Even if he is not enough to shake and replace him how can he not I hate him madly I wish I could tear him

Because the emperor Zhao Jian is a Duanxiu who doesn’t love Liugong Fendai only loves Lanyan Aiqing, so she is tragic He chopped off his head neatly, and when Ah Wu opened her eyes again, she was reborn on the night when she first entered the palace.
The man woke up when he saw her suddenly woke up.
The man frowned and said, Ah Wu was stunned. He fell into a coma all night and didn’t even know when he would leave the next day. Seeing her astonished as if he had seen hell, Zhao Jian couldn’t help but teased again, asking why didn’t you just look forward to tonight? I’m afraid I’m not, I don’t have her, she trembles and speaks like crying without tears, this is not the indifferent Zhao Jian she knew at all, isn’t he a man with a broken sleeve who has no interest in women? Women Content Tags Marquis of the court, special liking, love made in heaven, rebirth, sweet search keywords, main character Su Wu, Su Pinpin, Zhao Jian, supporting role, other words, introduction, her husband who is keen on erotic beauty, she was forced to stand upright even in adversity. A Brave and Tenacious Heart Chapter Rebirth The bleak autumn wind outside the hall rolled up a few fallen leaves The bleak autumn wind outside the hall rolled up a few fallen leaves When the first light of morning shone through the cold window, the inside of the Jiaofang hall was already brightly lit Su Wu dragged her exhausted One night’s body got up in a hurry, her complexion turned pale, she didn’t care to wash her hair, her temples were scattered, and she was already waiting for her husband to dress with many maids holding their breaths. Her husband is Zhao Jian, the emperor of the Great Wei Kingdom, and she is his new wife. The queen who has not been married for a long time was only blessed by him until last night.
Her palm-sized face looked preoccupied with a look of fatigue, but the eyes under the long eyelashes that fluttered like butterfly tails were extremely focused.
Seriously, it seems that dressing him is the most important thing in this world. No mistakes can be tolerated. Zhao Jian watched as her little hands kept busy on his body, carefully putting on layers of clothes for him, wearing a gold silk belt. Putting on the Nine Dragon Jade Pendant, she finally took the twelve-pronged crown from the palace man and put it on for him personally with a white jade hairpin.
This was the second time he watched her intently.
It’s just that she wasn’t so close last time, just a glimpse of her. There is no doubt that she is an extremely beautiful woman, with jet-black, thick hair, charming and affectionate peach blossom eyes, a small nose, bright red lips, a graceful neck and a slender grip. The soft waist and delicate body with bumps are like the red pistils blooming on the branches under the cold winter snow. When he first saw it, he was amazed and unforgettable.
Now, even with such a pale face, he looks so weak and pitiful, but he is still beautiful. He couldn’t take his eyes away. She is beautiful, but she is his daughter.
He has always understood that this is a woman he must never touch, but he was lucky last night. If she said why, maybe he could only find beauty to seduce people.
The reason is that he But he is also very clear that he is not a foolish king who is obsessed with beauty, and he absolutely cannot be the king of a subjugated country. Therefore, her status as the daughter of the prime minister is more like a thorn in his chest. The pain made him give birth again for no reason.
A little irritated, before she finished tidying her collar, he stretched out his hand and brushed her catkins away.
I went up to him.
He forced himself not to pay attention to her every move, but turned his face slightly and looked away from her.
Zhao Jian was born with a magnificent appearance, sword eyebrows and star eyes. He has a kind of dignity and aura of a superior person, especially right now, when he is angry, his brows are furrowed, and that handsome face seems to be unfriendly to strangers. He is taller than Su Wu. If she didn’t stand on her tiptoes, her height would only reach his chest.
Now that he suddenly loses his temper, the sense of distance is more obvious, and the sense of oppression has also increased a lot.
However, for his uncertainty, Su Wei has long been I’m used to seeing her with a calm face, she just took a few steps back calmly, then bowed to him, and almost became a concubine to send off to His Majesty. A eunuch who was waiting close by followed him in time, and soon he left in a crowd. Su Wu looked at his leaving figure and suddenly remembered that when I first saw him, he was also so star-studded.
Coming and going like the wind, coming and going in such a hurry that I was still purely curious at that time, I could only see his back in a hurry, leaning against the door, just waiting for his glance, in fact, all the good feelings she had for him at that time It’s nothing more than a young girl’s curiosity.
Zhao Jian is astonishingly talented, but at that time she also had a childhood sweetheart, Ai Lang, but she never thought that the most careless beginning of the moment when they looked at each other from afar would also be in the future. The beginning of all her sufferings and tragedies Zhao Jian’s appearance and demeanor are definitely the most outstanding among men, pleasing to the eye, otherwise he would not have been embraced by his father as an emperor even though he died young and had no children, but he is more than him There is no royal family that is more qualified to sit on that seat, but his father’s tolerance and magnanimity did not bring Zhao Jian’s gratitude and contentment. He personally pushed a fledgling wolf to the throne in exchange for his deep-rooted hatred for her. As well as the tragic end of the Su family’s murder, she died in grief. The past scenes are still vivid in her mind. So many people in the house were wailing endlessly on the execution ground.
She waited in that fear for severe pain until she died slowly, but what she didn’t expect was that she was reborn back when she entered the palace at the beginning of the year. She still remembers when she entered the palace