Even if Li Chong was promoted from the Dingyin Dzogchen realm to the Yuanyin realm it would definitely not be so Just want to hide

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After crossing, Li Chong got a trash seal, but for a genius, it is enough to shock the world.
Since then, he has flourished, and all the powerful, strict and evil-doing aristocratic families have all been trampled under his feet.
This is not enough for him to kill the heavens and win the throne. Who said my god seal is trash? Wandering around looking for traces of printing, the big shops in Yiyang City and the boards on the doors of some big families are all printing and ordinary characters. The printing is used to guard the gate of the house.
He searched for printing everywhere to practice, but unfortunately, he has already printed these printings between his eyebrows. After more than three months of searching, he has been to some remote alleys and ruined temples in the city, but there is no new printing. The printing is done by the printer using the printing air and using a good printing pen.
The special characters written with cinnabar on the special ink dots can exorcise evil spirits and avoid demons.
The practice of the sealer is also based on these printed characters to cultivate the soul in the sea of ​​seals, so that the soul can be condensed into printed characters and possess many abilities.
Therefore, the printed characters exist in the outside world and in the sealer. The printing of the outside world in Yinhai is a cultivation method summed up by countless generations who have spent tens of thousands of years. If you learn Yinhaizhong, you will have great supernatural powers. Li Chong is fifteen years old this year.
The printing in the practice cheats at home has already been learned in Yinhai, and he has no extra money to buy new printing secrets.
For cultivation, he thought of this method of stealing the teacher to try to figure out the printing on the street. The printing in Yinhai can only be used by beginners. The only print cannot be repeated, only by constantly adding new prints can the seal be expanded and the sea strengthened. Before he knew it, he came to Yiyang Lake, ten miles outside Yiyang City. Looking at the countless courtyards and towers beside the lake, Yiyang Lake suddenly lit up in his eyes. The scenery is very beautiful. Yiyang Lake is full of other courtyards built by some rich and powerful families as a resting place for vacation and play. There must be a lot of printing on the plaque on the door. Thinking of this, he feels excited and takes out the two big cakes he brought in the morning from his arms.
Biting his teeth fiercely, he strode towards those other courtyards while eating his eyes while searching for printed characters, but unfortunately, the names of these gardens are nothing more than common names such as Linhuxuan, Yazhige, Qingyiyuan, etc. There are no novel words.
He just learned that it is worthless, and he now has about 4,500 printed characters in the sea. The commonly used characters are only two to three thousand. He knows so many characters, not to mention looking for new printed characters, just looking for ordinary unknown characters. It was very difficult, just when he was depressed and thought that there was no harvest today, suddenly a simple and elegant manor attracted him, he ran over at once, ate the remaining pancakes in three bites, and stood in front of the manor The two characters before the three characters of Xuanpan Pavilion are actually printed characters that have never entered the Indian Sea. Li Chong suddenly He was so happy that he stared closely at the word Xuanpan, moved his mind and soul to carefully understand the meaning of these two characters and the way of writing, while figuring out while dancing with his hands and feet, the spirit in the sea of ​​seals condensed and tried various ways of imitating writing If it is the printing in the cultivation secret book, one printing can be written in several steps, how to be lucky, how to do the movements, and also describe how to use the soul, then there is no need to think about it, just practice according to it. But now he is like stealing other people’s martial arts moves. He can only figure out how to use his true qi according to the moves, how to make moves and why such a move is very exhausting. Half an hour, an hour passed, and two hours passed, and finally he realized how the sealer wrote this book by mobilizing his soul. After two words, he gesticulated with his hands and feet in the Yinhai, and kept fantasizing and practicing. Finally, there seemed to be a golden light flashing in the Yinhai. Suddenly, an extremely comfortable feeling flooded his whole body.
Shh, he let out a long breath, as if he had just woken up. It looked like he wiped the sweat off his face with his hand, only then did he realize that his forehead was covered with sweat before he knew it.
He took out a handkerchief from his pocket and began to wipe the sweat.
Walking out of the gate of Xuanpan Pavilion, the handsome and unrestrained young man came to Li Chong in an unusually slow manner. He slapped the folded fan on the ground and slapped it lightly twice. He gave Li Chong a sidelong glance and his tone of teasing. The little brother was just thinking about the door of my house. The word? I just don’t know, little brother, do you know the first two words? Li Chong just spent all his soul training and printing. At the moment, he is still in a state of natural stupor.
He didn’t even notice the boy’s arrival, but at first he heard the man’s contemptuous questioning Immediately he felt dissatisfied when he heard that the voice was soft and she was still a woman, but he was so contemptuous. Being underestimated by a woman, he became a little annoyed, and subconsciously blurted out, “Pan is a square and hollow stone chamber like a hanging pan.” This idiom means that the family is poor, Miss, your villa It seems a little inappropriate to have such a name. Well, the girl dressed as a man seems to have no idea that Li Chong not only knows but also understands the meaning of these two words. She was a little surprised and looked Li Chong up and down. Seeing that Li Chong was not polite at all, she just ignored it. Her men’s clothes point out her identity as a woman, which is really unreasonable.
Li Chong raised his neck slightly, wanting to take a closer look at the girl in front of him. He was still in the mood of cultivation just now, and his mind was a little dull. Looking at the girl, his mind went blank, thinking. He tried his best to see the girl clearly, then he tried his best to widen his eyes.
In the girl’s eyes, he seemed to be giving her a roll of his eyes, slightly frowned, snorted, lost a word of madness, then turned his head and left angrily. All the men are very fawning