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The first chapter of Hai Wuya’s new book sets sail and asks for support. Mount Tai runs through Tai’an City in the middle of Shandong Province and stretches between the three cities of Tai’an, Jinan, and Laiwu. The first of the Five Sacred Mountains, known as the first mountain in the world, Mount Tai was regarded by the ancients as a paradise directly connected to the throne of the emperor, and became a sacred mountain for the people to worship the emperor. Climbing Mount Tai to enshrine or offer sacrifices. In addition, the emperor sent officials to offer sacrifices. Standing on the top of Mount Tai on the top of the Jade Emperor, Hai Wuya, wearing a sports suit with a backpack on his back, looked at the sea of ​​clouds, mountains and mist in front of him and couldn’t help but chant Dai Dai loudly. How did Zongfu Qilu Qing come to be? Good fortune Zhong Shenxiu yin and yang cut dizzy dawn and swayed chest Zeng Yun decided to enter the returning bird meeting to be the top of the mountain. It is because of this Du Fu’s Wangyue that Hai Wuya is the first to Mount Tai. For the second time, Hai Wuya raised his hands high and stretched his body as far as he could, feeling the comfortable breath of nature, even his pale cheeks turned rosy, human beings are so insignificant in front of nature. In the universe, we are just a speck of dust. I wasted my life before. In fact, I should have come out for a walk.
Luo shook his head and sighed softly, Hai Wuya grew up in an orphanage since Hai Wuya could remember. According to the old director, Hai Wuya was picked up by him at the gate of the orphanage on a summer night. Because the clothes that Hai Wuya was wearing at that time seemed to be quite valuable, so the old director specially hugged Hai Wuya and waited for a long time at the gate of the orphanage to see if anyone would come back to look for the child. The final result was natural. It was nothing, so the old dean adopted Hai Wuya when he was a baby.
Because the young Hai Wuya had a white jade pendant on his body, the pendant was engraved with the word “Hai”, so the old dean gave Hai Wuya the surname. As the saying goes in the sea, there are roads in the mountains, and you are diligent in learning from Hai Wuya.
Ya also lived up to the expectations of the old principal. Since kindergarten, he has always been the number one in the school. After entering elementary school, he will get a scholarship every semester. After ten years of hard work, Hai Wuya entered the college entrance examination as the number one. The gate of Yenching University Because Hai Wuya became the number one student in the college entrance examination, he also received a bonus of more than 200,000 RMB from the high school and the education department.
The prize money of 10,000 yuan was all donated to the orphanage. After receiving the donation from Hai Wuya, the old director laughed in relief and said, “It’s still good to go to school. The little boy back then went to school and was promising.” After graduating from high school, Hai Wuya successfully established a small company with his professional knowledge and a few buddies. Self-employment is always difficult, but after several years of hard work, Hai Wuya, who is nearly 30 years old, finally achieved success.
The scale of Hai Wuya is growing day by day, and Hai Wuya’s net worth has reached tens of millions. During these years, Hai Wuya will also donate money and books to the orphanage from time to time. For Hai Wuya, the orphanage is his home.
The old director is him.
The children in the orphanage are his younger brothers and sisters.
Hai Wuya would buy a bunch of snacks and toys and go back to the orphanage to spend the holidays with the old director. Because Hai Wuya came back every time. When they go to the orphanage, they will bring a lot of gifts, so the children in the orphanage are naturally looking forward to Hai Wuya’s arrival. Logically speaking, Hai Wuya can be regarded as a small success. Wait until he gets another favorite. A woman who becomes a wife and gives birth to two children is considered a winner in life. It is a pity that people are not as good as heaven after all. Just when Hai Wuya was about to formally confess his love to the goddess he had a crush on, a routine medical examination by the company put Hai Wuya in In the endless abyss, according to the results of the physical examination, the doctor told Hai Wuya that he had leukemia, that is, blood cancer.
If it was just leukemia, it would be fine. After all, with today’s medical methods, as long as he can find the right bone marrow leukemia, it can be cured, but Hai Wuya’s blood type But it is a negative blood type, which is the so-called panda blood.
It is very difficult to find someone with this blood type, let alone find the bone marrow that matches Hai Wuya. Although Hai Wuya first heard the news. Wuya was also at a loss and desperate, but after half a month of buffering, he decided to see a doctor. The doctor suggested that Hai Wuya receive chemotherapy, although it could not cure leukemia, but it could prolong his life. However, Hai Wuya thought about it. However, he rejected the doctor’s advice. Over the past twenty years, Hai Wuya spent most of his time studying and working.
He didn’t even go to an amusement park once. Instead of undergoing chemotherapy and lingering on the hospital bed, he lived two years longer.
Hai Wuya wants to use the remaining few months to complete the things he wanted to do but didn’t have time to do.
Hai Wuya donated most of his property to the orphanage and took the rest of the money with him. I drove the car and started the self-driving tour.
In the past two months, Hai Wuya visited most of China. During the self-driving tour, Hai Wuya met some friends on the trip and had a few sex scenes with some hot girls. If love is replaced by