Ens lips he said to him in a tearing Ian tone you shouldnt force me like this Hayley took two steps back and left the

Eight years later, Ian retired from the army and became an ordinary detective. His partner is the grown-up Hayley, a flirtatious and mysterious young man. This man with an angelic face and an unpredictable heart pulls Ian’s heartstrings in various ways.
One step at a time made him unable to extricate himself, and Hailey’s special way of reasoning always made it difficult for Ian to relax his vigilance. Ian opened his eyes wide and looked at the nothingness above his head. He couldn’t tell the direction of the light. He couldn’t hear his own breathing and heartbeat. However, it is filled with shouts from medical staff, blood, he needs a blood transfusion, and now it is preliminarily judged that the penetrating wound of the heart and left ventricle must undergo emergency surgery.
Dr. Brook, you mean New York’s number one surgeon, Brook, how did he come here? How do I know that at least Captain Ian Connor’s life still has a glimmer of hope? Ian’s consciousness kept falling in half-dream, half-awake, and he saw that like a temple. An angelic boy with slightly curly golden brown hair, elegant and deep pupils like a lagoon When day and night meet, light and shadow cast a mysterious color on his face Ian, here I am, here he stretches out his hand to him His eyes refract Look at me, Ian, look at me, you can only look at me until I am so persistent, but the purer things are, the more terrifying Ian wants to look away, but the boy’s smile drags on. Pulling his thoughts, his whispers are in his ears, the gentlest gesture makes him irresistible, don’t believe everything he shows you, Ian, in an instant, that piece of pure white turns into an endless abyss, the boy’s figure keeps falling, he is disappointed Looking at Ian, the abyss is blooming under his body, and a light rose is fragile and harmless.
The whole world is filled with the sound of flowers blooming, overwhelming.
Why don’t you believe me? Ian, I will never hurt you. Ian suddenly opened his eyes, the light shone through the cracks in the tent, it was very dazzling, he had to turn his head away, you woke up, Captain Connor’s calm and experienced voice came, and Ian sat up suddenly The pain in his chest forced him to lie down again.
Where is this place? The temporary hospital in the rear camp? Slowly, Captain Connor, I’m sorry to tell you that you are the only survivor. The force of the explosion was too great. Ian’s pupils dilated and he closed his eyes when the support team brought you back from New York. God of surgery Dr.
Brooke has been waiting for you in the operating room Major Kruse continued God of surgery Ian covered his eyes with the back of his hand Doctors like that should stay in the big city and do at least How did a million dollar surgery end up here Hayley Russell I’m really curious how on earth he expected you to get hurt and cut it off the day you went on a mission Dr. Brooke delivered Major Kruse’s tone of humor and now your life belongs to Hayley Russell Hayley Russell Ian mentally said the name with the tip of his tongue three times on the upper jaw and once on the lower jaw Ian subconsciously clenched his fists and a wry smile appeared on his lips. Then I would rather die.
Major Kruse shook his head helplessly.
I understand that you can’t afford three million dollars in your life, but living is always better than dying. Subjectively speaking.
There are two situations of death.
First, you don’t want to die, but fate does not allow you to live. For example, your teammates. Second, you really want to die to escape something or someone.
I don’t comment on the former, but I must on the latter. Said that only by being alive can you have a chance to discover the fear and disgust you escaped, and that you may become the most beautiful existence in the world. After that, Major Kruse put a letter on Ian’s chest. I heard that Hayley Russell was in these Enough letters sent to you in years to fill a warehouse but you never opened them You saved him eight years ago did you? Now he saved you Maybe you should see what he told you Major Kruse Get up and leave the whole camp Ian is the only one left and he lifts up the white envelope with a red round wax seal on the seal like it’s from some old gothic movie old mystical solemn wax stamped with thorns This is the family crest of the Russell family.
I heard that this is a family with a long history.
Some say it comes from Romania, and some say it comes from England or Italy. The population has always been small, but it has influenced this country with incomparable and inestimable financial resources and influence. Ian opened the envelope and took the letter out. What I saw was smooth and beautiful handwriting, like a poem describing the reflection of a lake. Dear Ian, we have not seen each other for eight years. I have written you countless letters and have not. It’s such a pity to get one of your letters back. I can’t sleep or eat at the thought of you in a place where there’s smoke and war.
I know it would be easy to force you off the battlefield with the influence of the Russells, but that’s it. You will hate me for interfering in your life.
I also thought about asking someone to bring back your photo, but I don’t want to be misunderstood by you. I am a stalker, so I have to endure it. I often imagine the scene of meeting you again in my sleep. I feel genuinely happy But tonight I dreamed that a sharp rose pierced your heart So I hired Dr. Brooke to go to your army Anyway please live well Don’t forget I told you I don’t Know if you should be a devil or a devil hunter If you’re alive at least I know there’s someone who’ll be watching me If you’re dead I’ll avenge you Even turn the world upside down