Even if the cornucopia can make some out of thin air it would be too scary but at this time the synthetic man doesnt think

Chapter 1 Cornucopia Liu Lang sat on the sofa and soaked his feet in a footbath filled with Moutai.
A pedicure technician squatted on the ground and rubbed the mud on his feet vigorously, looking at the empty rows of Moutai on the ground. There was a deliberately ingratiating smile on Bottle’s face.
I heard that soaking feet in Maotai wine can cure athlete’s foot. I feel that the medicine is not strong enough.
Give me a few more bottles of Lafite.
After saying this, Liu Lang raised his wrist inadvertently. Looking at the time, what he was looking at was not the time but the expensive Patek Philippe watch in his hand. He suddenly found that this black Patek Philippe watch did not match his red shirt, so he asked his assistant to go to the opposite shopping mall to buy a red one. Looking at the tall, fair-looking and beautiful assistant Liu Lang who had just been recruited, he pondered for a while and said, “By the way, go to the Bentley store to pick up another Mulsanne.
Liu, didn’t you just pick up a Bentley last week?” Liu Lang frowned.
The ashtray was full, the female assistant was slightly taken aback, looking at her trembling hands and an incomprehensible expression, Liu Lang felt very satisfied, looking at the ceiling, smelling the alcohol smell of Moutai from the footbath, Liu Lang Gradually fell asleep The life of the rich is sometimes so simple and unpretentious Just like his name Liu Lang has been very romantic lately I bought Blizzard, but even if he spends so much money, he still can’t spend it all, even more and more. A few months ago, Liu Lang was a poor boy with a pocket cleaner than his face. He owed more than 30,000 credit cards and paid off his online loans.
Li owes more than 100,000 yuan, and now he doesn’t know how many billionaires he is worth. Liu Lang doesn’t know how much money he has.
He only knows that he wanted to withdraw all the money in cash a few days ago. The central bank urgently printed three The pile of renminbi money in three days and nights is higher than Mount Everest.
The reason why he was able to counterattack in a few months is all because of the broken washbasin at home that I don’t know how many years in the basement.
A few months ago Liu Lang In order to pay back the money, the washbasin was left by grandpa, and it is quite heavy. It has some patterns carved on it, and it looks like it is pure copper.
It should sell for more than ten yuan, but when he threw five empty mineral water bottles in the When Basin was planning to sell scraps together, the scene that shocked him was that the mineral water bottles in the washbasin turned into ten, what the hell? After putting another one in, a few seconds later, he watched the mineral water bottle turned into two. Liu Lang’s jaw almost fell off. He rubbed his eyes and threw another water bottle in.
In a blink of an eye, a water bottle overflowed from the washbasin.
His legs softened and he sat on the ground. Liu Lang knew that this washbasin was an awesome thing. He remembered that this washbasin was left by his grandfather. When his grandfather was alive, he warned the whole family that this basin was a treasure handed down from the ancestors, and no one was allowed to touch it. Then I just kept throwing it in the basement.
If it wasn’t for the money owed, Liu Lang would have forgotten that there was such a baby in the basement. What the hell is the washbasin? It’s clearly a gathering place. Treasure basin, one thing you put in it can turn into two, and ten can turn into twenty.
A mineral water bottle costs a dime. Fuck me, I’m going to get rich, so Liu Lang keeps throwing mineral water bottles into it while pouring out the mineral water.
Put the water bottle into the snakeskin bag happily. An hour later, Liu Lang rode a tricycle and pulled several hundred kilograms of mineral water bottles to the waste recycling station. He got the first pot of gold in his life, which was five thousand.
He counted it happily. Five thousand dollars.
He understood that the unique feature of this washbasin is that if he puts one thing in, it can turn into two. If he throws mineral water bottles in it every day, it will be a huge profit. Wan um, why does it feel like there is something weird? I am so stupid. Since this washbasin can copy everything, why do I have to copy mineral water bottles? Copying Coke bottles is fine. Coke bottles can be sold for three hairs. Just bankrupt the waste recycling station.
Well, there seems to be something weird.
Liu Lang rode a tricycle back home with the 5,000 general pass in his pocket, and threw the 5,000 general pass into the washbasin.
He clenched his fists and prayed for a miracle.
Fuck, a few seconds later, the 5,000 general pass just now turned into 10,000.
He blushed and threw in the 10,000 general pass with the same energy as he had thrown the mineral water bottle just now, and 10,000 became two.
Ten thousand and twenty thousand changed to forty, sixty-four thousand and turned to one million and two hundred and eighty thousand. Liu Lang’s heart almost popped out of his throat when he saw the universal tickets piled up in front of him as high as a hill. He had never seen so many tickets in his life.
The speed of the ticket is faster than the money printing machine hahahaha I will be a rich man in the future, what kind of horses and vines, what Bill should be magnetic, after I bought all your companies, I will not take the three rounds when I go out, and I will experience the subway What does it feel like every time I take the subway, I will buy five tickets.
I will lie on the subway chair and eat instant noodles and two marinated eggs. One only eats egg yolk and the other only eats egg white. Found a problem, which poured cold water on his beautiful vision. He found that although the money could be copied infinitely, the number of the money that came out was exactly the same as the original money.
He used an ultraviolet lamp to illuminate the money and the real money. They are exactly the same. In other words, these are real money, but the serial number coincides with the principal of the previous 5,000 general note.
Although it is said that these money can all pass through the money printing machine, Liu Lang is very clear that each piece of money is unique.
If you deposit so many money with the same number in the bank, not only will you not become a rich man, but you will also be arrested and spend the rest of your life in a small dark room watching the one million yuan you copied with all your efforts become waste paper.