Enough to establish the victory or defeat Chapter 861 See three moves again Xiang Yang You finally appeared Attack and kill me Kuhai Dharma Guardian

This is a story of a small catch who practices the strongest martial arts, fights the strongest enemy, drinks the most beautiful wine, and grows into an invincible powerhouse. Chapter 1 Xiang Yang bows once, bows twice, bows three times, becomes a family member, and gives a loud and clear shout of thanks. After the sound, Xiang Yang wept, with two lines of tears on his face that hadn’t dried up, he bowed to a man with a big waist and a round waist wearing a policeman’s costume, and said thank you Uncle Wang, he nodded and sighed, and patted Xiang Yang on the shoulder in condolence Shun Bian Although Lao Xiang is gone, life will go on. I have already told the county master that you should rest for a few days and come back to the government office after dealing with Lao Xiang’s affairs.
There is another person who came to worship and needs to return the gift.
He can only repeat the gestures just now and express his thanks to a person who is wearing satin clothes and looks very shiny. This is a small mourning hall. The whole room is only more than 20 square meters, and some parts have been peeled off. The yellow brick inside is white and yellow, and it looks very shabby and shabby. On the north side, against the wall, a gray coffin is lying there. In front of the coffin is an incense table. A black-and-white photo, but unfortunately this is a feudal society similar to ancient China, and there is no such thing as tall and tall. He has an elegant demeanor, and anyone who sees it can praise him, Erlang, today is the second day of his death, Anyuan County has already come, no less than fifty people, big and small, to offer incense and pay homage to Xiang Daniu. It’s unbelievable for a small catcher who only pays three dollars a month. Xiang Daniu’s ancestral home is Anyuan County, Qingjiang Prefecture.
For generations, Du Miao’s ancestors have been old farmers who face the land and their backs to the sky. The county magistrate who visited undercover provided some useful intelligence information and was taken into the government office as a government servant.
After working for several years, Xiang Daniu was favored by the county magistrate because of his honesty and honesty. She married the daughter of a poor old scholar in the county under the help of her husband. That juicy girl married a big man who didn’t know a single word.
I’m really envious. The people in the county are so-called counterattacks, but that’s all.
Everything changed in Yangyang.
First, Xiang Yang’s mother died of dystocia, and then the county magistrate Mr. Gao who was kind to Xiang Daniu was promoted. Serving as a small catcher has been working for more than ten years. If it continues like this, it’s nothing to be mediocre. At least people are safe and sound.
Who knows that a few days ago, Heifengzhai outside the county town went down the mountain to rob. What kind of wind was so brave that he hacked to death two bandits, and he himself was hacked to death by random knives, and finally he was rewarded by the county magistrate. After his death, he was promoted to an honorary head catcher. Xiaoya It can be said that the more than 50 people who came to pay homage to Xiang Daniu, apart from a few old colleagues who have known each other for more than ten years, are mostly for the sake of the county magistrate, otherwise they are not small arresters. If you die soon, who cares about you? As for Xiang Yang’s only family member, when his father dies, he is really lonely. There is no other relative in the world.
It will be a long time to drink the northwest wind, and most of the people who help Xiang Yang in front of the mourning hall are the neighbors from the left and right, such as Aunt Wu who opened a steamed stuffed bun stall, Uncle Li who was a student of Xiang Yang’s grandfather, Mr. Liu, everyone look at Xiang Yang, who was wiping away tears, was also very uncomfortable.
What a miserable child. The sky outside the mourning hall was gradually darkening. Everyone saw that no one came to worship, so they packed up and left. Before leaving, Aunt Wu handed Xiang Yang a small basket and touched it. Xiang Yang’s head felt distressed and said, “This is the steamed stuffed bun made by your aunt.
You can’t be hungry at night. Don’t force yourself. If you need help, just come to my house.
This is a simple village woman. Xiang Yang is very moved by her sincere feelings.
She nodded and held it.
” The hands of the basket were a little pale.
Mr. Liu stood beside Xiang Yang and touched the black beard under his chin.
He took out a folded white paper from his arms and handed it to Xiang Yang.
The four words of dedication and duty are actually written to your father by your grandfather before he died. Although Daniel didn’t know a single word, he really did these four words. He defended the people and fought against bandits and died. Now you are also a catcher. Inheriting your father’s business, don’t disappoint your grandfather and father’s expectations. This is an encouragement. Xiang Yang solemnly accepts this copybook and bows to Mr. Liu. Don’t worry, Mr.
Xiang Yang dare not insult the reputation of his ancestors. After returning from the house empty-handed, he put a Yanling Saber with a scabbard in front of Xiang Yang. This is your father’s saber. When fighting the bandits in Heifengzhai, there were more than a dozen gaps. I have already done so. Re-smelted to make it much stronger than the one issued by the government, you accept it.
In the future, you will be on duty. How can you not have a good knife? The fine iron consumed by righteous people to build weapons is not a small amount of money for a blacksmith who usually only repairs farm tools. This sentiment Xiang Yang made a note of sending away a few enthusiastic and simple elders, closed the red gate and hung it on a crossbar behind the gate. Just now wiped off the non-existent sweat on his forehead, looked up at the already dark sky, smiled silently, went to a water tank placed on the right side of the yard, scooped up a scoop, and swallowed it with the help of the darkening sky. Xiang Yang sees a strange and handsome face through the light of the water