmed down.
The trash can and the cigarette box seemed to be laughing silently at Li Shaoyu. You bully me too. Did Li Shaoyu let out a loud roar, raised his foot and kicked towards the trash can beside him? Ka Li Shaoyu has practiced Sanda, so his physical fitness is still good. How can a plastic trash can withstand being kicked by Li Shaoyu, and a crack is opened? A middle-aged woman is about to take out the trash with a weird look. Take a look at Li Shaoyu, walk quickly, meet a lunatic who is angry with the trash can, two 18 or 19-year-old girls bypass Li Shaoyu far away, talking in a very low voice, oh how impetuous are young people nowadays? The gray-haired old man glanced at Li Shaoyu, shook his head, and let out a sigh, probably because life is too stressful in today’s society.
Alas, the old lady next to the old man sighed softly, as if she was speaking for Li Shaoyu.
I kicked you to pieces. But Li Shaoyu didn’t listen to anything outside the window at all, and just kicked the trash can just now, and felt that the depression in his heart seemed to have diminished a lot, then kicked towards the trash can, click, the trash can really can’t bear it, just go straight Being kicked out by Li Shaoyu, Li Shaoyu immediately felt a burst of relief, but then felt a burst of nausea.
With the shattering of the trash can, a black trash bag was also cut, and the yellow and green liquid flow was accompanied by yellow sticky The objects flowed out and all spilled onto Li Shaoyu’s shoes and trousers. A stench and a smell of urine rose up into the sky. Wow, Li Shaoyu felt his chest twitch.
In the end, he couldn’t hold it back and squatted on the ground and vomited.
That kid just now Are you kicking the trash can? You are vandalizing public property. Do you know that when Li Shaoyu was vomiting, two urban management-looking people came from a distance and shouted at Li Shaoyu? Started to turn around and run wildly, leaving only a row of wet footprints and a pungent smell.
If you get caught, it’s no joke.
At least you’ll have to fine yourself five hundred yuan. I’ve just lost my job. I’m already planning to eat dirt this month. Bai himself doesn’t even need to eat the soil, boy, don’t run, the two urban management uncles behind are chasing after him, chasing and shouting, but how can the physical strength of the two of them catch up with Li Shaoyu, who has been practicing Sanda all the time? Being dumped by Li Shaoyu disappeared, Li Shaoyu ran for five minutes to make sure there was no one behind him, then slowed down. At this time, Li Shaoyu had already reached a main street, and the flow of people and traffic increased.
Did the person just crawl out of the garbage dump? Passers-by all looked at Li Shaoyu with disgusted eyes, covered his mouth and nose with his hands, and walked past him from a distance.
As the saying goes, those who are barefoot are not afraid of wearing shoes, I stink, I am afraid of anyone, only people are afraid of me, what is it, mother? Just when Li Shaoyu was about to think about his future life slowly, a little girl’s voice caught his attention.
Li followed the little girl’s fingers to look at a light spot in the sky, but the light spot in the sky soon turned into a blazing fireball, flying towards the direction I was at, oh my god, run quickly, it’s a meteorite Li Shaoyu rushing The little girl’s mother yelled, then turned around and ran to see justice and bravely save the beauty for a hero.
He never thought that his own life was still important. A reminder would mean that he had done his duty.
Li Shaoyu ran and watched the trajectory of the meteorite in the sky After calculating whether he could escape the catastrophe, he ran out for nearly a hundred meters before Li Shaoyu stopped to rest.
Fortunately, the meteorite was not pointing in his direction, but it would be dangerous if he stayed at the original position. There is something wrong. Li Shaoyu glanced at the meteorite in the sky.
The meteorite was not too big, probably only about the size of a basketball, dragging a long flame tail across the void, and estimated that it would hit the ground in three seconds, but just The moment Li Shaoyu saw it, Li Shaoyu was in a trance and had an illusion.
The meteorite stopped in the air. Li Shaoyu rubbed his eyes vigorously to confirm the result again, which left him dumbfounded.
The crowd is still running around in a panic, Li Shaoyu even thinks that time has stood still at this moment, whoosh, the basketball-sized meteorite just stopped for a moment, seems to have discovered something, changed its direction slightly, and flew towards Li Shaoyu. I bought a watch last year, Li Shaoyu.
Yu couldn’t believe his eyes at all, but he still turned around and sprinted. The speed probably surpassed Bolt, but how could he run past the meteorite? The basketball-sized meteorite slammed into Li Shaoyu’s body. Li Shaoyu felt like a mountain It was as if the mountain was pressing on him, his bones were covered in powder fractures, and he died instantly. Li Shaoyu’s whole world fell into endless darkness and silence in an instant. A mushroom cloud rose up on the road, and a circle with a radius of more than ten meters appeared on the ground. Huge deep pit. As for Li Shaoyu, there is not even a single hair left. Only the passers-by watching from a distance took out their mobile phones to take pictures of the big pit on the ground.
Li Shaoyu was originally an orphan.
Even if he disappeared suddenly, no one would Pay attention to him because no one cares about him in this world.
Not long after, police cars and fire trucks roared in and the place was cordoned off. The police began to evacuate the crowd to stay in this world. The last news about Li Shaoyu is probably tomorrow.
The front page headlines: According to eyewitnesses, a meteorite fell from the sky and the unlucky man was smashed