Everyone hey I understand we all understand Xiaopang you know a hammer a group of guys who know how to make a fuss now everyone

Am I reborn or have I not woken up? Many thoughts came to Tang Ye’s mind. He pinched himself and hissed. It really hurts. Looking at the surrounding scenes, he is quite familiar. It is the first row from the bottom of the seats in Class 18, the classroom where the back door is next to the wall. There are a little few people. The clock on the podium is 1:50. Now it’s lunch break.
My eyesight has become so fake.
The world in my eyes is too real.
Girls are not hazy and beautiful.
I’m not used to Tang Ye.
I don’t know today.
I’m going to ask my deskmate later on what day of the week he should be having fun playing in the Internet cafe. This year should be when the league starts to heat up. The deskmate is working hard for leveling.
Tang Ye looked at the book on the desk and felt chills. Xin Dao, there are so many books in the first year of high school, so I have to study again? It’s too bad. Others bring some magic weapons when they are reborn. Why don’t I have one? He looked around on the seat and occasionally let out a little exclamation.
Otherwise, if people hear him muttering in a low voice, his classmates will think he is crazy.
Tang Ye picked up a small mirror on the table and looked at himself in the mirror. Oh, my hair is too long now, and the bangs in front are almost straight to the tip of my nose. Hope.
Now that it’s closer to the weekend, I can go to get a haircut. The hair salon in my memory should not have moved away. The hairdresser’s skills are great. The time slipped forward for a while, and the bell sounded for the end of the lunch break, followed by the music. It’s a familiar smell.
Isn’t it? As soon as this song comes back, how can I miss this song and still miss the youth Dang Ding Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dangdang Xiaohuanghua, who has been a story about the story, has been swinging in my childhood when I was born.
I tried to fall and blow the wind.
Today I tried to hold your hand, but the rain got so heavy that I couldn’t see you. Tang Ye exclaimed, it’s the taste of youth, but the rain got so heavy that I couldn’t see you. How much I miss him. He got up When I walked out of the classroom, a gust of wind blew past. It was not as cool as I imagined. It was as hot as in the classroom, but it blown away a little bit of the dullness.
There were students in the seventh class next door who moved stools and sat outside the classroom.
They were all boys. Shouting loudly tonight, Tang Ye doesn’t even remember his name if he goes online tonight. He remembers his nickname is Brother Dog. I used to go to the same school with him and then went to another school, but they were not in the same class, but they were all in the next class. So I didn’t get in touch with him much after I got to know him.
He seems to have gone to junior college. Tang Yedao will see what day of the week it is.
It’s Friday. Go online, I’ll go cut my hair first. Brother Hot Dog, what did you cut? Your hair is so handsome. I want to keep it longer. Tang Ye thought to himself, hehe, he looked at his hair. It’s a flat-headed spirit. If you cut it too long, it would be a pity.
If it’s me, I won’t cut it Brother Gou then sighed and said that this song has been played for several weeks without changing it.
It’s a sunny day, a ghost, listening to labor and capital being upset I don’t know where the broadcasting station is.
Tang Ye has been studying in this high school for three years. I really don’t know where the campus broadcasting station is in the office building, the laboratory building, the complex building, or the cafeteria.
Brother’s girlfriend came from a distance, his voice suddenly became quieter, stood up and greeted her, hehe Tang Ye couldn’t remember the name of Brother Dog’s girlfriend for a while, only knew that the girl was in the same class as him, like in the first year of high school Still sitting next to him is a group of his girlfriends who are still in the junior high school class next to him in the elementary school, Chang Ning’s classmate Chang Ning’s world is so small that they are all classmates everywhere Gou Ge’s girlfriend has a very delicate oval face and good skin Tang Ye It’s only now that I realize that these people started early. Thinking about my previous life, I didn’t have a girlfriend until I graduated from college. It’s so pitiful that I blame myself for not cherishing it.
Tang Ye admires Brother Gou’s eyes very much.
Why? When we get together and have a crystallization of love, his child will definitely not be short of milk and drink Wang Qincai. What are you talking about? It’s nothing, just a few random words. Tang Ye thought that the dog brother’s name is Wang Qincai.
Maybe his parents hope that he is hardworking and rich.
Seeing his appearance, he is afraid of his girlfriend.
You don’t seem to be talking about surfing the Internet at night, are you? You are not allowed to surf the Internet at night Tang Ye thought it was true that Brother Gou didn’t go. Tonight we will eat hot and sour noodles. The whole family is ok, ah, no domineering at all, no man, no boy, poor, unknowingly, the campus radio sang four songs, the class bell rang, the deskmate Wang Xuan ran into the classroom and sat on the seat panting, the forehead was covered with beads of sweat, you are very tired I was almost late on time, Wang Xuan, it was necessary. I drove from the Internet cafe to school for six minutes and ran into the classroom for three minutes. I bought a few steamed buns for two or three minutes on the way. I got off the plane at two o’clock. The time is enough.
There are too many people buying steamed stuffed buns today. Arrived a few minutes earlier and talking, he put the steamed stuffed bun on the desk, brother, you calculated the time for surfing the Internet so accurately, I admire Tang Ye, hehe, let me tell you that the alliance is really fun, you can try it tonight, don’t play the game of Xuanwu It’s all girls.
What’s the point? Tang Yedao tried it another day, he thought to himself, I seem to like to play the dance on the fingertips of Xuanwu at this time, oh, it’s interesting.
My youth, why didn’t the online dating teacher come to the classroom? The first period is the history teacher.
Wang Xuan ate the buns while teaching at the top, and asked Tang Ye to look outside for fear that the head teacher would come on patrol and catch him I caught you Tang Ye was concentrating on listening to the class. He has forgotten a lot about his high school knowledge.
In his previous life, he just graduated from university for a year and was preparing for the public exam