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The copywriting mountaineering encounters an avalanche Cai Qing returns to the day when she lost the game, only this time she will not escape reality Since badminton can no longer be played, how about playing tennis? Retired badminton champion’s road to a tennis queen The main character of the face is Cai Qing, the supporting role is Gu Zhentao, Su Fengmei, Zhao Baoshan, Karshi, and other tennis competitions. She has never played badminton since she retired, but she often makes appointments to play tennis. This year, unfortunately, the Australian Open final day and the time to climb Siguniang Mountain conflict.
She can only watch this in the hotel at the foot of the mountain.
The 35-year-old veteran was rejuvenated after a career trough and started the new year with a grand slam trophy. In the post-match reporter interview, Fernans bluntly expressed his gratitude to the coach.
Karshi pointed at me The state gave the most effective advice. I hope that in this season we can continue to cooperate in a friendly way. On the TV, the director switched the camera to this British man. It’s time to go to bed. After retiring, Cai Qing still insists on various sports. Half marathon, tennis, swimming, and the most exciting thing is climbing a snow mountain.
But she didn’t expect that she was unlucky this time. Two days later, there was an avalanche in Siguniang Mountain. Cai Qing When she looked at the snow falling from above, she was unusually calm.
The whiteness in her eyes reminded her of the badminton she once held in her hand.
It was as pure and flawless as the one that ruined her career and the other took her life.
When Cai Qing woke up, her mind was still a little groggy. She didn’t expect that she would be so fateful.
When the snowy mountain collapsed, she could escape the catastrophe. After all, it was the New Year.
It was unexpected that the rescue team came so quickly.
People are already making movements subconsciously, wanting to know whether their legs and feet have been frozen by the snow or not, but soon Cai Qing sensed that something was wrong.
The weather is a bit hot, not like winter.
She quickly opened her eyes and was startled by the surrounding environment. The bed next door is a hotel standard, even the sheets are pulled neatly without a single wrinkle, and there are Mediterranean-style oil paintings and Van Gogh’s sunflowers hanging on the wall. This scene seems familiar, and Cai Qing’s mind is stunned. She will never forget it. Here she lost the only chance in her career to become an Olympic champion.
Cai Qing’s eyes quickly locked on the wall clock in the room.
She looked at her phone again.
Back in the year, she was still using Gao Yan at that time.
The date displayed on the Sony Ericsson mobile phone is 2:00 pm local time. She really went back to that day thirteen years ago, the day that changed the trajectory of her entire career, Cai Qing, you woke up, teammate who came out of the bathroom Say hello to her, do you want to go to practice? Cai Qing quickly agreed to her teammate’s proposal.
In the past thirteen years, she has been thinking about the Olympic badminton game at six o’clock in the evening on this day.
She lost to Chen Haili in the semi-finals of the women’s singles in furball and missed the Olympic final.
The loss was arranged by the team’s national badminton head coach Gu Zhentao to ensure that the women’s singles could win the Olympic gold medal. The reason for the decision of the final is very simple.
In the women’s singles semi-final held at ten o’clock this morning, the Danish Madeleine won and entered the final.
Madeleine is Cai Qing’s tormentor. Even Cai Qing, who is only 19 years old, ranks The number one in the world has already won the Sudirman Cup and Uber Cup as the main force of the team, and won the women’s singles gold medal in the World Championships. But facing the Danish Madeleine, she lost more than she won, and Chen Haili was very good against Madeleine.
Therefore, when Cai Qing and Chen Haili in the second half competed for a place in the final, the team made a difficult decision.
Cai Qing let the ball lose the game. In her previous life, Cai Qing was persuaded by the head coach.
She went back to the room of the Olympic Village and fell asleep.
Just sleep and everything will be fine. Tomorrow will be a new day. I was killed in an avalanche. I went back to the day thirteen years ago when I was about to lose the semi-finals.
Was persuaded to let the ball lose to Chen Haili, but in this life she wanted to change her way of life.
It was too late when Gu Zhentao realized something was wrong.
Teammate Chen Haili’s face is full of puzzlement.
Didn’t she say that she will save her energy and guarantee the gold medal, so Cai Qing will lose the game? This is not the rhythm of losing the game. The team’s customary coach will not appear on the coaching bench, it all depends on the players’ own performance, and because of this, Gu Zhentao has no choice but to talk to Cai Qing at this moment. Zhentao’s anger right now, after all, he has turned back on what he said, but he is not the only one who turned back on what he said, she is going to win with a big score, and Chen Haili’s trip to Athens is doomed to be unsatisfactory.
As the current No. 1 player in women’s singles, Cai Qing is better than Chen Haili At the young age of six, it is a piece of cake to deal with this senior sister.
Even in the second game, Chen Haili made tactical adjustments to try to save the defeat, but she still lost to Cai Qing.
She still went through the serve point system and the point-per-ball system.
The two rules plus my familiarity with Chen Haili, even though I haven’t touched a badminton racket for a long time in the previous life, but now her sense of the game is still hot Cai Qing controls the game. In the previous life, she lost to Chen Haili with two hands and sent her to the final. In this life, she Just use two to send her out and go to the third place competition to play in the finals